99 Replies to “‘Men In Black’ Came Out When Tessa Thompson Was 14”

  1. I watched her in WestWorld & Ragnarok & mistakenly thought she was English. Who says Yanks can't do British accents!

  2. is it only me or there is another interview going in subtitles…………..
    What did u smoke Mr. Subtitle guy

  3. will smith definitley looked good in the suit, he owned it. I'm pretty tat was even one of his lines in the first movie "now I make this look good" after suiting up and deleting his identity

  4. I feel like the “I make this look good” Reference went over her head… I mean it’s understandable but still

  5. Something is off with the CC. It seems like it is Tim McGraw's dialogue on it? (Watching at the 3:30ish mark)

  6. The big clip from the movie was an action scene. Perhaps her next acting challenge will be dialogue. I got that from Johnny Carson

  7. It'd be cool to see Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth be the new acting duo just like Chris Evans and Scarlett Jo are 🙂

  8. I love how the band lingered in an adoring fashion on that last note of her intro music. You could feel the love from the band in that song! Does anyone know what song it is?

  9. She better hope Ellen didn’t hear her say that she wanted a goat, because she will end up with a goat!

  10. How can people like Stephen Colbert, he’s such an idiot, LIBTARDS. He’s not even a comedian he’s more an activist

  11. was not even remotely excited about the trailer, not at all surprised to see it's getting shitty reviews.

  12. I was 20 when Men in Black came out. The film sucked, the sequel was even worse and this latest one is pointless.

  13. Wow. That smile. Those lips. What a beauty!
    And I'm happy for her for what she's getting to do. Wouldn't have been thought possible years ago.
    And hilarious name for a goat!

  14. I was watching with subtitles on and for a moment I was like WAIT WHEN DID TESSA WON A PULITZER until I realized they messed up

  15. Gal Degoat is a fantastic goat name!! I think the title of the episode is misleading in that it didn't really highlight the best parts of the interview. Oh well, I still love ya Stephen!

  16. Wow, whoever had to work on the modeling for those guns and the VFX must have had a shit ton of fun for that scene in the flim. Like damn.

  17. MIB International was underwhelming, but it's not Tessa's fault. She did a serviceable job. It's Hemsworth who was awful.

  18. I just learn that, Tessa's mom was of Mexican descent and somehow I kind of knew it when I saw her on Creed 2

  19. 🎵Happy Birthday 2 U WHOO
    Happy birthday two U WHOO
    Happy birthday Dear Tessa
    Happy birthday ✌ U🎵 WHOO Happy B-day, Tessa Thompson. UR beautiful, and awesome on Men In Black International! May the Peace be with u. From Harlingen Texas. October 3, 1983
    October 3, 2019 through October 3, 3019

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