LOST AT SEA | Best of Raft Survival | Funny Moments (1)

This game is $20 now I swear to god this game better cure my depression or something motherfucking $20 World name? Okay. What about my hopes and dreams Right cool Let’s see if it makes it alright I see we still start off with the surface area of a fucking raisin. That’s good Alright, so my plan here can be broken down into two simple steps step 1 gather garbage step 2 live on the garbage Yeah, we like to aim high here on the SugaWolf channel, oh Shit. Look, it’s Ramsey. I forgot all about him Wow Look at me forgetting about the one thing that can kill me in this fucking game Alright, let’s collect the fucking plastic go to hell Ramsey Go to fucking hell, like honestly honestly go to hell. I want you to visit it. I want you to visit the fires of hell Tell me what you think when you come back. Oh, that’s right. There is no coming back Ok, I think first things first we need a building hammer, we need plank and some rope. Ok, I can make some rope I just need some planks now. Alright, cool easy easy. I could collect some planks. There you go See who’s a failure now mom, who’s a failure now? Ah Check it out. My raft has now been upgraded to the can you stop throwing your shit on the ground? Please holy shit. Looks like my raft has been upgraded to the size of a nickel Now we’re getting places let’s do this. Ramsey, no Ramsey goddamnit I just upgraded this Ramsey you fucking horse cock how many times do I have to tell you that you’re not getting a piece of this sweet ass? I’m sorry, i’m just not into sushi, man. And you shall go right hither Alright, cool. I still have my own thumb sign of approval You know, you’ve made the right choice when your thumb tells you you’ve made the right choice. Ok, and the grill shall go right, hither. See, there you go. I knew I made the right choice. Nice. Oh there goes Ramsey thrashing his cock around go ahead Ramsey Go ahead trash away that always seems to work out for you man, are you done you done Ramsey? You got it all out wait, I Feel like there’s something missing here later uhhh Is it just me or is it dark as fuck right now? Alright I have done myself the favor of creating a murder weapon You hear that Ramsey? murder weapon so Yeah, hopefully now I can prevent Ramsey from stealing my life’s work. Oh also, I’m about to starve to death So yeah, I felt like that was pretty relevant. Come here. Barrel. Give me your insides. Oh, thank god Oh, thank god. There was a disgusting Barely edible beet in there. What makes it disgusting and barely edible. Well the fact that it’s a beet obviously you disgust me Alright, I’m thinking now. My next step is to put another 3×3 here and then make myself a Crafting table. Is that what it’s called in this game? Does it even matter? Oh look see it’s called a research table in this one Wow, nevermind. Y’all must have been so confused there. Alright, I should probably I should probably be eating shit, dude Give me that beet for the love of God. Alright, well, this is definitely something I haven’t missed Oh God it never gets any easier. Have y’all ever eaten a beat have y’all ever had the oh excuse me sorry Give me a second Ramsey’s throwing a little fit Oh, yeah, have you guys never really eaten a beat if you haven’t do yourself a favor and never eat a beat just Just trust me. All right, I need water. I need some water. Oh god I need some water asap Drink, drink drink it drink it drink it Oh god I almost No, stop drinking the salt water, you stupid idiot. Oh my god. Oh my god. She’s like, oh, I feel so much better now, ughhhhh Ah, that’s right. It’s okay. Hey, there you go. It’s almost like you didn’t just drink a cup full of seawater Oh See, you’re fine. Just shake it off girl. Just make like Taylor Swift and you shake it off. Okay? Well, uh that still doesn’t solve my starving to death situation. Oh shit, that’s right. I almost forgot about my trusty companion Alberto’s out there enjoying his natural habitat again. I can’t allow that What did I get him? Oh shit there he is, yo what’s good Alberto? Oh you You look a little different the fuck. Did somebody shrink-ray you? Oh Shit I was about to cook him I was about to cook Alberto. I can’t I’m sorry. I can’t do it not Alberto. Hey everybody This is Susan. Hello. Alright say goodbye to Susan everybody. I need her nutrients (Susan dies horribly) ok uhh I’m just not gonna waste any time and I’m gonna go ahead and fish up another one because I’m not looking good aha When it comes to uhh that piece of chicken over there on the left. All right, it’s okay. It’s okay girl, don’t worry about it Don’t worry about it. There you go. There you go. Who’s hungry? Not you you pussy Did, did I just eat that fish raw? Well, I hope she likes sushi. Ramsey, Ramsey god dammit I told you so many times, get the fuck out of my life Raw Tilapia? Braah holy shit you’re ugly. But you also look pretty delicious though so, into the fire you go buddy wait use this? Is this fucking minecraft music? I paid $20 for minecraft music Holy shit, okay. Looks like looks like uhh we came back from the brink of death there I mean as if there was ever any doubt, okay, we got fishies in the bank though. Our raft is looking pretty good If I do say so myself and you guys know that I do. Alright, you know, what would be nice uhhh in these dark times Some light, feel like some light would be extremely beneficial Ramsey, does it hurt? Like is it physically painful? Being this much of a cunt. Good lord i still need one more plank for this thing I swear to God it better be worth it I better learn all the wonders of the universe to do this research table, that I made out of garbage. All right BAM Research table crafted baby. Let’s put this bitch down shall we? God damn this is a nice little research table I vaporated here. Where the fuck did I get so many candles from? Place item in slot to research? What do you mean? How about uhh how about Alberto? Lets uhh dig into Alberto’s past, make sure he’s not a sex offender Ahh Not entirely sure what that means Alberto, but we’re gonna go ahead and trust you anyway, okay cannot research a potato What am I suppose to research here? Oh this Did I do it? I, I don’t understand Oohhh Okay, I understand it, wow It’s crazy what the slightest amount of thought can do BABAM. Oh, this is Nice this is looking swanky. Yeah, you sure you sure about it. You sure about that? Okay. All right Wow looks like you are capable with good choices. Right this is pretty nice, honestly. Yo, is that another raft? Hey, hey! Are you lost at sea too? Do you even understand what the chances of us finding each other are? And he’s just gonna go That’s fine, it’s cool. No problem its not like I’m lonely out here in the middle of the ocean by myself Hmmm, alright I’m gonna Expand this out a little more, like this Oohhh man I don’t even know I had that much in me Oh God speaking of having something in me. All right cooking and eating potatoes You know, my life on the raft is actually not that different from my life on land All right. I need to find some goddamn some scrapadoodle, bro What does the man gotta do out here to find some scraps? Huh? I swear to God if you say suck a dick I’d be happy to oblige just show me the dick. I need some supplies. Oh my god. It exists. Holy shit I was beginning to think scrap was just a legend around these parts. Alright. Oh one down like 400 more to go This uhh This might take a while So I’ve got some good news and some bad news the good news is that I’ve decapitated Ramsey His head will now serve as a trophy for me The bad news though is that I’ve only found one piece of scrap. And so I’ve come to quite a brilliant conclusion I think I’m doing something wrong here

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  1. You know, we don't give a single fuck about this game, just give us more dark souls remastered shit.

  2. WOOO new Raft vid!

    P.s. sorry I've been missing your streams suga. I'll be back to give you the viewing fee asap <3

  3. Hey boss. Good video, keep up the good work.
    Also, though I no longer "work" for you, is it okay if I still call you boss? I can't stop thinking you as anything else haha

  4. A tip to gathering rock and scrap. Around islands, the water is somewhat shallow. If you have an anchor you can dive into the water like a beautiful Alberto to salvage from the bottom. Just watch out for Ramsy. He can three hit kill you I think.

  5. you can mine shit around islands with your hook, just mind Ramsey that is going to come for you in a matter of milliseconds and will try to get a piece of that sweet sweet ass. Maybe Ramseybait or killing Ramsay will help with his stalking activities.

  6. A couple of things:
    1. Scrap is found at the bottom of the sea near islands, you need to hit the pieces of junk with your hook to get them.
    2. To sail to an island you need to make a sail and to stay at the island you need an anchor.
    3. The raft you saw does not contain a player, but you can open the chest and take the look, then the raft will sink.

    Sent you a tweet if you don't see this.

  7. build sail go to the islands under water near islands are scraps u should use you hook just hold it near pipes and shits down there

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