Little Esther – Not Pregnant (Stand Up Comedy)

I recently posted to Facebook that I was pregnant Not true but my attention meter was low that day And I’m mentally ill Have I have to see medical attention for this Which is actually find because medical attention is still a form of attention But I did post this pregnancy thing on Twitter or on Facebook, both And my mom saw it And she called me, hysterically, what is this? You know, what’s happening? And I was like, “Mom, I am not really pregnant, okay? And if I was really pregnant, I absolutely would’ve tagged you in the Facebook post I also would’ve taken time to checking with you And make sure that you are absolutely ready to raise this baby for me But at last I am not pregnant Unless stuffed animals can get you pregnant But I appreciate they can’t It’s probably the right time for me just bite the bullet in like you know the inwear in my maternity jeans Not pregnant just lazy as hell And unfortunately there’s no morning after pill for eating a dozen donuts They just stay there and they grow

100 Replies to “Little Esther – Not Pregnant (Stand Up Comedy)”

  1. WOW! She was quite funny, and she's really pretty too! That's a dangerous and awesome, yet very rare combination!

  2. Wow jokes about Facebook and Twitter. What's next, a joke about her friends endless stories about nothing?

  3. Hey, if you see this. Little Esther. You have a bunch of people that'd like to see more of you. We havnt. You have the talent, so please get promoted! Best of luck!

  4. I didnt find anything funny about this video, is all the praise in the comments for different clips of her? Kinda confused

  5. I like how her comedy isn’t awkwardly sexual like a lot of female comedians and I really dont like criticizing female comedians either but I do notice certain norms in typical female comedy and this girl does not abide by them, I like her!

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  7. Omg she’s actually funny. Most female comedians just get on stage and yell about their vagina and how much they hate men.

  8. oh shes sleeping with her stuffeed animals, I figured she was just fucking the shit out of them somehow thats a good implied worldplay

  9. if a girl is even a little attractive, it makes me believe she's funny. it's a character flaw on my part

  10. wtf how the hell 1 mill of viewers come on people just because she is cute dos not mean she is funny ..dude i mean she just talked about posting on fb and tweeter and everybody waz like ha ha ha ha im dying omfg

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