Lego Movie 2 Parody: Children’s Adventure

Hi Hi Harry! We’ve come to play! I’m playing with lego! I’ve got a piece of lego! I’ve got a piece of lego! Do you guys want to play with some serious lego? Yeah! No Daniel! Not that lego! Don’t worry Harry. I’ve played with it before. But remember what dad said! You must never play with my lego. It is old, and very dangerous. Guys, do you want to see something amazing? Yeah! Watch this guys. I’m going to get this banana, now watch this! Wow! That’s amazing! It’s plastic! Guys stand back. Daniel? Where’s he gone? I have no idea! Daniel? This is some sort of trick! What do we do now? I have no idea. I guess we’ll just have to go and find them! Where have you gone? I told you this was some awesome lego! Daniel, this is amazing! To be honest, I’m a little scared. Me too! Come on guys, let’s go and explore! How you doing? Alright. How are you Mr lego man? Pretty good. Pretty pretty good. I love lego, so it’s an honor to meet you. Hey guys, look at this! What are you doing? Guys, trust me. The novelty wears off after a while. No way! It must be great to be a lego man. What? With you annoying children constantlypulling our heads off and swapping our bodies? When you put it like that…. What are you annoying children doing here in our world? Where’s everyone gone Charlie? I don’t know mummy. I think we need to teach these children a lesson and send a message to all the children in the human world. Yeah! Let’s rip their bodies apart and leave
them like it forever. Quick guys, get in the helicopter! Let’s get them! Come here! Thank goodness for that. Yeah, but it was pretty cool wasn’t it? It was pretty good. Pretty good. Your house is crazy! We’re never coming to
it again! I don’t know what they were so scared about,
it was good fun. Aaaaah! What on earth is that? Come here! We’re doomed, he’s coming for us! Daniel, he’s made out of lego, what is he going to do to us? Let’s just smash him up! We better put this back before dad comes back. I’m not opening that again! I wonder what we’re having for dinner.
Hopefully, we can get pizza! No charlie!!!!! No!!!! Thank you young man. Thank you so much for watching this video,
and I hope it wasn’t too scary for some of you younger kids, and if you haven’t already,
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