March 2020 Chinese Dramas, More on Xiao Zhan and Archive of Our Own controversy 03.05.2020

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update March 5th 2020 edition. Make sure to watch till the end where for
your convenience I do a recap of all the dramas with premiere dates. In this edition, more on Xiao Zhan the Archive
of Our Own controversy but first.. Here are some dramas that have premiered
or are slated to premiere in March. It follows four women as they seek revenge
against their violent husbands and cheating boyfriends. Sounds like a Chinese adaptation of the British
drama series Mistresses. Danger of Her is available on the iQIYI app
with English subs. It is a prequel to Wu Xin season 1 where Elvis
Han’s character, Wu Xin, meets Sebrina Yao’s character, Yue Qiluo, prior to reincarnation. The drama premiered on iQIYI. I checked out the iQIYI app but at the moment
it’s not there so those of you who want to watch it with English subs might have to wait
a longer. Camille Hua stars as a VR game tester who
finds herself transported into her game and becomes and an unfavored palace maid. Alan Luo stars as the dashing young emperor
she serves and falls in love with. It premiered on Mango TV which has a channel
on YouTube. No English subs at the moment though. So those were dramas that have premiered recently,
here now are some that are confirmed or rumored to premiere in March. This cops and robbers suspense drama will
premiere on Youku. From my observation, Youku is notorious for
not licensing out to other platforms that might provide English subs so it might a while
before English subs become available. Elvira Cai plays a talented economics lecturer
who is forced to work in a corrupt organisation. Liu Kai plays a police informant who discovers
that the organisation is laundering money through foreign bank accounts. If you are like me and like themes of corporate
espionage, then this drama might be for you. It will be available on Mango TV. The drama tells the story of an aspiring speed
skater played by Janice Wu, who ends up being the assistant to an ice hockey legend, played
by Steven Zhang. They recently posted a MV on their Weibo page
and usually that’s a very good sign that it will premiere soon. When they do it will be on Youku. The drama tells the story of an elementary
school teacher who realizes that one of her students is being abused by her mother. The Imperfect Woman is based on the 2010 Japanese
drama, Mother. I haven’t seen Mother but it has been adapted
into Korean and Thai dramas so I’m guessing there’s something about it that’s captivating audiences. The Imperfect Woman will premiere on Tencent
which means there’s a good chance it will be on WeTV. The drama follows three men with failed marriages
as they go to the same city to start a journey of healing. I am a fan of Jin Dong’s work and I like watching
him in modern dramas like this so I’ll be looking forward to this one. It will be available across the board – on
iQIYI, Tencent, Youku and Mango TV. So I want to follow up on a piece I did in
my last video regarding Xiao Zhan and the Archive of Our Own controversy. If you haven’t seen my last video, I’ll leave
a card up here if you want to visit it or you can wait till the end of this video and
I’ll leave a link there too. In it, I talk about what Archive of Our Own
is and generally explain what happened and how Xiao Zhan was affected. In this segment, I want to share with you
guys what else I’ve learnt about the issue this past couple of days. Now I’ll describe a little bit, the fanfiction
piece that seemingly sparked this whole thing. It’s not a graphic or explicit description
but just a heads up some might find it offensive. So just be aware. On Feb 24th, a writer on Archive of Our Own
or AO3 for short posted a link on Weibo to the latest update of her fanfic. Her piece was called “Xia Zhui” and featured
Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. Xiao Zhan is portrayed as a male who dresses
up as a female prostitute. The character has gender dysphoria, meaning
he identifies as a female. This is the artwork depicting the characters
from Xia Zhui. Wang Yibo’s character is a high school student
who falls in love with Xiao Zhan’s character. So we all know what happened next. A section of Xiao Zhan’s fans found it offensive
and reported it to the censorship authorities. A few days later the Chinese government completely
blocked access to AO3. They also removed videos and censored LOFTER
a Chinese fanfic app, and Bilibili, a Chinese video streaming site. Now some have said that it’s just the government
doing what they do, that they’re constantly banning and censoring stuff they label offensive
and has nothing to do with the reporting. Personally, I feel that the timing is too
coincidental but my speculation is as good as anyone’s. Anyway, the ridiculous part about this, although
I’m not surprised to hear it, is that some people who were outraged by the AO3 ban
blamed Xiao Zhan for it, saying that he did not “guide” his fans properly. They started attacking Xiao Zhan on Weibo
and left bad reviews on his dramas on Douban. They also left comments on the accounts of
brands he endorses saying they will not buy any of his products. Just venting their anger by bashing Xiao Zhan,
which makes no sense if you ask me. Last I checked, Xiao Zhan’s not some cult
leader, he’s not a village chief, he did not ask for anyone to do anything on his behalf. On the flip side, Xiao Zhan’s international
fans have shown their support for him. They started #WeLoveYouXiaoZhan which trended
on Twitter worldwide. And to close up this segment, I just want
to reiterate what I said in my last video about some other fans of fanfiction
who instead reacting by bashing Xiao Zhan, resorted to another extreme measure which
was hurting themselves. I sincerely hope they get all the medical
and emotional help they need. I’m not judging them – people have different
issues or are in different places in their lives, it’s just unfortunate that it’s come
to this for some. Before I let you guys go, here’s a recap of
the aforementioned March dramas. Keep in mind that more dramas will be added
to the list for stay tuned as I continue to update in upcoming episodes. In fact, I’ve read that Yang Mi’s Storm Eye
might grace streaming sites this month, we’ll see if that materializes. And that’s it for this edition guys. This show would not be possible without your
support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, liking and subscribing. so thank you all for watching and as always
I wish you clear blue skies, good health and happiness. Until next time, cheers.

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  1. I think that fans need to be careful about using celebrities or any person's image for that matter in provocative drawings (I have seen many with Zhan Zhan and Yibo), I find it quite distasteful. Zhan Zhan's face is his livelihood as a celebrity, his face has actual value so people shouldn't be using it to live their outrageous fantasies. I think fanfiction writers aren't sensible when it comes to that. That "scandal" is so ridiculous that it makes me wonder about Chinese society in general. Their mob mentality seems quite excessive. Also maybe if your country forbids something, you probably shouldn't be doing it, therefore I think they were on borrowed time anyway. I hope Xiao Gege comes back stronger after this. Haters are always gonna hate.

  2. Hi Marcus. Here’s what I know so far: All of his endorsements stayed by his side and yesterday the product he endorsed for Olay sold out. CNS came out with a video in support of him that landed on every social media site. Though his account on Instagram was hacked, Instagram international fans have more or less cleaned up the haters, FB is clean with no hate but a tremendous amount of support, YouTube has only positive videos with occasional crazy comments that get reported. Weibo is still a hot mess though he doesn’t seem to be trending often, I reported a death threat there yesterday. The biggest problem is still there and on Twitter where there is the plethora of death threats against him and all of his fans; Chinese or otherwise. This is a hashtag you can find it on Twitter #xiaozhanao3. From some information that I had gotten the suicide attempt messages were all fake to draw more rage. Fake or not, I take it seriously. Perhaps in your next video you can address the death threats and ask ppl to report those on social media if they see them. That’s a level of crazy nobody needs because all you need is one unstable person finding XZ’s address. It’s happened here in the states years back; we can’t let it escalate to that. Thank you for the update on everything! 🦋

  3. Xiaozhan did nothing'!!,!! Real problems will never be solved, but innocent people will be affected badly.

  4. Thank you very much for your update news, Marcus

    Really, anger is a huge emotion that should be able to be controled
    Uncontrollably anger can such a huge fire that can burn anything down
    Even such a great work become being hated so much

  5. I feel sorry for Xiao Zhan .thanks for the update sir .God Bless You and stay healthy.Thank You VERY much

  6. What is happening now to xiaozhan is not good right wana cry coz we can't really help him but i know the day is coming soon everything goona be alright lets just pray for him #weloveyouxiaozhan❤❤❤

  7. I can never be a actor bc this is what I will went through. Being a celebrity is like someone controlling your life which I despise. I can’t wait for the love and the emperor and skate into love. I hope Xiao Zhan is fine and we love u 😘

  8. Drama ever night 2
    Seen to episode 35
    8 more to finale

    Coincidentally in episode 35 the scene of ning que and mo shan shan
    Loved mo shan shan for her great character
    Watching this drama to see mo shan shan not for ning que and sang sang
    Cheers for a great drama time

  9. Drama the love and the emperor
    Seen to episode 4 uploaded to episode 8
    An interesting and fascinating drama
    Highly recommend to watch
    Cheers for a great drama time

  10. Xiao Zhan is a humble kind person. I hope the anti-fans and cyber bullies recognized the damage that they are causing. They have misplaced anger. My heart breaks for Xiao Zhan.

  11. hopefully Xiao Zhan can get over this victoriously he is just so talented.😢
    thanks Marcus for the update 😍😍

  12. Thanks very much for the info Marcus
    Current ones watching
    Ever night 2
    Miss truth
    The guardians of the ancient oath
    Love lasts 2 minds
    Everyone wants to meet you
    The love and the emperor
    Cheers for great drama time

  13. Thanks Marcus. Enjoy the upcoming weekend and as always I love your entertainment updates. Stay healthy❤️❤️

  14. So, that's the beginning. A03 posted such thing knowing how strict the China Government is.They should've have known that anytime some one will come out and reported it.And that's exactly what happen here.And now crazy people are blaming Sean Xiao for this. Seriously, are they out of their mind?

    And to those people who reported A03, i think its time for you Guys to come out and apologise.If you really love Sean Xiao, and you wanted to protect him then come out now and help him solve this crisis. Don't just hide and watch, after all you Guys started this.

    Once again, thank you Sir Marcus for the update.😍

  15. All in all i will support XiaoZhan love XiaoZhan forever,i have bought all the products he endorse . As a financially independent married woman ,i will buy XiaoZhan’s endorsements forever . I bought 105 tickets of his movie ZhuXian,i will buy as many as possible when his movie comes out in the future. Also his dramas, I’ii support and promote his dramas with all my efforts . ZhanZhan,my husband and daughter know i love you very much,they used to be the people that have no interested in intertainment industry and celebrity,now they like you very much under the influence of me. ZhanZhan,i just hope you stay safe and healthy ,i know it must be very hard for you at this very moment,i will stay by your side forever. Sorry for broken english.

  16. Thanks for the info on the upcoming/recently released dramas. I look forward especially to Love and the Emperor 🙂 I feel for the poor actor Xiao Zhan and all the b.s. that happened with Ao3 but hopefully this will sort out soon.

  17. My dream man is Elvis Han.
    Don't get me wrong, I love YOU too Marcus! 😆
    Good thing I do understand Chinese. But even if it's in Minion language, I would still watch WuXin 3

  18. So glad fans worldwide are showing support for Xiao Zhan. I hope he is aware of this and knows so many fans love and care about him and wish him the best! We love you XZ ❤️!

  19. My heart goes for Xiao Zhan I swear these cyber bullies have no life or are unhappy with life. Thanks Marcus

  20. I has never seen any country's could treating there own star specially a young man only just start on his career and had never done anything worng to no one and yes this people try to distroy his dream. Shame on you .zgan work so hard to get where he is even done so much for his country and yet his own people is true to distroy him .i am so luck I don't live in China .we international missed you a nd love you zhan .come back soon 💞💋💚❤

  21. It's very sad that they do this to Xiao Zhan, He is a very hardworking and very kind person … I hope you can overcome this issue and come back with great force, personally I think he is a very talented man and deserves the best! 😍😍😍😍😍

  22. I did small investigation how the antifans acted on twitter. (sorry, english is not my native language)
    1) When the hashtag became viral, they came to Twitter threatening international fans that their activity could harm the actor and lead to a ban. At that time, there was no other activity on their accounts, so many believed it. But later, such accounts spoke out about AO3 and promoted R.I.P. messages.
    2) Then they began to enter into dialogues and provoke the international community to blame the government, which, of course, can not be done. Art is out of politics.
    3) All this was later broadcasted back to Weibo, including the only (!) tweet where people asked what happened and the anti-fan (!) replied that the artist died from coronavirus. This screenshot was later published by one of the Chinese media – such media bias raises questions.
    4) Fans of Xiao Zhan returned with explanations and requested not to respond to the actions of anti-fans.

    This part about tweets "let me tell you the truth" – almost every their message written like that.

    5) Anti-fans, in an attempt to attract the attention of the international community, began to insist on violating rights of LGBT people, on human rights in China and the freedom of creativity. But a day later they suddenly stopped using these arguments, realizing that they had stepped on unsteady ground.
    6) Then they began to complain that the author of the fan fiction was “almost” expelled from the university, to which they received an answer that an actor who inspires millions, works for fame of his country and do charity – suffering much more. They also rejected this argument.
    7) Attempts to talk about the responsibility of the idol for the actions of their fans also did not find any response: in the culture of the East, the idea of ​​“mutual responsibility” is probably still popular, but this concept is absolutely foreign to the world community. Gradually, they stopped using these arguments.
    8) Then went into the process of publishing a variety of rumors like "look who you are defending." But this was done so mediocre: subtle screenshots, accusations of racism and sexism, although the content of the messages does not fall into these categories. It was as if they had not received enough education to understand what racism and sexism really are and hoped that they would be unfoundedly believed. Cherry on the cake – statements that he is gay (recall the infringement of the rights of LGBT people two days earlier).

    –end of 'let me tell you the truth' part, probably they now tired with long threads–

    9) The latest trend is the massive arrival of new accounts, which in memory of fan fiction call him a “girl” and condole about his death. This is probably also being done in order to start rumors in Weibo that international fans believe this. Messages about it come in waves, as if they were well organized. In fact, none of the international fans believe this, of course.

    I’m even wondering what they’ll come up with next.

    If there is someone here who can tell the Chinese fans that we understand everything correctly and are not being provoked – so that they don’t worry about the actor’s reputation abroad, please send this information to the fandom 🙂

    p.s. oh-oh, now its a new thing: they say that Chinese fan shift blame to government and even said bad thing about government. They asked with their hashtags (yes, now they use their different tags) if anyone see such tweet and can screenshot it. So it is witch hunt. Kinda scary. I made exercise and dive into twitter search (from 2.27 to present): and seems like there was no such thing from Chinese fandom, i only see 3 or 5 tweets from those who suffer from ban. All 'gvrmnt' thing began after viral hashtag, when new accounts appeared and blamed chinese fandom 🙁 ugh.

  23. I can’t agree more with you on the comments about how insanely zhan has been excused. It is not his fault at all, he is innocent of this crime. To be punished with the things he never committed is truly injustice. Will love and support zhan forever.

  24. It's getting pretty depressing and ugly on weibo. His rival entertainment companies in show biz spend lots of money to buy many influencers on weibo, slandering his image every single day, they took his chatting with his close friends out of contents about ten years ago when he was not a celebrity but a teenager, they twisted his words, make him look bad for people who are not his fans.
    Now everyone could standing on the high ground and bashing him for no reason and they actually pretty proud about themselves, they don't care if by doing this a young man's whole career would be destroyed even his life. The haters and paid antis even stating this as their slogan: "I'd like to be the last straw that CRUSH HIM." They are trying their best to pushing this young actor to the edge.
    When a rising star was erased from the society, who's gonna be the beneficiary in the end? His rival celebrities and companies in show biz.

  25. Instagram is also a ugly mess right now.
    All I can see is rip comments everywhere. People are really going overboard.

  26. Leave ZhanZhan alone. You are negative bullies, and karma will get you, when you do negative things. Thank you Markus.

  27. No matter what happened we will love u xiao zhan ☺😊😊😍😘😘😘fighting 💪💪💪💪

  28. I was never a fan of any actor or actress, I was never interested in the world of entertainment, but one day searching the internet for something that would entertain me and I found a chapter of The untamed and Xio Zhan caught me, and I looked for the first chapter and I saw all the series in a few days, then I started watching his interviews and I loved his personality, he transmits joy, kindness, respect towards all people, it is painful to see what is happening to him, I hope he leaves this situation soon, and with more strength. I am from Argentina, a country thousands of kilometers from China, I would like to be there to be able to support him.

  29. Hi Marcus, thank you for the update! Our hearts break for Xiao Zhan, he is such a good person and a very talented actor/singer. Please stay strong Xiao Zhan, we International fans will support you!

  30. i agreed with it wasn't Xiao ZHan fault what so ever he didn't do anything to nobody or anybody he very gentleman person he is human being like everybody else he got famous over Untamed Drama why can't he be famous for once not to mention they attack him like this anti-fan & solo are so crazy i wish all them get a SLAP and realized what they have done to their own star & actor blasts him all over and make Xiao look very bad in the entertainment who such a hard-worker and not once he ask them to do anything for him i very hate Chinese they treat their star & actor like trash no wondering some celeb move to different country and famous their instead this chines or China place to be !! …i don't i always support Xiao ZHan no matter what we all international fan always love u forever stay strong xiao i hope see u back soon miss u!!

  31. sorry but all controversy aside, i really want to read that novel which led to this .. i mean just that the premise looks interesting and can have enough depth

  32. it's like in Untamed wwx was blamed for everything, so it's like reliving in real life. Hope people out there gets help they need cuz we are not going anywhere from digital world and it's getting worst.

  33. All of you are such hypocrites..

    So quick to defend XZ but not a word against the fandom and how they harassed the girl, not a word or stand on suppression of creative freedom

    While I agree XZ should not be made the scapegoat, but even little bit of common sense will tell you, all of this is actually going to cause greater retaliation..

    instead if everyone were to put pressure on the fandom itself to take responsibility for their actions, that would have appeased the actual victims in this, and would have taken focus away from XZ keeping him out of this loop..

    But no!.. all groups have to make it about him, all groups are only interested in fighting, they have no sense of justice and liberty is just a concept that they would broach when it suits their selfish motives..

    International community has been a let down in their way of handling the matters and adding fuel to the fire

    Or maybe, good old rule is best.. keep kids off keypads..they are just emotionally charged morons trying to ruin everything

  34. Related to Xiao Zhan – Well said Marcus! 👍 Obviously, you have a rational and normal point of view of this situation!

  35. Also, isn't the message right now that if you are a powerful fandom and your celeb is famous, you as fandom can essentially do whatever you want and if any backlash happens we will be there to support you?

    You as fandom don't need to apologize or take responsibility of your actions, we will fight on your behalf?

    And lastly, what if you are one day on the receiving end of some nonsense irrational fandom idiosyncrasy and you are targeted, how would you feel if people all over come to support that fandom/ or stay silent and don't condemn the fandom

    the actions befuddle me.. supporting xiao zhan is right, but not condemning the fandom is SO WRONG

  36. Xiao Zhan is my favourite actor in 2019 – so talented and kind not just good looking. Hang in there Xiao Zhan!

  37. Hi!!! Help me a little here. I just saw an English dubbed version of Asura (2018) just now.
    Is it really finally happening, is it getting released this year?
    Your my top sources to anything retailed to chines dramas & movies

  38. Kia ora Marcus, thank you for the updates on the C Dramas and Xiao Zhan. Much appreciated💓Wow, it just shows that unreasonable, unthinking, unkind and uncaring people, can make such a huge, detrimental impact on the internet and entertainment arena. Fans or Stans should be held accountable for their behaviour, NOT their unfortunate victims. I heard that some artists, creative writers and storymakers are delerious as they've lost their creative freedom since the forced shut down of AO3 and other similar platforms. 😣🤔Geez.. it's a proven fact that strong-arm censorship tactics are never a good idea. Imagine if it happened to you🤔…Surely you would fight back for your right to "Freedom of Choice"✊ and "Freedom of Voice". I surely would🤘✊ I don't know why China's govo made the call to shut down but what a serious catalyst aye! So, so wrong but in spite of the blameing and shameing, Xiao Zhan has remained resolute. Good on him 👍👍 I hope he stays strong and fares well in the future. I pray for the adversely affected and I believe in Xiao Zhan's stance "Love Will Prevail" Thanks for your coverage Marcus and good to see the red-tees back. Always be kind and stay well. Peaceout ❤💛💚ox

  39. Seen "The Imperfect Women" Korean Version. I really like the story line. Well see how Cdrama does on the story line. I plan to watch. Want to watch "If time Flows Back"…sounds like the story line well be good. So is "Danger of Her". Today list was mostly of moder dramas

  40. Xiao zhan…move to hong kong. Start acting there…i am sure all production will be successful. Then the mainland company will realised that they let go a gem because of a few who had so much time doing nothing

  41. International fans usually know a celebrity little to love him, but don't know him well enough to hate him. It's not that Chinese people are bad. Things are just more complicated than foreigners would think. Xiao Zhan's fans are quite infamous for bashing others. Not just Xiao Zhan's fans, most idols' fans are like that. Fans attack each other online and slander competitor celebrities in order to mislead sponsors and investors into believing that their idols are more popular and have a better reputation, so that their idols can get more endorsement and job offers. Celebrities with less fans sometimes "lose the battle". So you see, idols benefit A LOT from their insane and brainless fans.

    Since they benefit from their fans' actions, and most idols never do anything to stop them and sometimes even encourage them , people start to think that idols should also be responsible for their fans' bad behaviors. "Idols pay for fans actions." That's the rule in Chinese entertainment industry. Fans are actually more sensible when they realize what they do would harm their idols. So it is true that Xiao Zhan didn't do anything, but he is absolutely NOT as innocent as most of you think.

  42. Hello marcus sim..any updates about you are my destiny drama?starring Liangjie and xing zhaolin?thank you

  43. In my country, we are buying the goods that Xiao Zhan did the endorsements. we ordered from China Olay cosmetic and drinks etc. we were sad that we couldnt do anything at first but now we found a way to show our love. We will always be there for him.

  44. Hi Marcus,have never commented before but Xiao Zhan news really prompt me to,i cant really understand one thing,cos china is well know for the censorship stuff,not bashing anyone though but the fault start from the name and the character she used,if u know u writing a fanfic,y would u write a male character to be a female prostitute even using his real name?though i think the govt have an eye on the site already just an excuse promt the action for who to blame,though i can't justify anyone but some saying they want to commit suicide cos of a site,i hope they get the medical attention they need but can't dey just think of the person that they pin they fault on wat his really going through,i can't just imagin but i believe his going to pass through this victoriously.we international fans love you,#welovexiaozhan#

  45. This is fine he can get off from this mess for sure but this is good that everybody can forget to ship him with wang yibo again which makes me feeling disgusting 😂😂

  46. I've been having a terrible Headache, it's been a week now. I i just hope I'll be fine and catch up with the dramas i left pending. As for our boy xiao zhan hope he gets out of this mess soonest. #weloveyouxiaozhan one love from africa. Chiaww marcus

  47. Good morning Marcus from Greece!!
    Thank you so much for the updates.
    I hope everything will be fine for all the actors ..I really feel sad hearing all these bad things .

  48. so estar acontecendo pq nos tempo atual ainda existe orgao goveramental q tem esse tipo de proibiçao entao pessoas de mente deficiente acha q tem o direito de fazer en nome do XZ; acorda pessoal vao cuidar dessas pessoas doentee deixe os artista trabalhar e pagar seus inpostos pra ajudar a economia do pais

  49. I don't understand that what some people got to do some these ridiculous things ??. Making things ugly and make Xiao Zhan bad in others peoples eyes. If you don't want to buy his endorsement products, then don't buy that. Why you making announcement in public??

  50. I always support Xiao Zhan because he is such a kind hearted man and I believe that he will come out from this and again shine bright like a Sun "Superstar" 🌟🌟

  51. Hey Marcus that's the 1st time I'm writing to u just to tell you I like ur channel and I'm really happy that u support gg and dd 🙏🙏

  52. No matter what m still gonna support Xiao Zhan 😢😢😢 to all anti fans you're sure gonna die n rot in hell

  53. My weibo account has been limited on posting, commenting, following, or liking posts because I wrote a post stating how the real things are, which means AO3 was not closed because of Xiao Zhan. 24 hours after I uploaded some pics with that post I still can log in and navigate, browse and search, but can no longer log-in to super-topics and do any other things. Even upgrade my VIP skills I can't because the list of my friends for PK is not available. China is banning any kind of activity they consider "suspicious" or inconvenient. I can't even contact customer service because I must follow their profile first in order to send a private message and I cannot call the number because my spoken Chinese is not good enough. So yeah, taking stance against haters and antis has its costs but I don't regret it, for Xiao Zhan I will do this and 1000 more other things if this means I can help ease his sufferings even a little bit.

  54. Read from other sources that one of the reasons why there was such a disproportionate attack on XZ is because of the really bad mob behavior of his fans since he became "red" last year. They actively attacked many other celebrities whom they perceived as a rival to XZ's popularity, or anyone saying anything negative on him or not supporting him. They say even this report of the erotic story was organised mass reporting to the authorities, not just 1 fan reporting. And XZ never said anything to advise against his fans toxic behavior, meaning he is perceived as indirectly agreed to it and that he is not all pure and sweet as his cultivated image. It is a given that the celebrities has huge influence over their fan's behavior , that's why people want them to endorse their products, so that people will buy in big amounts just to show support. So, this A03 thing was an opportunity. I also read/heard that this is the first time people have seen so many different categories of fandom collaborating against one target. And when this blew up, XZ's fans apologised. But the response is "it is too late". Just sharing what I saw on other platforms. Please don't attack me. I am not a fan of anyone.

  55. All your words about Xiao Zhan is true, he is so unlucky. I am really sorry for him, It's would be grateful if you can make your speech in Chinese and publish. Thanks.

  56. I just wanted to ask, I am just a bit curious. Do China doesn't have a law against cyber bullying? Coz what is happening to Zhan ge is somewhat related to cyber bullying. And does China have Magna carta for entertainers to protect them? coz in the case of Xiao Zhan, he is innocent. Pls enlighten me sir Marcus.

  57. Im not in china but i would like to know. Are we likely to see him again on screen or not? Im so angry that this is happening to him .

  58. The comments on his instagram are crazyy…they're just telling him to die…or rest in peace…how can people be so full of hate? They act like he killed their entire family or smthin…those crazy fans and antis needs to focus on improving their own lives

  59. First, sorry if I will offend anyone, this is just my thoughts. All of this happening to Xiao Zhan is too much of a coincidence looks like a conspiracy theory. As looking and searching of what supposedly happened, agency trying to track down websites of not their liking, people who easily gets swayed/fooled. Don't one wonder why a small group, I believe 1or2 fans who complained had gotten attention right away, most probably this the same people made suggestions that they liked the article why not post it for the others to see, enjoy or this is both parties working together who knows, not a real fans but might just be an undercover pretending?and the person who got in the crossfire is Xiao Zhan and real fan's who became the victim. A lot of us judge easily without consideration, hesitation on who gets hurts, jealousy for others they want to be in the spotlight. People who don't think that the others are human and is hurting right now, destroying others. I just hope that they remember the golden rule. It will come back to you not in the same way but in another way hitting you without notice. Sorry but I too is a fan. This is heartening, can't imagine how the VICTIMS are feeling right now.

  60. what you said Marcus about xz issue is all correct…they shouldn't blame him because he did nothing wrong… and AO3 just needed a scapegoat or someone to blame which is xz… and also the Chinese government they should clear the issue if it's really xz fan who report it or they just want to use xz also 😭😭😭will I hope that XZ is ok…

  61. Please Marcus share with everybody not to use the mentioned hashtag anymore, it has been abused by the haters and there is currently unprecedented cyber-bullying against Xiao Zhan on all social network. I have never in my life saw so many vicious and malicious rumors as these to days, from saying that he died, that he should, insulting him and hia family to much, much worse.. Thank you also for giving your objective opinion on the matter, it really means a lot. And I love your chanel, please continue the good work ❤

  62. We are all for Xiao Zhan, wishing him much strength thru this difficult time! More power to him; his studio, the untamed and all his other dramas!

  63. What about "The killing of three thousand crows " ? In MyDramaList site says that it'll be released in March

  64. I am both a big fan of Xiao Zhan and the fanfictions people create on Untamed so I can relate to both parties. I feel extremely sad about what has happened because at the end of the day both parties love Xiao Zhan – just in their own way; but one party cannot stand the other form of love which is a very immature and egoistic behavior. I am upset at the girl and the extreme fans who participated at the reporting. But at the same time I am upset about Xiao Zhan’s fan community companies for not stepping out soon enough to stop the entire movement. If they did something earlier, things would not have escalated this badly. It is wrong to blame Xiao Zhan who is just a victim of something he cannot be responsible for. I do blame the leaders of entertainment companies who have not stepped in soon enough. Xiao Zhan is a ”product” that they have created to sell to the fans. They have the responsibilities to control their fans so that they love Xiao Zhan in a healthy way.

  65. I admire and respect all this young man has accomplished in his life despite the hardships he has had to face. I don't follow American entertainment this closely. However, since discovering the Untamed (and this is very odd indeed given my age and ethnic group), I haven't watched much else since December 2020 due to Xioa Zhan and Wang Yibo. I even bought a few American brands he endorses in China for the first time, such as Olay products. Stranger than that, I wasn't into BL/GL content (no offenses intended), but decided to give it a watch because these guys were so compelling in the trailers. I'm glad I did, the work as a whole is beyond outstanding, and it is heartbreaking to see him persecuted for something beyond his control. My prayers and support will be there for this entertainer as long as he wishes. Hoping for even greater achievements for him.

    As for the vindictive anti-fans, haters, and angry mob, you are wrong for your actions and no one is to blame but you. If you actually believe at some point in your life bad things won't happen to you that's out of your control, then you truly are ignorant to life. When the karma comes for you and there's no reprieve from the injustice, then remember your recent actions toward Xiao Zhan and know you deserve everything you are going through. If you are that angry, grab some courage and complain to those authorities who control censorship. Cowards are pathetic and tiresome. Change doesn't come without some effort. Stop being cowards and using an innocent person to publicly vent your displeasure as if he is your indirect measure to effect change. He's an entertainer not a political pawn to pass your voices to your government. The only misguided people in this are you. I don't believe in coincidences of this magnitude, but that is just me. However, I know Xiao Zhan is the victim in all of this and doesn't deserve what you did to him. All of you made your country look bad to those of us who use to admire your moral code. You just seem out-of-control and irresponsible. It's no longer exciting to know I am genetically connected to your origins. Take some responsibility for your response to adversity and use adult measures to fix what you think is wrong. Are you not the future of China?

  66. What's wrong with this people they must not just go against someone just for a small matter, he is a good looking and simple humble person,❤️ from India and neighbour of China, xiao Zhan should not be effected by this all, we- ur fans support you ☺️

  67. Don't worry Zhan Zhan alway w u forever miss you and hope you will be back sooner🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💪💪💪💪💗💗💗💗💗💗will not leave u alone u still have us to support you

  68. Thank you for update about Xiao Zhan for us as Xiao Zhan's international fans, Marcus…👋 #Weloveyouxiaozhan

  69. I don't know if it's just me… But I love the art of that fanfic 😯😯😯 it's just fascinating…
    Look idc if XZ was drawn as a male or female there but I just fcking love how they are drawn… You gotta appreciate the art too even tho u don't like the content of it 🎨🎨🎨
    Also, you're right… It's just so ridiculous of them to report it to the government without even reporting to the authorities of AO3 first…
    Or just simply ignore and move on like a sensible and rational reader… 🙄🙄🙄
    I mean that's the use of the tags right?? And Author's note at the beginning and end?? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Like seriously… Can they even read?? No offense but what they did is just fcking ridiculous…

  70. I never write anything in cmt but this time am here only for xiao zhan, i am from india and i am journalist , i dont understand chines but i read it on eng, i can’t stand this, this is not xiao zhan fault, why they blame xiao zhan, i think chines journalist also give a truth n support xiao zhan, because journalists is most honest with their country

  71. Ao3 wasn't blocked because of people who considered themselves as Xiao Zhan fans but because Ao3 refused to censor content. BiliBili have similar content to Ao3 but it wasn't blocked, only the content was deleted. The reason for this is that China has an influence on Chinese sites as BiliBili and it doesn't have an influence on the content of sites who are on foreign servers. That's why Ao3 was blocked. Those reports didn't have much to do with this.

  72. Support XZ and vote as often as you can!

  73. I have to say, why would anyone make up a story featuring a known actor becoming a cross dressing gender dysphoric prostitute?!!! Whoa, is this not terribly, I don't even know what, but it's not nice!

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