Meet the comedian running for president | Hannah Explains

-Cautious career politicians
will not be able to stop the anomaly
that is Donald Trump. But I can. Hello.
I’m Ben Gleib. I’m a stand-up comedian
and TV host, and I’m running for President
of the United States. -So, Ben, you’re a comedian, and the first thing I want
to know is is this a joke? -I wish it were. I would have a lot more sleep
in my system if it were. It is very serious. I believe that our president
is a joke, and the direction our country
is heading in is a very serious one. And so even comedians
have to put on their serious hats in times like these and try to do what they can
to help the nation. -You’re selling yourself
as like a regular guy. Why should you be the regular
guy who is also president? -I think I’m the regular person
who should be president because I know
what it’s like to struggle. I know what it’s like to be
an everyday, real American
just because I am one. The career that I’ve chosen as a road-traveling
stand-up comedian, I’ve made my life traveling
the country to towns big and small,
Republican and Democrat, crowds big and small, unfortunately oftentimes smaller
than I would prefer, and spending my time
relating to regular people, making them laugh, finding out
what it is that makes them tick, talking with them,
hanging with them, often drinking with them
after shows. That’s the kind of real person I think we are not used
to seeing in our politics. We must nominate the person
who is most likely to have the skills
to beat Trump, and I will return his fire
with fire that he will not know
what hit him. -So why do you think you would
be a better Democratic nominee, for example,
than Elizabeth Warren? -Elizabeth Warren is great
and I love how policy-focused she is. I love how passionate she is. But I am unconvinced
that she has what it takes to beat a trash-talking comedian
troll heckler of a president. I think Elizabeth Warren would
be a very interesting choice, and somebody I am considering
for my vice president. -Oh, really? Would you be her vice president? -I would also consider that. If the American people decide
that I’m not the nominee, I would definitely consider
accepting an invitation, were I to receive one from her. -So, where do you place yourself on the spectrum
of the Democratic Party from a more centrist position
to a more leftist position? -I’m somewhere in the middle
of centrist and leftist. -You’re a centrist of centrism. -I’m a left-of-center centrist
to the right of the left. -Okay.
What candidate is on either side of you on your right
and your left in the lineup? -Bernie Sanders is on my left. I would say Joe Biden’s
on my right. Even though I write
all my own stuff, unlike Biden. Oh, slam. -That’s the zinger
that’s gonna take down Trump. -What’s that? -That’s the zinger
that’s taking down Trump. -Listen, I call it like
I see it in all respects. -I ask this in the nicest
possible way, and it’s something I wonder
about all presidential candidates. Do you think you need to be
at least a little bit of an egomaniac
to run for president? -Probably.
I don’t know about egomaniac. I think you have to have
certainly a pretty healthy ego. -An egoist.
-An egoist. I think you have to have
a pretty healthy ego for sure to think
that you could be the leader of the free world
and of this great nation and that people
would want to support you. -Do you think that this run, however it goes,
will help your comedy career? -Will it help my comedy career? It remains to be seen. I think there’s a good chance that it will
help my comedy career, maybe because more people
will probably know my name. But there’s a good chance
it’ll hurt it because people are gonna see me
having been lecturing them and speaking very seriously
about a multitude of issues instead of making them laugh. The biggest note I’ve been given
from a lot of my senior advisers and just my friends is like,
“Be funny in these interviews.” In this interview,
I’ve barely been funny. And I’m not wearing
my comedy hat as much as I probably should. You shrug your shoulders
like you agree. You don’t think
I’ve been funny at all. -A little.
-I’ve had little moments? -We’ll have to interview
other candidates and see
who’s definitely funnier. -Sounds like a plan.

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