MEN IN BLACK 3 – Official Trailer [HD] Subs [Eng]

Can i have everyone’s attention please? Okay, ya know your kid won a goldfish
in that little baggy from school fair and you didn’t want that little nasty thing in your house
and flush it down a toilet. Well, this what happens. Alright,
I am getting too old for this. I can’t even imagine how you feel. I promised you the secrets of the universe
nothing more. So there’s a secrets out there,
what even universe don’t know about? K! There is no K. He has been dead for over 40 years. What?! Somehow history have been re-written. There has to be reason,
why is this happening. And K seems to be center of it. Can you send me back to 1969? First, we have to get high. My man, for real? No, i mean really high. All you gonna do is jump. You’ve got 24 hours,
after that is no coming back. K? How you know my name? I’m agent of MIB, but I’m
from the future. We are partners. Okay, Future Man. Where to? First of all, i need my gun. No, no, no, spacegun. Is there everyone, who’s not a alien? Can we have a minute? Dammit K. You try to blow my cover? Whoa, Andy Warhol is one of us? Who’s the dumbass? You know, i’ve no problem pimp slap
shiznit out of Andy Warhol. What? Have you these in a future? That’s what i’m talking about. We are running out of time,
we are running out of clues and there’s a invasion coming. Really, we need to go, right now. O’right. Men in Black 3 Hey man, how old are you? 29. You have a city miles on you.

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