Mera Dil Mera Dushman Episode 8 | 18th February 2020 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Shaheena! Shaheena, come here what happen, I’m coming you are always crying for the money, then from where they’ve come? these are Rabia’s money, she has contributed in the BC (kitty), so she asked me to keep them why Rabia’s BC’s amount (kitty’s amount) is in your cupboard? she visits me daily, so she asked me to keep them for some time are you doubting me? No I’m not doubting.. I.. let’s do one thing the money that you’ve taken from Maira, you shall give it back to her so that other tests of mom can also be done wow, wow! the money which you think was not legal till yesterday, today you want your mother to get treated from it? so what shall I do?
shall I leave my mother to die? No, no… even if you haven’t said it to me, I would have returned that amount to Maira I’ll ensure to clear the dues of Kamal today Maira! Maira come here this amount that I’ve taken from you, I’ll return them on one condition I am ready to accept every condition I can do anything for mother’s treatment tomorrow the people are coming for your marriage proposal be respectful in front of them treat them very well, don’t frown in front of them… do you understand? else, you won’t get the money I’ll stay quiet promise? promise… No… I won’t give you this money so easily how do I know, that today you’ll take the money & turn your back by tomorrow! sister in law, what are you talking about? I’m promising you, that I’ll do anything for mom alright then tomorrow you’ll get these money, now go! go! I’ve said to you, that tomorrow you’ll get the money such an actor she is! which one shall I wear, I cannot decide today I’ve to go with Shahmeer also, I’ve to look the most beautiful which one shall I wear? obviously, you should look beautiful! because you are to be my daughter in law, it’s not an ordinary matter though aunty you here… even if Zafar has accepted the proposal or not, but I’ve accepted you as my daughter in law from my whole heart Ayesha, tell me one thing yes are you happy with this relationship? No aunty, I don’t have any objection Oh wow! my daughter is such an obedient girl I’ll talk to Zafar now, and will make you my daughter in law as soon as possible OK, listen! you going on the dinner with Shahmeer, right? so take care of him… my son is a bit careless if you’ll show your love & concern to him, then he will become yours understand? yes you haven’t got ready till now? No, no… we don’t like to eat outside and you are children, just enjoy! and whatever you’ll wear, it will suit you.. OK? get ready OK let me see this one sit… you sit at the back, I’ll sit in the front what’s the matter Zafar? such a good dressing, where are you going? so, will I shed tears on my wife’s death for the life time? No I mean that today you’re looking so happy I’m going to a special place if the deal gets confirmed, then my luck will get open yes, yes… may God give you success Zafar I was saying, that you haven’t answered about the marriage proposal of Ayesha & Shahmeer as yet sister in law, I’m so busy nowadays.. that I can’t think about this matter at all yes, yes… no problem, it’s the family matter furthermore, kids like each other a lot what does it mean? Ayesha’s mom is not in this world anymore I had fulfilled the responsibility as a mother the child kept her heart opened in front of me also, is there any guy like Shahmeer in the whole extended family? you are taking the time, uselessly… I must say that we shall fix the wedding date on this eid No I mean to day, not now.. let Ayesha’s education gets completed anything else? this time I felt it was so good… I was thinking myself, what was in that assignment? wow! you must have worked hard for that yes, I did hard work to become like Ayesha Ayesha is such a bright student yes
thank you… thank you you know, there are some of my friends.. who are so jealous of me hey wow! I’m so hungry… get a side it’s good that you’ve ordered I couldn’t decide there, about what shall I eat but I know about your choice very well, that it will be very good for sure Aimen! what! just sit & eat quietly! look, just listen to me you’re my sister, that’s why I’m making you understand this is not right, what you do it’s absolutely right and she deserves all this why does she deserve this? Shahmeer, don’t say so many things to me.. just eat quietly if you’ve asked me to come along, then also tolerate me didn’t you find the house with any difficultly? absolutely not your family hasn’t come with you I thought to come & visit first, then family can come here later on it’s good that you’ve come here, we can meet the family later on as well yes, yes… why not Mr. Zafar, what is your business of? I have my own factory, I make various products thanks God, I’ve got good wealth brother Javed, he has got a very high name in the business world really! it’s great what do you do? I… I do a job in a company how much do you earn? I earn that much only, just to support my family’s basic necessities still, how much? twenty thousand … thirty thousand? look, the enjoyment which is in the own business, that’s not in the slavery Mr. Zafar you are such a big businessman, & I’m such a small person No, there isn’t anybody big or small in fact, I must say… you shall start your own business.. I’ll give you the money how much you’ll be needing? are 10 lacs enough? Mr. Zafar, are you kidding with me? not at all, I’ve come here to ask for the marriage proposal of your sister so, I can do this much for my brother in law Mr. Zafar, you are a person of very big heart you don’t know about brother Zafar’s generosity yet, Maira will live in luxury mom is here hi! hi! mom, sit please mom Mr. Zafar so, brother Javed, what have you decided? we are agreed on this proposal…
NO this proposal isn’t appropriate what is this happening? mom, I’ve already done commitment to Mr. Zafar how can you make the commitment like this? I’m sorry! Mr. Zafar, don’t you worry… I’ll convince mom..
I’ll talk to her, she will get convinced you just start the wedding preparations, both of us will get mother convinced alright, you may come to the factory tomorrow… & take Rs. 10 lacs and we’ll sit & talk, that what business you shall start and sister in law… no need to show off a lot in the marriage, we’ll do the wedding ceremony in a very sophisticated manner alright then, so is this proposal confirmed, yes? hey… have some sweets you also take some give me some as well oh yes, you shall eat a lot of sweets take something else also…
congratulations! congratulations! congratulations to you too! I’m telling you, I’ll die but won’t get married to that man don’t worry my child
didn’t you see, that I’ve refused in front of all this can never happen and presently, I’m alive & can take care of you nothing will happen…
when it will happen, then what will you do? yes? can we make any decision in this house? does anybody listen?
has anyone listened to our decision ever? you will see brother will get me married to that man, and you’ll keep on seeing No, Javed can never do this he can’t let this injustice happen to you, I don’t think so I’m telling you…
if any such thing happens I’ll commit suicide No, my child… don’t say this… No we shouldn’t say like this, OK? nothing will happen, if God willing… I’ve already refused in front of all no body dares to take such step, No my child… No… nothing will happen… no need to be afraid at all I’m saying it to you, have trust on me mom, what has happen to both of you? you people are mourning, as if what has happened Maira, just think in a wise manner brother Zafar is helping Javed to do his own business, he is investing his money on this you’ll stay very happy, after getting married to him he has got the properties of millions & billions, and he is the only heir of them why don’t you understand this? I’m not hungry for money so many marriage proposals have come for you, in front of you all of them has asked for the dowry, from where we’ll get the money for dowry? from where we’ll gather the dowry, & due to this they’ve backed out tell me I must say, you shall agree to what I’m saying… get married to brother Zafar, for God’s sake look Maira, whatever decision you’ll make, that will effect our circumstances eventually my circumstances will get better I will be able to get mother’s treatment done in a better way there will be peace at home don’t worry about my life or death you are Maira’s brother, Javed can’t you see the age difference in between both of them? also, marriage isn’t the matter of two days only it’s the matter of life time, just think a bit mom, don’t be so selfish whatever I had to say, I’ve said it and Maira… now, don’t put mine & mom’s respect on auction Maira you are very lucky, that you’ve got a very nice proposal mom, why aren’t you understanding what I’m saying to you? even if I haven’t fall in love with that girl, then also I haven’t got married to Ayesha in any condition who is that girl, and where does she lives? mom she is such an innocent, simple & naive girl she doesn’t live so far her financial conditions aren’t good even after that, she is so generous have you gone crazy? I had spend millions of rupees on your education, so that you get married to a poor girl? Shahmeer, I need a daughter in law like Ayesha with whom your future can stay safe after getting married mom you know this very well, that I’m not interested in any such thing as wealth also, I’m not greedy at all just listen to me carefully you’ll only get married to Ayesha and if you didn’t agree to what I’ve said to you, then I won’t let you get married to somebody else as well don’t know, which orphan girl he has liked these poor girls, make the rich guys fool, & trap them in their talks and you are being a fool mom why is Shahmeer’s behavior so indifferent? why there isn’t any feeling in his eyes? it’s right, he doesn’t dislike me but, if he likes me then, why he hasn’t said to me.. till now? you are far more beautiful, beyond my expectations, Maira I want you to come to my house as a bride, as soon as possible mom, your health is worsening I know, you have been crying all night your brother is the reason behind if your father would be here today, we wouldn’t have been suffering like this mom, dad is not with us anymore but we have one brother who is blindfolded by greediness mom, come… let me take you to the hospital No I don’t want to go anywhere, let me die may God give me death neither I’ll be here, nor my daughter will be in problem mom, what are you doing? sometimes, you do so much injustice to me I’m alive because of you, and you are talking such things get up, I’m coming in a bit then we are going to the hospital, OK? No sister in law mom’s heath is so bad so? I have to take her to the hospital so? I need some money I don’t have money sister in law, have some mercy on us have some fear to God have you fear God? when you had gone to your lover, and asked him for the money, disrespected us sister in law, what are you talking about? have you gone crazy? you have mind it? poor girl… you should be ashamed OK.. fine… let me give you the money first of all beg in front of me, & apologize that next time you won’t argue with me apologize to me apologize to me… apologize in front of me don’t you know how to apologize?
let me tell you, this is the way to apologize apologize… forgive me, sister in law good alright, I shall give you the money now take them… you & your mother eat us & our money you won’t be going like this…
take it take Rs. 5000 more, now go… get lost from here your brother likes some other girl thanks God, I was being worried about what Shahmeer saw in Ayesha she isn’t even beautiful every time, she keeps on making a crying face & spread bad luck be quiet! there isn’t anything less in Ayesha all your strictness is for me she & uncle keep on insulting us in the house, & you don’t get tired of taking her side it’s useless to talk to you don’t know, what was I saying… you made me forget it, in your useless talks I was saying, to keep an eye on that girl I won’t spare Zafar so easily I will make sure to get Ayesha married to Shahmeer go to your room brother Zafar has called, he has asked me to come to the factory soon really! it means he is serious to support you to start the business I’ll get to know this, after going there… but I won’t be going there, wearing this shirt this has become so old, I’ve got a new one… I’ll wear that one however, you don’t make the clothes for yourself if God willing, when your business will get settled… then we’ll go to the big malls for shopping yes I’ll change the house too, I won’t be staying here do install an AC for me, as soon as possible… I can’t survive in this hot weather I’ll install a 1.5 ton AC in our house, in fact we’ll install in the whole house, it’s not a big deal but, I don’t understand one thing what we’ll do of mother? she is very thankless even if a prince will come, still she’ll be looking at his clothes only anyways, we’ll see OK, listen Javed Rabia was telling me, brother Zafar is in a hurry to get married if he asks for a marriage date, then don’t drag it, just give him the date alright, OK OK, then… I’m leaving
we’ll have dinner somewhere outside today really! alright, you go & meet brother Zafar first yes, but let me change the shirt first yes OK *phone ringing* mom, I’m coming in a minute hello! is everything fine? you weren’t attending the call, so I got worried actually, mom isn’t well… so I’ve come to the hospital with her that’s why, I was a bit busy if you need me, then do tell me … I’ll come hey no, there isn’t any such thing I know you are so brave but I thought, that we’ll meet due to this excuse No, no… thank you so much but… it’s OK you are being formal you know this very well, that I am not formal with you after all, you’re that person who has helped me in all the difficult times Oh! such a delicate girl & such a difficult conversation how do you manage to do this? the way you do so beautiful talks it happens automatically, after seeing you Shahmeer, don’t talk such things excuse me yes you’re with her? yes, yes coming please listen to me Shahmeer, I’ll talk to you later… bye! OK, OK… bye! I’m so sorry, it was an important call it’s OK, no problem alright! I’m coming hey, Shaheena you here! if you haven’t come today, then I would have visited your house for sure take these, your Rs. 50,000 listen let me count them first I’ve got the money back, but my desire is still pending it would be good, if you would have got me married to Maira.. instead of giving me back this money this matter has been finished now, for forever it’s better if the matters keep on going if you want, this amount can be yours but for this, you’ve to meet me you bad, dirty man.. I’m not Maira… I’ll insult you so badly, while standing here you! yes, yes… you’ll get your consignment in two days don’t you worry OK, thank you..
bye! hi! can I sit? yes please why are you being so formal? haven’t you become so busy, nowadays? yes it’s a new job, so I’m giving a bit more time and you aren’t giving me a little time even I’m upset with you Ayesha, you never use to talk like this before before the matter was different, Shahmeer whats different now? are you pretending to be strange, or you don’t know it actually? the family is talking about our marriage look Ayesha there must be some misunderstanding to you mom & dad has asked for your marriage proposal, without even asking me So… don’t you like me? Oh! I do like you as a cousin & as a friend but… I cannot get married to you why Shahmeer? because I love some other girl and I’ll get married to her only you are in love with some other girl I’m upset about this, but.. you tell me yourself has anything as such, ever happened between us? emotions doesn’t need expressions yes, we have been friends since forever I have never thought about you as a husband but when they talked about my marriage, so.. so, I had given you that level value all is my fault I’m really sorry there isn’t any fault of yours all fault is of mom & dad, they had talked to uncle without even asking me one, two, three, four… five Javed, are there five zeroes in five lacs? hey, its the cheque of 5 lac rupees I can’t even believe this, I feel as if I’m dreaming you are talking about this! when brother Zafar gave me the cheque of Rs. 5 lacs, my legs started shivering, I got nervous what shall I do & what not but Javed, we have talked to him about 10 lacs, right? yes, he asked me to take 5 lacs now & balance I can take after the marriage he also needs some security we are respectful people, we aren’t running by taking his money anyways.. I’ll go to the bank, in the morning OK also, I want to think something about the business OK, what did he say about the marriage? when is he planning to do? yes, he is saying that marriage is this week say yes to him, what big arrangements do we have to do… just say yes Shaheena, how can I say yes? will we send Maira like this, without any dowry? he had refused it clearly that day, that he doesn’t need anything but you really like to spend the money on your mother & sister… alright, then keep on doing it! furthermore, jewelry & dress he is making himself and rest of the things, mother must have kept for Maira also he had told us that he will do the marriage with simplicity, then what;s the need to do all this? alright, listen to me get me some gold bangles.. first of all, I’ll do the business after that, I’ll fulfill all your wishes go & keep this in the cupboard, carefully will you get me the bangles? is she very beautiful? I feel like, she is the most beautiful girl in the whole world you know… she smiles so less when she smiles, it feels like the whole nature is smiling it seems you love her so much a lot! Ayesha! I’m sorry! I’ve hurt you, right? No, no.. nobody falls in love after planning it just happens and it’s good, that you’ve told me the truth I got spared from a useless guy like you I’m going to make tea, would you like to have?
yes! hey Shahmeer, our group CEO has liked your presentation so much you have to leave for Singapore today, in the first flight these are the details you may inquire about the tickets from HR OK sir wish you all the best thank you so much, sir.. I’m looking forwards to it you’re welcome! all the best! by the way, brother Zafar, I found you a very pretty girl & I got a proposal for you, and you’ve removed me from the matter so easily what happen, Rabia? why are you so angry? so why shall I not be angry?
you’ve already given the cheque to brother Javed and one lac of mine? don’t exaggerate the matter your mandate is with me, you can take it whenever you want to look, I’m in a hurry to get married, I won’t listen to any drama from their side now their potential isn’t good to give the dowry even do one thing yes buy four dresses for the bride, & deliver them yourself OK, don’t worry about that just the money yes, yes… you’ll get the money just be careful about one thing.. the clothes shall be as per my status I’ll chose few of the dresses myself

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