Maaf Tak Indah (2020) | Episod 11

Why are you both looking at me like that? I find it odd that you didn’t
utter a single word since you got here. Is something wrong? I thought of bringing Sya here
to meet Adam. Praise be to God.
– Really? I’m running late,
I’m going to work. Did I hear it right? It’s unbelievable,
thanks to God. This is a special present for Adam. He keeps asking for mama. Can we not go to work today?
I want to celebrate Adam’s birthday. No, I need to go to work.
Besides Adam’s birthday was yesterday. You didn’t invite me.
He’s like a son to me. I don’t care even if it’s a day late,
I want to celebrate his birthday. I’m already late. Hang on for a minute. Show off. I came here to celebrate
Adam’s birthday. I wasn’t even invited. Maybe he forgot,
he was rather busy. Adam only wanted to celebrate
with his papa. I need to go. Don’t make that face,
what if she sees you? If it wasn’t for Raimie,
I wouldn’t be here. You bought the cake, feed him some.
Then the love can be seen. The old lady is watching, feed him! Would you like some cake?
Adam can feed you a piece. Adam wants to feed you. He saw me feeding
his grandfather yesterday. Good boy,
you want to feed Zila, right? What’s the status with our project
in Kelantan, the locals aren’t too happy. Don’t worry about that,
everything is under control. We still need to think about it.
Their income is affected. I don’t want our project to involve
the seaside and jetty. After all they are fishermen. Idea Zila is good but I feel
sorry for the villagers. I want you to go there… …and understand
what I’m trying to tell you. Kelly told me, we’re waiting
for confirmation on your side. I’ll try my very best. Where is Syazan?
Is she on leave? When she’s late
it means her daughter is unwell. Daughter? I told you so many times.
She is a single mother. I know,
but who’s the father of the child? Her child with her ex husband.
What kind of question is this? I get that but who’s looking
after the child? She does but when she works
someone else does. But if the child is sick,
Sya has to take care of her. Please don’t misunderstand. You told me that
she handles all the paperwork. So I get worried
when I don’t see her. She’ll be here soon. Where is Zila?
– It’s her day off. I’m going out for some air. Awak lambat lagi.
– Ya. Tia sihat? She’s fine but she talks a lot,
like you. Macamlah mak dia. Find a husband and get your own child. Your words are so sharp. I have work to do. But you look happy.
The Syazan I know is back. Why were you late?
– I woke up late. You woke up late or
you child was sick? Is that child yours?
– That’s none of your business. Be honest with me,
whose child is that? She’s mine not yours. Where is the father of the child?
Did he leave you too? When you were with me,
you wanted to abort our child. Why didn’t you abort this one too? It’s the same, where is that man?
He left you too, didn’t he? Are you really serious with Jai?
Are you going to marry him? It’s none of your business
who I marry. Take care of your marriage.
Take care of Zila’s feelings. Don’t break her heart. You don’t have to tell me nor
do I need advice from a woman like you. I want to see Adam. I think it’s not proper to talk
matters regarding her ex husband. I doubt Syaza would agree either. You weren’t there and
you don’t know what happened. You shouldn’t talk about it. Leave it, the cleaner will clean it. I know,
but who’s the father of the child? Her child with her ex husband.
What kind of question is this? What is it? I want a glass of orange juice. What are you cooking?
I’m hungry. What would you like?
– Mushroom soup. Ini tentang hartanah
di Wangsa Maju. Malik went through all the prices
because he left out the renovation… …that needs to be done. I need to go through this. I want you to find potential buyers
yang mampu beli dengan harga kami. Are you afraid of being cheated again?
– Ya. Has Syazan prepared the paperwork
for our resort in Kelantan? Yes. She made a photocopy of it
and I need to arrange a meeting… …with RR Family Holdings. Is Mr Raimie here? He came to see Syazan
about the paperwork. But it can be emailed to him,
he didn’t have to come. I could be wrong but I think
there’s something between them. Maybe Mr Raimie came because
you’re his friend and he wanted to see you? About the other thing, … …I don’t like to get involved
with her personal life. If you really want Syazan,
awak mesti cepat. Syazan might be a divorcee
but she’s hot. Aren’t you working today?
– It’s my off day today. That’s just great. Raimie is busy and you’re loafing
about here. The work must be piling up. Remember, your father left the company
to you too not Raimie alone. Raimie promised to let me see Adam
but now he changed his mind. Is that why you’re mad? Jai patut tahu tentang ini.
– Ini bukan masanya. He’s starting to ask me questions. He thinks there’s something between
you and Raimie. What’s so important that I had
to come home early? Where are you going all dressed up
and with a present? You were so busy you forgot
your grandson’s birthday. Adam’s birthday is today?
– It was yesterday. I forgot too but I saw pictures
of the birthday party on Kak Yah’s IG. Go get ready, we’ll go see him.
Hurry up. Forgive me for not inviting you
for Adam’s birthday. It’s all right, I couldn’t come anyway
I had a meeting yesterday. Raimie should have told you. It’s all right. We want to thank all of you
for looking after Adam. I know Adam is more comfortable here. We’re okay with this.
We know Adam is a special boy. He can only be taken care
by people who knows how to. Both our families still care for Adam. He is Allah’s gift to us. Guests come without notice
and expect me to do the cooking. Did they come
with the intent to reconcile them? I must tell Zila right away. This is rather sudden. I want you to listen
to every word they say. Adam keeps looking at a picture
of a woman in the magazine. He wants to know where his mother is. He misses his mother and wants her. You don’t need your mother. Don’t say that.
We met Syazan and know where she is. Sya is getting married again. It’ll be for the third time,
with a friend of mine, Jai. How are you?
– I’m okay. Do I look pretty?
– Yes you do. Who is prettier me or mama? Tia is cute and mama is pretty. I want to be called pretty too. Okay, you’re more pretty! You look prettier in my heart. Stop talking rubbish. That was what Jai told me. Poor Sya. She must have suffered
being a single mother. Stop worrying about her. This is all her own fault. She’s a burden and embarrassed me. We can’t judge her, we don’t know
what she went through. As elders we should advise her, … …guide her so that
she’ll realize and regret her mistakes. Did she really marry before this?
Are you sure? You know that
I wouldn’t say something untrue. That’s what Jai told me.
I’m just repeating it. Why is everyone blaming her?
She’s your child. Seven years is a long time for her
to be apart from Adam. She misses Adam
and the both of you. Raimie has allowed Sya to meet Adam.
Adam really wants to meet her too. Where is Sya?
I really miss her. You ate it all up. Is it delicious?
– Yes! Is it more delicious than
mama’s cooking? This is more delicious. We’ll come here more often. Kids don’t lie. I’m full.
-You don’t want to eat any more? Can I go play outside? Don’t play so far away. I can’t wait for her to call me father. You look like you don’t like it.
– I’m fine with it. You say that each time I ask you.
But I know it’s not. You’re quiet and hardly talk anymore.
Is something on your mind? It’s just your imagination. I’m the reason, right?
That’s why you don’t want to marry me. I don’t know what’s the reason. You asked for more time, I agreed. You wanted space, I agreed. I’m still waiting to meet your parents. I think we’re both ready
and don’t need to wait any more. Please be patient. I’ve been patient for a long time. Enough. I’ve heard it all before.
I’m sick of it. I’ll continue asking until I get an answer. Let’s go.
Please send us home. Are you sure Raimie wants
to meet that woman again? That woman wants to meet him? I want you to keep an eye on them.
Let me know if Syazan wants to meet Adam. What’s wrong with this woman? What do you say to uncle? Be a good girl and listen to your mother. Wait for me inside. Can we talk for a minute? You’ve changed.
Is there someone else? I know you’re tired,
get some rest. Have you eaten,
do you want some? No, thanks. This is for you. How was it yesterday? The usual, we had dinner. When are you giving him an answer?
Awak beri dia harapan. I don’t know.
– What do you mean? This has to do with your feelings
and you’re the only one who knows it. I don’t want to talk about this.
You might lose your appetite. There’ll be a meeting.
RR Holdings with be there too… …and your ex-husband
will be there too. Lower your voice. Is there anything else? Everything is fine. What’s wrong? Are you hurt? Be more careful next time. This is you before I became pregnant,
the man who loved me deeply. I’ll wait for you after you finish work. That’s one way to see Adam. You promise that I can see Adam. Some friend. What’s this about? I’m worried about Zila.
– Why? What’s Zila’s relationship with Raimie?
She has waited for him for years. I don’t want Raimie to give her false hope. We can’t get involved
in matters regarding them. I just don’t want her to keep waiting. I’ll talk to Raimie. Thank you,
please send my regards to your wife. Was that Ros?
– Yes. What did she want? She told me to talk to Raimie.
She wants Raimie to be honest with Zila. Maybe Raimie already told her
but she remained stubborn. Stop finding fault with Zila. What are you doing in my room? Why wasn’t I included
in the meeting at JJ Corp? This is my first project
with my friend, Jai. Besides,
you have other projects to handle. Ini bukan projek utama kita. This is the first time you said this. You used to say to
treat all projects equally. You’ve changed.
Ini resort pertama kita. What do you really want? That’s nothing you can do about
the resort project. You’ve many other projects to handle. You purposely don’t want me to go
to Jai’s office. Is there something there?
– What do you mean? Check the condo in Sabah. Just say that you don’t want me
to go there because she’s there. Give me an idea on what to do
about that woman. That old woman
told me to leave early today. She said someone is coming. I suspect it’s Raimie’s ex wife. That old woman has been talking about
Syazan meeting Adam since yesterday. What did Raimie do to you over there? He just asked if I was okay. That was the Raimie I knew,
the one that I fell in love with. However due to
my foolishness, I lost him. So your feelings now…. I don’t know, I’m confused too. But I’m happy
because he let me meet Adam. Bagaimana dengan Jai? What’s wrong with Zila?
– I don’t know. What’s wrong?
– My tummy hurts. You were all right earlier.
You even made fun of me. Do you think I’m lying?
I’m in pain. Leave me if you don’t want to help. What do you want me to do?
– Please send me to the hospital. Help me!
– It’s just a stomach ache, right? Why can’t you be more attentive?
I’ll call father then. I’ll send you to the hospital. Hurry up, I can’t walk.
– You’re like a child. How is my cousin? The doctor has treated her,
she is resting and can leave in an hour. What is wrong with her?
– It’s just menstrual cramps. Aren’t you ready yet? I have to finish this today. I think Jai is in a bad mood
and wants you to finish it today. Let’s go. Where are we going? You promised to come with me
to meet Adam. Did you forget?

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