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it’s a wooden rainbow arc with animals it is starting to look like a real arc oh my favourite two lions all aboard lions, ha ha ha what time is it? it is Rainbow Bob time Rainbow Toy Lab with me Rainbow Bob come on in hey kids, welcome back to the Rainbow Toy Lab with me Rainbow Bob what was that? Squawk Squawk ha ha ha i am only joking Squawk i would never forget you he he and my best friend Squawk say hello Squawk Squawk Squawk ok, now thanks for coming back to see us today i have something really really cool for you today i am so excited to show you this do you want to see what it is? ok then i will just go and get it it is very very heavy oh it is so heavy here we go… look it is a wooden rainbow arc with animals oh oh oh i told you it was cool shall we open the box? and see what is inside? i am so excited i am so excited it is a big box ok oh, what is this? I think that might be the deck the deck of the arc people can walk on the deck so they do not get wet i wonder what that is? it is a white box with something inside i will open that later what is this? it must be the roof oh, i wonder what this is? i guess we will find out this is the last piece it is heavy, here goes woah look ok, here goes now let’s start with the hull let’s put the deck on top of the hull there, it is starting to look like a real arc let’s put the roof on one that side and one on this side do you know what colour the roof is? what was that? that is right, it is purple and what colour is the deck? it is red well done what colour is the hull? that is right it is blue with a beautiful rainbow like my hair ok now that is this piece for? hmm, let’s have a look i will just put it there ah, that is right it is a set of ladders so people can get on top of the arc because it is very high ok, shall we see what is inside this white box? I am so excited here goes it is a big box full of animals what have we got? oh look we got two crocodiles ok, now what colour are our crocodiles? that is right they are green crocodiles have between 60 and 72 sharp teeth but they do not even chew their food no they just swallow it in one go cool hey? oh my favourite, two lions we got a lion and a lioness what colour are our lions? yeah, they are orange and do you know that lions always live together in groups called a pride and the roar of a lion 5 miles away we got some elephants hello, hello hello, hello nice to meet you, nice to meet you ok, now what colour are the elephants? that is right they are grey and do you want to know a really cool fact about elephants? well they are so big they are the only mammals in the world that cannot jump did you know that? look they can’t jump i want to jump but i can’t oh, i am so big but they are still really cool look at these, do you know what these are? these are rhinoceros i am a rhino, no i am a rhino i am a rhino, we are both rhinos hahaha what colour are the rhinoceros? that is right, they are grey rhinoceros are also known as rhinos and they are one of the biggest mammals in the whole wide world and they are known for their awesome giant horns that come right out of their nose rhinoceros also means nose horn cool look, we have some zebra they are like horses, but with black stripes now what colour are the zebra? that is right, they are white, with black stripes a fun fact about zebra is that every single zebra looks different making them completely unique to each other not one zebra has the same stripes as another they are as unique as a snowflake we have some tigers what colour are the tigers? that is right, they are orange, with black stripes a fun fact about tigers is that they are the biggest species of the cat family and they have this really distinct cool coat with black stripes to act as camouflage, so they can hide i like hiding, do you play hide and seek at home? i bet you do he he he oh look we have some giraffes with big long necks what colour are the giraffes? that is right, they are orange and do you know that giraffes are the tallest mammals in the whole world they eat all of the leaves off the tops of the trees and do you know a really cool fact about giraffes? they can run up to 35 miles an hour that is as fast as a car! ah, these are so cute we got two little pandas yea, i like pandas what colour are our pandas? that is right, black, and white now did you know that 99 percent of their diet that is pretty much all of their diet is bamboo leaves that is right, they love it i have never tried bamboo, have you? no, i think we will leave it for the pandas oh, and then we have got two little doves what colour are doves? that is right they are white these birds are excellent navigators they know how to find there way around by looking at where the sun is clever hey? and we have got some people ok kids, so we have our beautiful rainbow arc and all of our animals, and our people and i think we should get them on the arc ok then, let’s do this up you go lions, you are the first on the arc now it is the elephants turn and the rhinos the giraffes and now the zebra come on crocodiles hurry up now it is the tigers let’s get the pandas on, you can go to the front the doves have flown on now for the people yeah, everyone is on let’s take a closer look how would you like to win this fabulous toy? it is so easy to win all you have to do is like and subscribe to our youtube channel leave a comment in the video and tell me how many animals you saw that is it and i will select a winner, at random on the 1st December 2018 and i will contact you and i will send the parcel direct to your home easy good luck ok kids, thanks for watching again today i hope you enjoyed playing with the animals and my beautiful rainbow arc and learning all of those cool facts about these wonderful, amazing animals on our planet now do not forget to like and subscribe for more really cool fun videos with me Rainbow Bob and Squawk ha ha say bye bye Squawk Squawk Squawk bye bye kids Rainbow Toy Lab with me Rainbow Bob come on in

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