“Man Squirrel” (Indie Film) | Comedy Sketch

My name is Emilia Watterbottom but you can call me Man Squirrel you can’t do that, Emilia! We’re poor! I HATE YOU, MOM! AND I TOLD YOU TO CALL ME “MAN SQUIRREL” after that argument I decided to run
away for good I couldn’t deal with these people living like ants in a colony they think I’m nuts I eat nuts for breakfast I said my goodbyes and I was on my way AND I’M TAKING CHEKHOV WHITMAN CHURCHILL WITH ME! Be free! (what are) YOU DOING?!! GET OFF THE ROAD!! I soon realized that the world was a lot bigger than just me I was on my own, all alone! No mom! No stepdad, Jeff… Just me! I could be whoever I wanted to be but right now I was just a girl in a thrift shop sometimes I feel as though my mind is
being expanded so much it may burst and for once in my life I was totally on my
own my mom took all my money out of my card I felt lost, I felt blue I didn’t know who I was anymore there was no one by my side until I found her she was playful and smart and she understood me like no one else did and hell was she beautiful I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t falling in love with her I knew my mom and Jeff would never approve of our gay forbidden love but I didn’t care I felt on top of the world and no one could take that away from me except me I missed my home and I miss having money
so I think I know what I have to do QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! QUACK! that was quite possibly the
best hour and a half of my life but this isn’t what I need (whispers) I’m sorry. I- I had to go home Mom… I’m home

20 Replies to ““Man Squirrel” (Indie Film) | Comedy Sketch”

  1. Instantly when I saw u had uploaded a new video and when I realised it was Tuesday, I got excited 😂 Awesome video 😍

  2. "Sometimes I feel my mind is being expanded so much it will burst" while reading spooky jokes XD XD XD Best parody of Ladybird, even though I've only seen the trailer for it haha

  3. You put the create in creator! I love seeing videos like this because it’s not just talking, it’s creating something from inside your brain and putting it on a screen. Love!

  4. This is possibly the best sketch so far! I laughed so hard and I love the part where you were reading the books and then read spooky jokes XD. Yes your mind will expand when you read spooky jokes XD. Awesome video!

  5. This was quite a brilliant sketch I must say! Made me laugh too. You've earned yourself a new subscriber, I can't wait to see more!

  6. Hi, I'm visiting here from the group. This is a cool film. I like the story and the editing is awesome. I watched it till the end.

  7. Funny vid! I like how it was very over-the-top and dramatic. Solid editing and cinematography as well. Just found your channel and subbed! I hope you release more of these soon. Keep crushin’ it!

  8. "They think I'm nuts. I ate nuts for breakfast." xD love the emotional lipstick scene. This was great

  9. It took me a while to realise this was a reference to LadyBird. That dog is so cute! Looks a lot like the dog I used to have. His name was Ogo.

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