Meet The 8-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Turned Superstar Comedian | Access

I can’t. I’m looking for a pacific sock.>>That was really good.>>That is an 8-year-old performing in front of thousands of people. How about the deliver, the pacing.>>Why do you like telling jokes. I just like it because I like to hear people laugh and sometimes it is just a distraction from what I’m going through.>>We can hear that, what was that machine you were holding up.>>It is an instant audience. My uncle gave it to me, it has a punch of buttons. I was using rim shot, but there is also crickets, applause, and other things like that.>>We’re not funny, we need that, we got the crickets one for you. That is a good one. First of all, not only did he is perform for a thousand people, there was huge names in comedy there, what were you feeling, mom?>>We were backstage and here is our little baby about to go on to this beautiful stage and we got to meet some phenomenal famous comedians and he is just went out there and did it, and we knew he is was brave because he is went through so much in her stream, but he is really blew us away. There was 1,000 people there and the whole comedy versus cancer Ver event raised over a million dollars.>>We were so thrills and proud of her.>>We know he is asked a question about the timing, that is one of the major things that happens when you’re on a comedy tour, or on a circuit, you get your time. What was her question to you?>>It was about — he is was about to fall asleep, it was a big night and he isshe was up much later than an 8-year-old is usually up, and he is said it was so short, and he is said what do you mean, and he is said those other people were up there for so much longer. He is staid he is wants more time she’ll need more material for next year.>>What’s your motivation. So I had a dressing room and in that dressing room were a bunch of snacks including or owes. Every 7-year-old or 8-year-old can work for oreos.>>Listen Audrey and mom Jessica, you have to come see us in California, we’ll have so many oreos, the regular, the vanilla, pumpkin, red velvet, strawberry. And we have people here that will laugh, but bring the machine.

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