Maaf Tak Indah (2020) | Episod 13

Where is it? Here it is. JJ Corporation. Hello, who’s speaking? It’s me, Zila.
Raimie’s girlfriend. Yes, Zila.
Why are you calling me? I want to ask you something. About? Do you know someone named Syazan?
She works for you. She’s my staff
and also my future wife. So, Syazan is your girlfriend?
– Yes. I planned to go out on a double date
with you and Raimie. Why are you asking about her? Nothing. Can I see you two for a while?
– Okay. Bicycle. How to say I love Mama
in Mandarin? How about I love Papa? Do you have a father?
– I do. Mama told me yesterday. I want to see Papa later. Aren’t you mad at him? He’s my father,
I can’t be mad at him. But he never comes to see you. It’s okay. He loves me. Don’t cry,
did I do something wrong? No, you didn’t. Can I hug you?
– Sure. Peace be upon you.
– And unto you be peace. Why didn’t you let me
fetch you like before? I just didn’t want to trouble you. Okay, you didn’t
want to trouble me. But you did that
to someone else. I’m talking about Raimie. Why are you suddenly
mentioning his name? Where did you go yesterday? You got into his car,
didn’t you? Why?
Did your car break down? You couldn’t at least call me
or asked for my help? I can see that
you’ve changed now. Ever since you knew Raimie,
I feel like we’re drifting apart. I thought I knew you. But I was wrong. There’s so many things
that you kept from me. You weren’t honest with me. You wouldn’t understand.
– Because you wouldn’t let me. When I asked, you refused to tell me.
So, how could I understand you? Let me ask you something. What’s going on between
you and Raimie? Tell me. You can ask Raimie. I’m asking you.
But you want me to ask him. Who is Raimie in your life?
Does he know everything about you? He knows you better than I do? Sya, wait. I’m not finished yet. Don’t treat me like this. You’re just too much. Zila, what is this? I’m saving you from being tricked
by this woman. Don’t make a scene here. You don’t know the real her. If you must know, she was the one
who ruined Raimie’s life. But now she wants
to get closer to him. Do you want her as your wife?
You might get tricked too. Zila, what have I done to you? How innocent. Did you forget
what you’ve done to Adam? Please don’t cause a ruckus.
– It’s okay, let me talk to her. Why are you so greedy?
You want both of them? She has slept with Raimie because
she wants to get back with him. You’re such a seducer. But when you’re pregnant,
you tried to kill your child. What are you talking about?
I don’t understand a thing. Sya. What is this? Go get her. Come and eat, sir. Why are you here, Tijah? Your mother didn’t come today. Adam’s by himself in his room. I didn’t want to disturb you. That’s why I’m not going home yet. I don’t have the heart
to leave Adam alone. You can go home after this. Are you firing me? I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t know
Ms. Zila would do that. What are you talking about? Who’s firing you? But you told me to go home. My mother doesn’t want us to be
in this house at the same time. Go home after this. You’re not firing me?
– No, why are you so anxious? Did you plan something with Zila? No, sir. If Ms. Zila call me,
I will tell you right away. I swear. You don’t have to swear. If you do something evil with Zila
without my knowledge… …you better stop now. I can forgive your past mistakes. I promise, I will take good care
of you and Adam. Okay. Is Adam in his room?
– Yes. But he has a slightly
high temperature. That’s why I didn’t want
to go home yet. I’ll look after him.
You can go home now. Okay, sir. Thank you. Have you cried your heart out? You can say whatever you want. You can say
I’m an easy woman. I’m a slut. Up to you. What I think of you is
not important right now. Can you tell me honestly… …what is the meaning of all this? I don’t know where to begin. But there’s a truth in
what Zila has said just now. So, tell me the whole story.
Why do you have to hide it from me? Just be honest with me. I’ve said that
I’ve told you everything,… …but that’s not true. There’s more. Raimie is my ex-husband. What are you playing with? Why are you quiet?
Are you mad at me? Then? I miss Mama. Come, lie down.
You’re down with fever. No. Lie down, I’ll stay with you.
– No. You said I’ve changed
since I met Raimie. You’re right, I’ve changed. I’ve never thought
we would meet again. How can I accept the fact… …that your best friend
is my ex-husband. So, what Zila said…. I still know the limits. I went to see Raimie
because of Adam. You know Adam, right? I would be lying if I said I’ve never
missed them in these seven years. I missed my son, Jai.
I missed him so much. No wonder… …when I tried to discuss
about marriage with you… …you’ve given me
a lot of excuses. So, what am I? I have my reasons.
– What am I to you? I did that because of my son. Why are you only telling me now? It’s not fair for me. I’m so sorry. Okay, I get it. Jai! Has Tia fallen asleep?
– Yes, she waited for you. I’ve told Jai the truth. I feel guilty. You should’ve told him
from early on. So, how is he? He’s disappointed. Is he mad? I could feel that,
but he didn’t show it. You know him. You’re afraid to lose him because
he treats you and Tia well, right? It’s hard to say this but…. Raimie. Seven years is not enough
for me to forget him. Besides, he’s my first love. You’ve never felt the same way
towards Jai? If he has a fever,
you should tell me straight away. He was fine. All of a sudden,
the temperature’s gone high a bit. He’s easily down with fever. Thank God I’m here. You can go upstairs,
your father is waiting for you. Okay. Ummi told me that you have
something to tell me. What is it? Your Mak Su called me yesterday. She said Zila was mad. Zila accused you and Sya
of doing something bad. I didn’t think
it would escalate to this. We didn’t do anything. I know. I’ve asked Tijah already. Zila came here,
she attacked and pushed Sya. So, I had to stop her. I just couldn’t stand her. So, I chased her out of here. That’s why she’s mad. You know how Zila is. She says one thing
but does another. Or else,
she wouldn’t accuse Sya. I know she shouldn’t do that. But she’s doing those things
because of him. She has been waiting for him since
day one, but he never looked at her. Ros adores him too. Zila told everyone
that he wants her. Then, Ros believed her and
wanted him to be her son-in-law. I want you
to tell me the truth. Do you have feelings
towards Zila? I’ve never had any feelings
towards her. Okay, I admit. I’ve been using her to hurt Sya,
that’s all. One more thing. I didn’t want to say this because… …I wanted you to know
the real Zila by yourself. She portrayed herself as a good woman
and she treated Adam well. But she’s actually the opposite.
– Right. I knew that.
But you always believed in her. But at least,
tell her the truth. I don’t want
anything bad to happen. He’s a grown up already,
he can make his own decision. Fine, you’re not going
to listen to me anyway. If you don’t want to be
with Zila… …tell her nicely and
be honest with Mak Su. Peace be upon you, Raimie.
– And unto you be peace. What’s up?
– I can hang up if you’re busy. No, I’m not doing anything. Did you dial the wrong number
or do you miss me? No.
– Then? Why are you calling me? Or did you agree to my request
to see Tia? Do you want to tell me
anything about Tia? No.
– Then, what? I know you missed me,
just say it. I missed Adam.
– What about his father? Please, Raimie. I want to hear his voice. That’s not fair.
I want to see Tia. Raimie, please. He’s sleeping. Ummi’s in the room with him. Is that all? I have something to tell you. Jai asked me
about our relationship. I’ve told him everything. So, he knows everything now? I’m sorry, goodnight. It’s done. I’m giving back
the document to you. You can put it there. Anything else? Can I talk to you for a while?
– Sure, if it’s about work. Is it about work? If it’s not about work,
we can talk later. At least, you’ve told him. It’s better than he knows it
from someone else. I didn’t mean to hurt him. I was happy that he treated you
and Tia nicely. Have you ever loved him? I tried to get to know him. But I feel like I forced myself
to love him. Is that fair to him? That’s because
you still can’t forget about Raimie… …and you still love him. This is the file for RR Family. It’s the project in Perlis. So, did you do this… …illegally or legally?
If it’s the former, I’m not paying you. Don’t you trust me? I haven’t slept to get it done. It’s not that important anyway. I want you to investigate on
my ex-wife and her daughter, Tia. You want to know
if she’s your child, right? Count it. If this is your work, don’t show it to me.
You’re wasting my time. I’m sorry, Ms. Zila. What are you looking at?
Have you finished your work? Just mind your business. Raimie.
– Not today. I don’t want to see you anymore. How could you. What do you want? Please forgive me. I forgive you. What else do you want? I know you’re disappointed in me.
– Yes. Are you happy seeing me like this?
This is what you wanted, isn’t it? Let me explain.
– What else do you want to say? I know you still love him.
Then, go ahead. So, for all the time
that we’re a couple… …whenever I talked about marriage,
you would avoid the topic. You said, you weren’t ready,
you needed more time. Now I know the real reason.
– It’s not like that. You’re mistaken.
– Then, what’s the reason? Can you be honest with me? You still love him,
don’t you? When we were dating,
you didn’t think about marrying me. You’ve never thought about
making our relationship work, right? I don’t know how to say this. I’m confused.
– You’re confused. That’s the problem. You don’t know
what you want. Syaza.
Make up your mind, please. Time to take your meds. He’s still not well. You better take him
to his room. He wanted to play outside. But I said no.
Luckily, he didn’t cry. Aren’t you going home?
It’s late already. I’ll just pray
at the nearby surau. I miss Mama. He misses his mother. Can Uncle become my father? What else do you want? I don’t care if you hate me
or don’t want to see me. This is for Adam. He doesn’t eat
these kinds of food. What’s wrong with you? You’re treating me like this
because of her? No, it’s not because of her. But that’s on you.
You’re immature. You never appreciate me. I’m trying to save you
from that woman. Did you forget what
she had done to Adam? I’ll never forget what
she’s done to me and Adam. Take this, please. I said, no.
Don’t you get it? Move. I don’t want to send you
to the hospital. I want to talk to you
about Adam. He’s always looking
for his mother. I’m busy with work. I don’t have the time
to bring Sya here to see Adam. That’s why we want
to discuss it with you. Discuss on what? Why don’t you let Sya look after Adam
in the weekend? No. I won’t let her. She’s still his mother. You saw how she’s treating him. She really missed him. They got close very quickly albeit they
haven’t seen each other for seven years. Okay. If she wants to see him,
she can come here. You still don’t trust her? Mama, I’m bored. Why? There’s a lot of things
you can do. I just can’t do anything. I’m so bored. Help me fold the clothes. Can I call Uncle? I want to call him. It’s been a long time. Can I call him? I miss him. Don’t be mad. Okay. There you go. Hello, Uncle.
– Wait, he hasn’t picked up. Did he pick up the phone? He didn’t. We’ll try again. Peace be upon you. Hi, Tia cutie. And unto you be peace. How are you?
– Fine, thank you. Uncle, I’m bored. Are you? We haven’t gone out
for a while. I’ll come and
pick you up tomorrow. Promise? I’ll be waiting.
– Okay, I promise. I’ll fetch you after work.
– Okay! See you tomorrow. Eat slowly. What should you do
before you eat? Good girl. If that’s not enough,
we can order more. Why are you two quiet? Just eat your food. Or you’d rather go home? We can go home now. Are you two fighting? Don’t talk while you eat. Don’t get angry at her
like that. She shouldn’t be spoiled.
She loves to act up in front of people. That’s enough. I’m going to the toilet. Eat slowly. You shouldn’t say that. She loves you,
she’s not angry at you. She’s just tired due to work. Don’t say that
to her again, okay? Let’s order ice-cream. I want ice-cream!
– You do? Hello? What? Nur Fatia binti Raimie. It’s confirmed. What are you talking about? Tia is my daughter. I have to go now. Where are you going?
– To Sya’s house. Calm down.
– I have to go. It’s okay,
Tia is his daughter anyway. But we made a promise to Sya. There’s nothing we can do now. Behave yourself and
listen to your mother. She’s a smart kid. Thank you. Tia. This is Papa, Tia. It’s your Papa, Tia. I’m your Papa. I’m sorry. I’ve abandoned you all this time,
I didn’t know, Tia. I promise
I’ll take care of you. I promise. Let her go. I just want to see her. You don’t have to lie
about her anymore. I have proof that
she’s my daughter. Sya, please. Nur Fatia binti Raimie,
my daughter. I’m begging you. To be continued….

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