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Welcome subscriptions ♫ Fierce wind, the ancient moon, the sound of the trumpet. Seeing the world troubled, there is a sense of solitude.♫ ♫ I pretend like these winter clothes are your spirit. Thousands leave, none come back.♫ ♫ I use a lifetime of sceneries in exchange for unpredicted honesty.♫ ♫ When the power of the sword fades, horses run across. The icy age is far away from my dreams.♫ ♫ Hundreds of celebrations, fifty chords. Who is willing to waste time and wait for this world’s hero?♫ ♫ People cannot fall asleep, have a glass of wine, reincarnate into the king. But who was yesterday and who will be tomorrow? ♫ ♫ I want to retreat with you, hand in hand, and escape to the ends of the world. ♫ ♫ Who cares how colorful my fate is? Arrogance is left in desolation. ♫ ♫ I want to go with you, hand in hand, and leave this land under the sky. ♫ ♫ Eventually, one day, we will return to the clouds and treat our battle wounds with smiles. ♫ Men With Swords Season 1
Episode 1 There is a country in the mortal world called Juntian that is now in the three-hundred-twenty-eighth year since its founding. The current emperor, Qikun, has been in power for sixteen years. The power of the empire has slowly dwindled, and the city-states within it are rising in arms to overthrow the government. Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Viki Tianquan, relying on its natural barrier, the Yuzhao Mountains, is one of the rebel forces. It is located in the remote western region with abundant resources and wealth. It rarely interacts with other city-states. The Tianshu State on the northern border breeds superior horses and trains elite forces. The Shu people are very skilled in constructing machines and buildings. Later on, they included Kaiyang in their territory. The southeastern city-state, Tianji, worships practicing witchcraft and is a highly-agricultural country. They have a completely unique custom. They submit to the authority of the Ursa Major. In the southwestern region is Tianxuan. It has strong men and horses. A few years after their new duke has been in power, he has been opening up and cultivating new lands, the state’s power continuously progressing. Everyone recently learned that beyond the western side of Yuezhi Mountains, south of Yulan River, there is another city-state called Nansu. Because of its location, this state has no chance of interacting with other city-states. It is indeed hard for the outside world to know the real situation within this state. Emperor Qikun is just an emperor by name and has no real power. The different dukes are governing on their own. Tianxuan, Tianquan and Tianshu successively established their own kingdoms. Siding with the Emperor, Tianji opted to just to stay ready for now. Yaoguang is a vassal state that’s directly under the governance of Juntian. Abundant gold is being mined here. For generations, they are responsible for the task of producing coins. In the three-hundred-twenty-ninth year of Juntian, Tianxuan aimed to conquer Yaoguang and sent its army to attack it. Emperor Qikun sent an army to surround and eliminate the kingdom of Tianxuan for rebellion. The first reason is to save the currently-weakening power situation of the empire. The second is to use this chance to revive the might and reputation of the empire. Qiu Tianhao, receive the Royal decree. Qiu Tianhao, as our country’s army commander, you chose to stand still and not advance, causing us to lose the chance for victory. This crime is worthy of being sentenced to death. End of decree. I shall comply. Hurry up. Go! Hit him. Go. This way. Go. Go. This way! You are?
-My family name is Qiu, name is Zhen. Qiu Zhen. Son of General Qiu Tianhao from Tianxuan Kingdom. Due to the crime of his father, he was demoted to slave status (by the Tianxuan King).( He then escaped to the Imperial City of Juntian. Looking at your clothes, you don’t look like you are from here. Don’t know how you ended up in the hunting grounds. I just passed by here. I initially planned to quietly pass through the hunting grounds as a shortcut. Never thought that I’d see you getting chased to be killed. This must be fate. Qiu Zhen? The surname Qiu isn’t that common. Do you know that General Qiu under King Guang of Tianxuan a few years ago? He is my father. Your father lost in battle, hence his assets were all confiscated. Why then did you come here? I was also sentenced (to slavery) and got detained in an official’s residence. I initially planned to join the army, so as to make up for my father’s crimes and correct the reputation of our Qiu family. Unfortunately that road was not open for me, and I had to flee from Ye Court to here. I do not wish to be subject to arrest for it. Hence I had no choice but to flee from my motherland. You are still a descendant of a family of generals and I reign over the entire land. And you are also one of my subjects and people. Qikun, Emperor of all lands. His desire is to be independent from Tianxuan Kingdom’s influence. He will punish a few to make them examples to others, terrorizing all the feudal lords. Your Imperial Majesty. You’ve saved my life once. If you have nowhere to go, it would be better to stay. Your humble servant in Your Imperial Majesty’s attendance. The warrior that saved me in the hunting grounds is actually the sole surviving male of Tianxuan’s House of Qiu. His father took on the penalty of losing the battle for Ling Guang. It caused the annihilation of the Qiu household. The rest of the entire line of males were decapitated. Qiu Zhen, as Ling Guang’s reading companion since young, he was spared death to be in Ling Guang’s service. In these few years, Qiu Zhen’s role and duties were akin to being a Dark Guard. A descendant from a house of generals, and he can only live like this, nameless. Escaping from Tianxuan without a way out. It is quite a pity. Your Imperial Majesty, you intend to put him to a prominent use? Grand Commander, what is your thought on it? If he’s truly a talent, we must put him to prominent use. However, the House of Qiu were prominent subjects in Tianxuan. And they are now a criminal family. Your Imperial Majesty, we must be vigilant in guarding ourselves. Hence I summoned you, Grand Commander, to discuss the matter. In my opinion, it’s best to give him a duty that is only in name first. And after some time, once we can verify this man is trustworthy, we can then cast him a heavy duty. As a safekeeping method. This method . . . fares quite well. Let’s do as you say and put it to realization. Yes. Master Qiu, have I injured you? I am fine. Please don’t worry, Your Imperial Majesty. Master Qiu, indeed your skills are excellent. If your Qiu family had not suffered your calamity, I believe you would be a fierce general in Tianxuan by now. Your Imperial Majesty… there is… there is no more House of Qiu, and I have no links left with Tianxuan. They gave out a huge reward for me to be found. In this lifetime, I’m afraid I won’t be able to return. Master Qiu, that isn’t entirely so. What If I let you return to Tianxuan to correct the reputation of the deceased General Qiu and the whole Qiu clan? I am simpleminded, I don’t understand what you mean. Master Qiu, would you like to stay? At the moment there are not any appropriate positions. But with your intelligence, perhaps not too long from now, you’ll be of use. Your Imperial Majesty, you intend to send your troops to Tianxuan? Why do you say that? Your Imperial Majesty said that I am of use. Besides the battlefield and in Tianxuan, I cannot think of any reason why I would be useful. Master Qiu is a smart man. I like to speak with smart people. If you would like to stay, if the day comes, you and that traitor, Ling Guang, will meet on the battlefield. That desire to seek revenge for my father, for killing my family. If there really is that day, I will definitely not show mercy. Master Qiu, please remain calm. This matter does not need to be rushed. Your servants greet Your Imperial Majesty. Rise. Thank you, Your Imperial Majesty. Summon Qiu Zhen. Summoning Qiu Zhen to the court. Greetings to Your Imperial Majesty. His Imperial Majesty has made a decree. Qiu Zhen is being rewarded for protecting His Imperial Majesty. He is now conferred as a guest subject and is asked to accompany His Imperial Majesty any time. Thank you, Your Imperial Majesty. Two years later Juntian Imperial Camp, near Ling Shui, Tianxuan We welcome His Imperial Majesty. Your servants greet Your Imperial Majesty. Rise. Thank you, Your Imperial Majesty. Informing His Imperial Majesty, the rebel army is showing signs of retreating. Today, I am personally putting on my armor and going into battle to destroy the Tianxuan rebels with one stroke. His Imperial Majesty is wise. Beloved Subject Qiu Zhen, are you willing to beat the drums to encourage me? There is an assassin! Protect His Imperial Majesty! Stop! Your Imperial Majesty, I’ve wronged you. Beloved subject, you really are… I owe Your Imperial Majesty’s kindness for recognizing my ability and employing me. During this time I served you, I did discover that you are a good ruler. But I am a death warrior of Tianxuan. I only wish for my kingdom to live long and peacefully. Among the warriors in this world, it is indeed rare to see one that is skilled as you. Your Imperial Majesty. Your Imperial Majesty… Why aren’t you leaving? Go! Your Imperial Majesty! Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Viki Chase him! After him. Don’t run. After him! Stop! Out of the way. Your Majesty. Respectfully greeting, Your Majesty! Ling Guang. Tianxuan’s king. Originally Tianxuan’s duke, then self-proclaimed king. Informing Your Majesty, we achieved great victory in Lingshui and Emperor Qikun has already died. Good. Very good. My subjects, please rise. Thank you, Your Majesty. Where is Qiu Zhen? Why hasn’t he returned? Responding to Your Majesty, after Lord Qiu succeeded in his assassination, he lit the signal. But he still hasn’t returned yet. We searched the whole Lingshui area, searched for hundreds of li, and also searched every household and dared not to be negligent. (T/N 1 li=.5 km=.3 mile) If we discover him, we’ll immediately bring him back. Idiot! When you were searching those hundred of li, what were you really doing? If something happens to him, tell your general that you don’t have to return. Yes. Hurry up! Move! I heard that there was a spy beside the Emperor. There was a spy. Just a while ago, weren’t they saying that Emperor Qikun successively broke through several cities and arrived at Ling Shui in less than half a year? Folks, I just came from the north. The Empire of Juntian is likely to disperse. Uncle, what do you mean? Juntian is, after all, still an empire. Even if the Emperor Qikun died in a battle, then there would be a successor to take his place. How could they disperse so easily? – Exactly.
– Let me tell you. You scholars, all you know how to do is read. You don’t know what has happened out there. Emperor QiKun and a small troop of soldiers went southward and planned to directly charge into the capital of Tianxuan. But when they arrived to Ling Shui’s borders, he was assassinated by a guest subject that he has been favoring. Killing the ruler of the world is a huge sin. Greetings to Your Majesty. How long have you stayed by my side? Two-and-a-half years. I have a difficult puzzle that I need a confidant to take care of. Would you be willing? As Your Majesty commands. My life is hereby yours. If I said… that I want you to kill Emperor Qikun? What? You’re afraid? As Your Majesty commands. My life is hereby yours. Qiu Zhen. I have been thinking that I am most confident in giving you this difficult task. Now that Juntian is recruiting soldiers and buying horses, within a year or two they will attack my Tianxuan. I want to place a spy with Emperor Qikun. After careful consideration, I think you are the best fit. If Emperor Qikun really wants to extinguish my kingdom, then it won’t be too late to act. If you don’t have an opportunity to do so, you can just come home. I won’t blame you. This journey will be difficult and have many obstacles. I will bestow this treasured sword to you. If Your Majesty wants to bestow a sword, could… could…? What? Is this not precious enough for you? I don’t dare think that. When I was young, my father once gifted me a dagger. Before the misfortune upon our Qiu Clan, the dagger never left my side. Your Majesty, can you return that dagger to me? Okay. I will order someone to take you to retrieve it. Thank you, Your Majesty. The assassination incident has garnered discussion among the scholars. I fear tyrannical accounts of King Ling Guang will only increase. I am not sure how His Majesty will regard it upon hearing it. Such talk really brings no benefit to His Majesty at all. It is better that I take it upon myself solely. Report to Your Majesty. Our command has already penetrated Yaoguang Kingdom’s last defense. Yaoguang Kingdom’s men refuse to surrender. The general asked me to request the command to either attack or not. Attack, or not? I didn’t want to simultaneously handle Qikun and Yaoguang. My Tianxuan army wouldn’t have had to split in two, and this led to Qiu Zhen’s missing whereabouts. If they want to die, then let them die. Your Majesty, please reconsider. I think that right now the situation is unclear. If we terminate a royal family, I fear we will gain a title of tyrant. In this old subject’s opinion, it might be better to send an envoy. At the same time, tell General Shang to retreat twenty li. (T/N 1 li=.5 kg=.3 mile) Let them surrender willingly. I sent someone to assassinate the ruler of the empire. I am not afraid to extinguish the reputation of another country. Besides, Yaoguang is just a tiny state by our borders. Their only claim is to have a few gold mines in their territory and they thought few Juntian coins would get them an equal share of the soup. Your Majesty! Prime Minister, you needn’t say much. I need your comfort. I ask that you work diligently on this matter. I dare not. Your Majesty, please state your command. – Go.
-Yes. Forcing Juntian commands to retreat this time . . . Qiu Zhen has accomplished a significant task. Prime Minister, send some reliable people and continue to search. If he’s alive you must see him, if he’s dead you must see the body. If he wasn’t able to leave with his body intact, that was due to his loyalty. I want all the citizens of Tianxuan to speak of the good things about him. Tianxuan Prime Minister, the people you sent to find Qiu Zhen, has he been found? I, your old servant, have failed the task you asked of me. But I believe, that if there’s no news, that’s also good news. At least there’s the possibility of finding him. I should hope so. About the banquet you mentioned before . . . Your Majesty, you wanted to reward those who set merits, and you also need to let the citizens of Tianxuan know the entirety of the situation. That way, you can force the court officials to accept it. That way, you can prevent people from saying things behind your back, and saying disgraceful things. Then we shall proceed as Prime Minister says. Make this banquet livelier. Additionally, send more people out. Even if we flip Ling Shui inside out, we must find him. This old servant obeys. Tianxuan Hurry, hurry. If we’re late, we won’t get a good seat. I heard this banquet is even more exciting than the banquet from the founding year. I heard that His Majesty will personally host the banquet. I’ve grown this old and haven’t seen what the king looks like. General Qiu! You’ve finally returned! The King has searched so long for you! Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Viki See. Yes! Really. Are you serious? Since the conclusion at Ling Shui, the King has been praying for your return. He heard that you disappeared, and sent so many people to search. The King also said that even if he had to flip Ling Shui inside out, he would find you. Perfect. Today is a day for celebration. General Qiu you were able to return peacefully, it is a gift from the General. General? What general? The celebration was set up for you. Regardless of whether you returned or not, he would have announced it to the world. His Majesty has arrived! The King. Hurry. Your Majesty! Qiu Zhen! Your Majesty, the sacrifice is the priority. Let the other matters wait until the sacrifice is done. We welcome Your Majesty. Your servants respectfully greet Your Majesty. My beloved servants, please rise. Yes, Your Majesty. Commence the sacrifice. The vast skies have bestowed upon the present king their mission. King Guang does not dare to languish in well-being. Working through day and night in high vigilance over security. Exhausting himself to protect the people. Bidding us to pray for the peace of the land. First kowtow! Rise. Second kowtow! Rise. Third kowtow! Stand. Since the present king established the country, Tianxuan has been thriving with great prosperity, upon the blessings of the great heavens. Allowing Juntian ample opportunity to retreat without battle, sparing our people a catastrophe of ashes. Despite the news of success, we dare not to be slack. We announce to the world, we have broadened our land, seizing Juntian’s territory of Yaoguang. The country’s treasury is now filled with wealth. To benefit the subjects and the commoners, His Majesty has given the command to exempt tax for three years, hereby to celebrate. Your Majesty is sage. Qiu Zhen. He’s our country’s talent. In the battle of Lingshui, he’s contributed a grand merit. Qiu Zhen, come forward to receive your seal. General Qiu. In Your Majesty’s attendance. Beloved servant, please rise. Beloved Subject Qiu contributed immeasurably in the Lingshui grand battle. I grant him the title of Marquis of Ling, with a reward of ten thousand units of farm field. Your Majesty, I cannot accept this reward. Beloved servant, you needn’t refuse it. You are the best warrior of this country. No matter what kind of gift it is, you deserve it. Not just the ten thousand units of farm field. I also intend to make you a high general. Waiting for you to grasp the world for me. Your Majesty. I am just a loyal soldier. I do not beg for a high post or high salary. Killing Juntian’s ruler was just to prevent citizens from suffering in war. Qikun wasn’t necessarily a tyrant. If he hadn’t attacked all the way into Lingshui Bank in the name of quelling rebellion, I would not have had to kill him either. That day, I had wanted to accomplish the goal by destroying the good and bad alike. I had not expected that Qikun actually released me to return to Your Majesty’s service. As a loyal subject, I must keep my mind solid. To put my life at my king’s disposal. However, I am already faltering. And only my death can show my gratitude to Your Majesty. Qiu Zhen. Qiu Zhen. Qiu Zhen. If you don’t want any rewards, I’ll do whatever you say. How are you . . . hurry and come! Hurry. Hurry and find the physician. In this journey, the more I get near the royal city, the more my will to die strengthens. This time, I fear that I’m going to disappoint Your Majesty’s high expectations. I can no longer loyally serve Your Majesty. Qiu Zhen… With my death, the rumors will stop. Hope Your Majesty can enjoy long, prosperous times. Qiu Zhen… Qiu Zhen… Qiu Zhen… Qiu Zhen… Qiu Zhen! Qiu Zhen… Qiu Zhen… Qiu Zhen… Qiu Zhen… Qiu Zhen! Your Majesty! – Your Majesty! Your Majesty!
– Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Preview of next episode In this journey, evil people have repeatedly tried to assassinate me. I just need to go past this dangerous path and the road ahead will already not have any hiding place for assassins. Attack. – Ah Xun, why are you here?
– This is the Emperor’s seal. Take it and quickly leave. The empire is ruined. Imperial Father and everyone are now gone. What is still the point for me to continue living in this world? Men With Swords
Season 1 Timing and Subtitles provided by the Mei Daxia Team at Viki ♫ Outside the city in the ruins, battle horses are galloping across. The war does not want to be stopped.♫ ♫ Put on your armor. A sandstorm of worry buries hundreds of yearnings. ♫ ♫ Troubled times, flurry snowstorms. ♫ ♫ Raise your sleeves, a thrust from your sword. Turn around, and the skies are covered in red.♫ ♫ The moonlight’s strategy. The splatter of ink on paper is your face. ♫ ♫ Cross over a millennium. Tomorrow’s moon is like a ring of jade, tied across your waist for generations. ♫ ♫ Half a lifetime of fate. The moment you have been forgotten, your heart drips with blood. ♫ ♫ Cicada at the bottom of the leaf, birds fallen into water, present the fleeting time. ♫ ♫ Times of desperation is the spirit that you awoke with your sentiments. ♫ ♫ On that day, silently listen to the spring water all alone. ♫ ♫ The moonlight’s strategy. The splatter of ink on paper is your face.♫ ♫ Cross over a millennium. Tomorrow’s moon is like a ring of jade, tied across your waist for generations.♫ ♫ The moonlight’s strategy. The splatter of ink on paper is your face.♫ ♫ Cross over a millennium. Tomorrow’s moon is like a ring of jade, tied across your waist for generations.♫ ♫ Half a lifetime of fate. The moment you have been forgotten, your heart drips with blood. ♫ ♫ Cicada at the bottom of the leaf, birds fallen into water, the open shore. ♫ ♫ Cicada at the bottom of the leaf, birds fallen into water, strength refined hundreds of times. ♫

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