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[HOST] Over Thanksgiving, Lil Uzi Vert took
to Twitter to air out some grievances and announce a new song called “Futsal.” [HOST] According to Uzi, “Futsal” is the
lead single for his upcoming oft delayed album, “Eternal Atake.” [HOST] He tweeted quote. [HOST] The Single that I’m going with From
Eternal Atake is a Dance Record called “FUTSAL.” [HOST] He then followed it up with a dance
video showing off his footwork for the #FutsalShuffle. [HOST] On Sunday, Uzi added another longer
snippet compiling early adopters of the #Futsalshuffle [HOST] In addition to the single announcement,
in now deleted tweets he called out his label head Dj Drama writing quote. [HOST] Fuck DJ Drama he broke. Niggas need me 2 drop 2 pay bills. [HOST] Uzi & Drama have been mired in a long
running feud over “Eternal Atake.” [HOST] Uzi famously sent shots on his March
2019 cut, “Free Uzi.” [HOST] At the time, Drama told Genius that
Uzi was free to release whenever he saw fit. [HOST] Uzi eventually signed to Roc Nation’s
management arm and judging by his instagram posts, things are much better. [UZI] That RocNation bag wayyy different. [HOST] Uzi also addressed his relationship
with Playboi Carti. Genius covered the pair’s friendship in
the past but Uzi noted that they’re not cool anymore, tweeting quote. [HOST] I’m not tough I don’t beef we could
have a friendly dress-off. [HOST] Needless to say, this is a startling
development since at one point Carti said the two had nearly 100 unreleased songs. [KEV]: How many records do y’all have together
that we haven’t heard that are just sitting on a hard drive somewhere? [CARTI] Like a hundred. [KEV]: A hundred? [CARTI] Yea. We’ve been recording since 2015. [HOST] Uzi also posted a now deleted video
claiming that producer Forza of the Working on Dying collective was leaking and selling
his songs. [HOST] Uzi has worked with W-O-D numerous
times but most recently on “Sanguine Paradise” and “That’s A Rack.” FINESSE: Sharing music with people who aren’t part
of the situation we don’t condone that. [HOST] In an exclusive interview with Genius,
Finesse gave a little more detail. FINESSE: He was contacted by a hacker, who
to his knowledge, already had about 50 songs of those 50 songs about 5 of them were
Forza’s and he approached Forza with getting better quality versions of two of those songs. [HOST] He pointed out that Forza and Uzi go
way back. FINESSE:Even the conversation that I had with Uzi, from my understanding he even defended Forza because they are friends. They went to high school together. …he handled it in a very mild way because
of their relationship [HOST] It “appears” that ‘Eternal Atake’
is coming soon – one fan griped that they couldn’t listen to Uzi’s last album, ‘Luv
Is Rage 2,’ any longer to which Uzi replied quote. [HOST] Little bit longer for me Fam 🛸🔥
[HOST] I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing you the meaning and the knowledge
behind the music. Peace!

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  1. I’m probably alone in this but I really don’t want Eternal Atake anymore. The hype is damn near evaporated and we hyped it up so much it’ll probably be disappointing.

    Just don’t care anymore

  2. It's nice him being a millionaire and all that but I have the feeling that if he keeps spending like he spends now he'll be out of money in 2 years. Unforunately rappers barely understand the concept of investing in assets that provide you cashflow so you don't need an income.

  3. Y’all niggas believe anything on the internet I swear 🤦🏽‍♂️ for all you know uzi and carti could be makin shit right now

  4. Damn I fw carti but you see everybody been distanced with him.. First it was, unotheactivist, yung bans, fauni, dsavage, mexikodro now Uzi… What tf carti be doing😕

  5. I actually remember going to see Playboi Carti in July at the eagles club in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and I remember he played so many uzi songs like 444+222, sauce it up and you was right I hope the next time I go to a carti concert I’ll still be able to see that again 😞💔 rip uzi and cartis friendship

  6. Y’all dumb as hell for not appreciating Uzi cuz one day he won’t be poppin no more and he’s a real life rockstar one of the few remaining


  8. Idk why but the dance looks so retarded to me. Like, I try comprehending it, like when you hit the woah you do it to the bass drop or 808s but this one just doesn’t make any sense to me. It just looks like a kid dance, like when a kid just start stomping randomly without rhythm trynna dance.

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