100 Replies to “Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven ᴴᴰ (Legendado/Tradução PTBR)”

  1. Agradeço a todos vocês por 131 milhões de visualizações, a dois anos atras eu agradeci por 900.000 visualizações, e hoje eu acho que é justo e humilde conhecer o que vocês fizeram por mim e me chegar às 131 milhões de Views, muitas pessoas passam pelo que eu passei e tenho certeza que a letra demonstra sentimento de cada um.

    Thanks to all of you for 131 million views, two years ago I thanked you for 900,000 views, and today I think it's fair and humble to know what you've done to me at 131 million Views, many people go through what I went through and I am sure that the letter demonstrates the feeling of each one.

  2. PAY HOME HEATH CARE WORKERS MORE. Man with how much the heath care industry makes they are way way way underpaid just like so many others. We need a $13 minimum wage THAT GOES UP WITH INFLATION AUTOMATICALLY!!!! Duh……MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.


  4. Mano vocês têm noção que um vídeo LEGENDADO EM pt-br da música tem mais views que a versão original? Crl 164 mi

  5. Another day of silence. Another day of silence. Another day of silence. Another day of silence. Another day of silence. How many years?………………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  6. If I was a woman we would be fine. I could have a kid no matter how poor I am……….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  7. If I looked like brad Pitt or something we would be fine cause women are shallow…………..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  8. I bet that tzarnaev fucker is getting love letters right now cause he was on the cover of rolling stone…………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  9. “I’m so ugly that’s ok cause so are you, we broke our mirrors. Sunday morning is every day for all I care. Yeah. Kurt was so horny but his will was good. Wait he had a girlfriend.” ………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  10. Haven’t you read the script. “You can talk to god go banging on his door. You can walk straight through hell with a smile. Do it for your people do it for your name. Cause there’s gonna be a day that your standing in the hall of fame.”…….MIchael Harness 500 grand ave apt 704. Wausau Wi. 54403………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  11. I could turn the world into a Wasteland in 10 years if I wanted to but of coarse I won’t. Hey there is another song for you. “Change my attempt good intentions. Obvious tears”…………..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  12. I should have been the star of that Nostradamus show. I don’t think he said the name Michael but why would he have to. Lmao………..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  13. Don’t fucking run Bloomberg. You might help trump win. The reason a two party system is good is because we want majority rule. We want our leader to have more than half the country behind them. With 5 parties the leader could have like 20% support. Minority rule is bad…………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS

  14. So the moon looks south west of me tonight. I know what I could do but no idea what would happen. We ever have a Gulf of Mexico tidal wave?…lmao……MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. Sorry that’s my idea of a joke.

  15. Joe Biden will be a great president because he knows what it’s like to lose and suffer. He has this thing the Republican Party lacks. EMPATHY………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  16. I should be on tv talking politics. Oh wait. Lmao…can’t you tell?…….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. “I would have said that anyway”. Nope.

  17. Man. You ladies should not inject poison into your lips. If it’s not done perfectly it looks like you got punched in the mouth. Lmao……MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  18. Let’s see if you understand this. Does an Israeli father think it would be wrong for his son or daughter to fall in love with a Palestinian? Does a Palestinian father think the same thing? Now that is what I call blasphemous………..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  19. “To be a Rock and not to Roll!” That my interpretation of Fuck you world! I live on my own terms and not a follower

  20. Are there Asian girls here. Minority report. I really liked chairman xi’s speech. But he should let the innocent Muslims go. You can’t lock people up because your worried about what they might do i the future. Persecution………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  21. When voting for president you should think about the character of the person first. Not their policy ideas. Congress makes law not the president. He/she(hopefully some day and not a conservative) is in charge of the military. I hear trump supporters say his policies are good. No they are not. Nothing trump has done is good for this country. Especially his lying and mean twitter account. So bad. A presidents words are so important……MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS

  22. Still can’t tell anyone what I’m doing through the tv and that rock 94.7 is my “voice” without being called crazy. Forced to say nothing………..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS

  23. Cnn just let the wanna be lumberjack rapist defender Shawn P Duffy on the news from somewhere on my street. Still haven’t had a conversation with a fucking reporter. What the fuck is wrong with you…………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  24. Hey Julia. Still got video in my head from when we first met. You were outside the Vatican on CNBC world in your puffy coat. Man she is sexy for a retard…….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. Hey cnn see if Caroline wants to come over too.

  25. I know. My city voted overwhelmingly for trump because they are so stupid and bad people. No empathy for strangers. “Hey he didn’t rape me so why should I care, he didn’t kidnap my kids so who cares. I’m not a Kurd so who gives a shit”. And a bunch of dairy farms belly up and those farmers probably still support him………….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  26. Can someone tell me what’s wrong with the Democratic Party. The only problem is that some of them are too conservative. I’ve never heard a good argument on why the Democratic Party is bad. Yes they believe in helping people. Not everyone can pull themselves up by their boot straps or hang themselves with them. Sorry………….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  27. Never mind about Bloomberg. Thought he was running 3rd Party. He won’t win the primary. Is he getting in the race to make money or something. Don’t see the point. ……….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  28. No the government isn’t going to kill me. I would lay the entire military to waste while sitting on a fucking park bench eating an ice cream bar. You don’t know what I can do………….MICHAEL OF BULL FALLS. No I love this country more than you do.

  29. One time I was hallucinating fire and had horrible pain all over my entire body like I was being burned alive. Told people and never even got an I’m sorry about that. No one ever knows how I feel or what I see or hear but they always think they do so I’m just a loser who should get a job. No your losers who have no idea what it’s like to be me and wouldn’t have any empathy anyway so why tell anyone. I’m taking the pills. Like they really help much……….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  30. If you gave trump money you should think about helping Bill Cosby too. And dont forget to help the kidnappers in prison too. By trump said it right. They let him get away with it. What did they let him get away with. That’s not locker room talk that’s sex offender talk………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  31. Another day of rich people like trump and huge corporations paying no federal taxes. And there is no way to go back and get them later. And no one really gives a shit. Are we ready for austerity? ……………..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. Wesley snipes couldn’t get away with paying no taxes.

  32. Well trump has a year to become another republican president to fight a war without paying for it. Although America has always been at war. Since 1776………….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. We kind of have to be. It’s a shitty world.

  33. Americans need to remember that we are only 5% of the worlds population. That’s why having allies and friends around the world is so important. We could get outnumbered big time if we go it alone……….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. It’s like trump is friends with the bad guys and an enemy to our friends.

  34. No Moses got the Ten Commandments and tried to tell everyone but he wasn’t a religious leader or rich person so everyone was like whatever crazy fucker. Til he rocked the fucking moon over the Red Sea. The ones that didn’t drown believed him. Lmao……..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  35. “On a mission and yelled bitch, a visionary vision is scary could start a revolution polluting the airwaves a rebel”. Let’s play where is Michael…lmao……MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. Doesn’t everyone watch Eminem’s music videos? Yeah I know “he’s crazy”.

  36. De longe a banda mais completa e cujos elementos receberam mais premios ate hoje.Destaque para Jimmy page-o melhor guitarrista de todos os tempos.O maaior!

  37. They could have kept it named Stairway to Heaven to see who'd win, the inmense fandom of this, potentially THE song, or the JoJo's fans that are flooding Made in Heaven's comment section instead.

  38. Led Zeppelin's discography needs to be remade entirely by a group of well renowned musicians as the sound quality and mixing of the original sounds objectively bad for this time. What are your views on this? Sure, the credit and money should go to the band members.

  39. I’m doing the most important things in the history of the world and I’m forced to be surrounded by people who think I’m a lazy fucking bum. Ughhhh. Everyone is so fucking stupid and there’s nothing I can do about it………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS

  40. Trump is a rapist. Trump is s rapist. Trump is a rapist. Why the fuck do you need to know anything else? Yuck America…………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. You should have elected Hillary dumb asses.

  41. Hey republicans. What’s wrong with the Democratic Party exactly? Do they want to help too many people for your liking. I’ve never heard a good argument by a republican saying what’s wrong with the Democratic Party. Safe legal and rare abortions is the pro life position if that’s your issue. Don’t understand how a any woman could vote for trump………….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  42. Three days grace. Left right wrong. This country is way too divided. On one side you’ve got rapist supporting no empathy having people and the other side is people who care about strangers. You should pick the right side. “Oh no. They might take away my stupid fucking gun and I won’t have any fun at the range”. Don’t worry about that. It won’t happen. If I was in charge it would………….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  43. I died and came back over 10 years ago. I was alone like always. I’m positive………..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  44. Trump talked shot about Nancy Pelosi today. During her two stints as speaker of the house Nancy passed a shitload of bills through the house that would have made this country better. And republicans blocked most of them in the senate. That’s the republicans fault. She’s on of the most effective speakers ever. She can’t force the senate to do anything………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. I don’t think most republicans even understand how our government works. I know trump doesn’t.

  45. Your mind can’t do anything but mine can. Your eyes can’t do anything but mine can. Your emotions can’t do anything but mine can………..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. You could have 100 cameras on me and you won’t be able to tell what my mind is doing.

  46. 🌑🌑🌑🌖🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑

    3848594983:THIS SONG IS AMAZING

  48. Wow, esta música me lembra muitas grandes noites em SP dançando nos bares e nos clubes quando eu vivi aí. SPIC tinha a melhor música de rock. Faz 20 anos que não tem tido a oportunidade de ir de voltar ao Brasil, que saudades. BR sempre ser a minha pátria. Obrigada por colocar esta linda música em YT. Por favor me-desculpa os erros neste post, faz muitos anos que não tem escrito em português. ❤️

  49. Will a woman who realizes I’m special please find me. Or am I lost you’ll never find me? I’m lost you’ll never find me?…………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. Patiently Waiting.

  50. Good songs to listen to. Fuel hemorrhage. Chevelle jars and letter from a thief. Green Day Jesus of suburbia and father of all. Three days grace pain and I hate everything about you. Avenged sevenfold Sheppard of fire and hail to the king. Seven Mary three cumbersome. Korn never never and narcissistic cannibal. Tool sober. Rage against the machine testify and sleep now in the fire. Thrice black honey. Highly suspect my name is human and blood feather. Not close to everything but that will give you a good picture I think…………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  51. Did you know that my name is Arthur? Like that in the film of the latest joker? I have been listening to this song since I was 8, and I have laughed everytime I listened this and I have not understood until now why I had. I have witnessed so much death I am not a troll I just hope I can fix this curse I have taken on. Please respond if you have the same feelings I will be there for you. I just wish to keep working honestly and comfortably without these twisted feelings anymore 🙂

  52. Hey media. Think about all the horrible horrible people you have made famous over the years. Why do you have to pretend I don’t exist? Your leaving me to rot in anonymity. Am I a bad person doing a bad thing?……..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. Trying to sweep me under the rug of history might end history. Hope you understand that.

  53. If i could just do ivf with about 7 women it would change the future in such an amazing way. But they would reject me because of age, baldness, and “history of mental illness”. I don’t know what to do. I just want to give……….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  54. We need to innovate our way off of oil way before it runs out. We are already starting but it’s not gonna be fast enough. 100 years from now will be totally different if I do ivf. And when oil runs out about 200 years from now the world won’t become “hellish”…………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  55. If there are any lesbian couples that want super babies you should find me. By the time they are 3 you’ll understand. When their brains develop completely you will just be amazed. I’ll never understand why no one has talked to me. Not even a sentence………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  56. Everything you see around you. From a pill bottle to your entire house was made with or by oil or both. If it doesn’t have oil in it it’s made using oil. WE NEED TO CONSERVE OIL BETTER. We are way too wasteful and future generations will have to pay the price……………..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  57. Stop drill baby drilling and start save save saving……last country with oil wins because I will probably be ignored for the rest of my life……..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  58. Why do we have a whole bunch of empty hotel rooms and homeless people in the same city. Give them vouchers. It’s disgusting………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  59. It’s Saturday so how are we fucking up the future for fun today? Demolition derby’s? Car races? Flying? Boating? Etc etc etc……….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  60. With jump around playing at every badger home game for I don’t know how long you’d think people would listen to the song. You know “I’ve got more rhymes than the Bible’s got psalms and just like the prodigal son I’ve returned”. ……………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  61. So republicans want a minimum wage of 0. They don’t think the government should be telling rich people how much they have to pay people. And Democrats want a $15 minimum wage so I guess $8.50 is the compromise? That’s disgusting in a country this filthy rich. I was making 11.50 at blockbuster video almost 20 years ago. There is this thing called inflation. I think everyone making less than $13 should go on fucking strike to show everyone how important you are……..MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  62. This guy in my building got an award from the Wausau police department for letting them in his last apartment building to kill someone with a knife. Where is the fucking pepper spray and tasers? Would it be possible to make a bean bag bullet for a handgun? Why go lethal so much?…………MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS. And I have to listen to him think I’m a lazy bum even though I’m the busiest man on earth. In my head. He’s just an idiot like everyone else I’m forced to be around.

  63. Hey. I think I found a hobby. Something to do. I’m telling you ladies. One of you wants to be here with me. None that I meet know anything. Gonna try not to vent on the net anymore……………….MICHAEL OF BIG BULL FALLS.

  64. "Stairway to Heaven"-Led Zeppelin
    "Knockin' on Heaven's door"-Bob Dylan
    "Locked Out of Heaven"-Bruno Mars
    "Highway to Hell"-AC/DC

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