Man Sues Deodorant Company? (Satire)

indian men by the name of fight adhesives guzman or it it like i’d know
without at least half unprotected uh… by publicly oka mister petty uh… so mr betty he is silly links
which is based on a different company basil attacks and he says he’s been using their
champions in their sprays and everything for the past seven years and the
commercial say that all these prices going to make and desirable to women but he hasn’t found a woman yet of so he is suing the company for
depression and psychological damage by a car by of bible but but but you don’t read too thirty eight i wonder if you really mean now here is
that he said the company cheated me because in his advertisements it says
women will be attracted to you if you use acs and use it for seven years but no girl
came to me how do you explain that that limits as the company axis what
it’s marketed as a in in india and attacks here as well blood but what did
your wife barbara it day but what do you know abruptly etc alive your honor while others guys here that never shot seven-year seven years that’s pretty
serious you ever study is like it does not started working at i would do a couple more here let me know that they have a hacksaw
thomas this work is like a precedent three-and-a-half
years but i would keep going so far no woman has approached me this
quite strange perhaps if i a prime more acts in there
will be the way to go you know what was interesting though
it’s obviously women don’t care how good you smell it here are ongoing don’t have a very right derail and getting around you are decent looking and you’re using
a top ten stuff right just that little extra on that little extra good snow and then
goes a long way so that you believe that you think it can work yeah but i mean you have to have the
basics you have to be decent looking and you have to be you know somewhat smart select you know that
uh… i don’t talk directly to hasten the quarterly betty boop would you like what is happening like normal approach
me and i understand i’d have been acts madame pompadour over me what is going wrong they’ll find an
independent seven years by could see the anger building up selected it invite quebec izegbuwa shit i do this one year to year to you for
your five six seven-year still don’t work that is it that i have enough unc
uh… i’m suffering from psychological damage i’m in a depression palmer
depression that is if i’m suing parent company
links i’ve had enough uh… hello divide played a get out of
if if you think this is the way to go with him well that’s our number one did you know the young turks well the subscribe to what do you to
tell not only

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  1. Well,,,I dont think Arabs smell too :S
    Coz I am here in Arab Mid East never met smelly Arabs ..Maybe some smell,,yes..but the reason is that They never took bath..means lazy people,..
    But about indians and pakistan..Their body smell because they eat vegetables alot..And Egyptians too..Vegetables including the Onion can make the body smell ..and Also they r using so much spices in foods,,and some spices can make bad smell for body.. so thats it.. 🙂

  2. To cenk: HAHAHAHAHHA

    To indians: You people NEED to take a shower at least 3 TIMES A DAY! You people are known for SMELLING LIKE SHIT, BO, CURRY, RAW FUCKING ONIONS!. The list goes on and on…Seriously taking a shower with a fresh scent shampoo MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE compare to waching your idian hair with baby oil. REAL TALK!


    maybe you smell like curry just like them too thats why you're getting mad. hahaha

  4. HAHAH. I just laughed at the title of the video. The only reason he's undesirable is because HE FUCKING SMELLS. SMELLY COCONUT OIL INDIANS.

  5. i have asked several females and they all say that axe smells like ass. pluss most guy uses too much of it. axe is cheam lockeroom stench. you might as well use alwayse save deoderant.

  6. you making fun of him, you stupid bitch…u guys call you self educated and standardised but all you guys know is making fun of others and thinking u guys r best.

  7. americans are like they will half plate of food from someone who just have half plate and keep one and half plate in front of them. shame on you guys !

  8. The Story is fake

    It was started by a Indian Satire news site called "Faking News" but somehow another Indian news site picked it up as legit

    I made a video with full details about it titled "TDC – Man sues Lynx … are you sure???" it's posted as a response to this video


  9. Where did I say it was all about food? You stupid indian/pakistan/AL-queda/OSAMA bitch. lol
    Next time don't make assumptions.
    Maybe you smell like shit too. haha

  10. This proves 3 things:
    1) Americans(most, not all(I hope) ) are racist fools
    2) That guy who tried the Deodorant is an asshole.
    3) This channel is by a group of prople who flick stupid and fake news.

  11. Starting by that chick, Is she who serves the coffee? and this guy today is a completly dissapointment, I mean if you want to give news, you are not supposed to make fun of people, I mean you dont have to be serious about news but to make fun of poor ignorant people, that makes you double ignorant!!

  12. what???are you serious???he's really gonna sue the company…maybe there's something wrong with that person…psychologically!
    btw…love that indian accent!

  13. this is impossible! indians are so cheap to even buy a deodorant! In dubai, i heard buildings are now providing lifts exclusively for indians because of their smell.

  14. lol, did Ana just suggest Indian men are ugly and stupid, just ´the man with the unspeakable name', or… is it me?? 😛

  15. Lynx?!? Isn't that a failed handheld created by Atari?

    Sure. If you believe the ads about Ax attracting women like in the commercials then you'd believe just about anything. Thankfully people like him exist, he keeps companies (and thus low level wage slaves like myself) employed everytime they buy their product.

  16. ohhh god everyone lighten up, everyone gets so damn defensive over anything anymore. shut up and enjoy the video, damn man

  17. Cant stand when people take things out of context or take stuff TOO literal!

    People just "milking" the system for their own benefits!

  18. Maybe the problem is too much Axe . If you've ever gotten a whiff of that shit you would go in the opposite direction as well.

  19. LOL! So YOU ARE SHIT. You're whole family prolly uses cow shit for cleaning porposes.
    The saddest part is you admitted it. LFMAO!!
    You smelly tandoori… Go bathe in the dirty river with your worshipped cows. haha

  20. indians are payed cheap because they choose to be payed cheap and not demand for higher salary coz most of them dont have experience. and the only thing they do in the offices is talk all day. my friend, i dont hate indians i just dont like how they smell. its like an over riped guava.

  21. No fucking way! LOL

    I knew it was only a matter of time before some moron sued Axe for psychological damages resulting from false advertising. I really figured it would be some hick from one of the red states though.

    Thank you, humanity, for proving there are no limits to your stupidity!

  22. a white man sues makers of Viagra because he saying it didn't work that will be funny as hell!!

    i work in a pharmacy honest to god more than a few white assholes complained Viagra don't work.
    the difference is this is not a big fucking news u youngfuck

  23. y r u assholes smelling indian people???
    leave them alone . we have 10000 problems in this country and youngfuck is going to india to find a news topic. r u loosing u r mind or what??

  24. how dare he imitate the Indian accent and make a mockery out of it. white people think they r the greatest. The Indians should sue his tv station for airing this shit.

  25. He's sues a company and blames them that he hasn't found a woman in 7 years!?!?!?


    I think the video explains what's wrong. You just can't blame others for the bad things that are happening in your life…

  26. bunch of fu ckers… seriously they SUCK !! Get a Life morons cuz am actually in depression after watching ya video ! boooo !

  27. These guys apparently don't follow the news.. This whole lawsuit thing was a joke to prove how fast incorrect information can spread through the internet.

  28. LMAO you stupid smelly shit-eating indian. Your language sounds so awful.

    Don't forget that this video is about a guy who sues a deo company becaue he can't get girls since he has B.O.

    Only indians would do this act of stupidity.

  29. This guy is totally not funny…But i had a good laugh from this video …. This dumbwit thinks a joke as a news.. Tell him some yo mama jokes and he might take it seriously…

  30. At least learn how to pronounce his name before ripping into him? This makes you look even more like an idiot than you usually do.

  31. Bullshit. Similar to the boys in UK who walk into super-markets spraying LINX deodorant. When stopped by the security and enforced to pay for the usage, they said the same thing.

  32. this is one of the most biased and stupid news show ever, considering all major news outlets are faulty and made for you to swallow lie after lie and believe in it with undying devotion. as an internet news show i would think your stories would include more research and less of the same bullshit they all feed to us. the young turks are just that young and loves to swallow their media influences.

  33. dude, get the stick out of your ass, this was funnier than hell, and if most news shows were as entertaining as the young turks I would probably actually watch more news.

  34. @gregapage satire because most of the video was Cenk making fun 😛 the story is real, they just played on it alot which makes it a satire (cus well duh.. Cenk has no idea of how the guy reacted as the years went by.. that was just his idea of the whole thing.) ^^

  35. people are so stupid, I look to toilet tv ad to be sued next, the one that makes it like you can flush anything, being there no disclaimers in the ad saying you cant flush those things, and I'm sure someone will be say the tv ad didnt have it and sue them.

  36. You know… As ridiculous as the story is, the guy suing because he didn't a girlfriend and all, he should totally go for it…
    Commercials shouldn't be allowed to make such claims such as: "use our product and women will come to you" unless they are true…
    That is, unless the claim is CLEARLY metaphorical like: "RedBull gives you wings…"

  37. @KornWasCool You didn't know it's racist to tease people if you don't have the same skin colour as they do

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