Meray Paas Tum Ho Episode 7 | 28th September 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

is there some problem ? no mama is angry no she is fine I am saying right papa, otherwise she talks a lot during cooking ask mama what? have you seen, she said “what” otherwise she uses to say “yes” say what you want ? are you angry ? 100 % she is angry finish it fast what are you doing ? leave my hand listen I do not have any spy day before yesterday I met Mr Naseer, he lives in 408 guard told me in front of him that someone was came to meet me , having the same personality , he was asking about flat number, then guard himself left him at our door leave I was angry because you did not tell me will talk after breakfast don’t talk about the job with him, I saw his gaze and before that I saw the world a sight of a man is his first introduction, we can see his character in it your problem is the good school of Roomi then for that we do not need 1 lac per month , you may do a job but do job at that place where you will get salary as you deserve ohhh!! why did you say this ” ohhhh” ? you have the problem that why I am getting one lac rupees as salary are you crazy ? may I have a pain of this? I am feeling guilty that I could not give you all happiness even then I did not take that one million which I do not deserve I am trying to tell you the same , that money which you deserve is your salary and which you don’t deserve, its your price take this and return all to him tell him that your gaze have a bad intention Shahwar Ahmed, we can’t be your friend go, why are you looking at me like this ? he paid us advance before fixing my price , when you will return then he will come to know I am not for sale I have decided , that I will not do a job we will send Roomi to any less expensive school you are still not happy , you are also not happy you had to say this calmly but you are saying angrily the thing is same but its meaning has been changed these are not gifts that’s why I feel fear while wearing this watch I swear whenever you wear this necklace, it does not look good trust me these are not gifts , these are Scorpios who are biting me relax Danish went to your place with necklace and watch why with watch and necklace he is coming to return it to you but why he is returning it back ? what happened to him suddenly he feels that your intention is not good , you do not look me with a good gaze he is feeling right , by swear my intention is not good its not a jock, , your these type of talks makes him angry and he came to know that you did come to meet me that day not to meet , to see you, I did not think to meet yet now what will you do? what may I do? you must let him informed on the gate that you are not at home I will not do this, when he will come, I will meet him will listen him and talk with him and will see , how much courage he has , then you do not know him , he will stand boldly in front of you he also does not know me he came to challenge my intention , I will defeat him I swear now tell me, you also think that I see you with a bad intention? if I may say the truth then sometimes I also feel that but then I feel its nothing like that , you are a good friend only I am his friend then what is your relation with me? you have to tell
then what is your relation with me? you have to tell when I saw you first time , my heart did ask to me that “why you belong to someone else ?” next time I met you then I convinced my heart like a child that you are not a toy , whom I may buy and keep with me when you came to dinner I felt that someone came to the land of heart from sky I remembered you when you had left I slept after thinking that fairy does not land on unproductive lands by these talks , if it seems that my intention is bad then I will say to him that “Mr Danish my intention is bad ” what happened ? say something did he not come? no may I do a request to you ? will you do request ? you give your order don’t say that “my intention is bad ” will not say. don’t be scared if he will say loudly then please listen him will he say loud? normally he does not talk loudly but if someone talks about me , he becomes angry
will he say loud? normally he does not talk loudly but if someone talks about me , he becomes angry wow , then it will be a fun it will not a fun , you may become angry , he will do misbehave , in return if you will reply in the same way , it may cause a fight please don’t do this one minute okay let him be seated , and say I am coming he came oh God don’t worry , and believe me I will defeat him may God do this trust me , when he will come back , watch will be in his hand , and he will say that ” I was wrong , his intention was not bad” come in please have a seat, boss is coming what will you have tea or cold drink ? nothing it could not happen , sir will be angry bring me a glass of cold water sure what a pleasant surprise Mr Danish otherwise today’s Sunday would spend so bad , please sit how are you ? I am fine water will you take only water at the place of your friend, please have this take this thank you Mehwish did not come ? see , I praised her a lot , but it did not make any difference I was thinking that now she will say to you that “lets go to Mr Shawar’s place ” someone did say that if you want to win the heart of a woman then praise her rather say it in straight way that no one is beautiful than her I thought she will be happy after hearing this then I will no need to invite you its right but … what is right Mr Danish, that day Roomi came, and he was watching movie in theater and doing fun in lawn we all had dinner together , I thought I am not alone please remember there was a gala in this home I was happy like that you will never go from here , as we four are a family , we are associated with each other , then you went and me… I swear after your leaving ,this home was biting me have juice and call sister in law and tell her you will do lunch with me, and I will not accept refusal Mr Deewan , serve the lunch did he sleep?’ I came after reciting 10 stories he did sleep after 10th story , he was asking that ” where does jinn live? why I did not see him” what are you reading ? I was waiting for you so I thought lets read the magazine , Anooshay gave it to me may I turn off the light no, I am not sleepy its 1 O’clock Danish let it be … do you know I am feeling pain, I am blaming myself what happened ? you did not ask what was happened there ? I did go there in anger and came back calmly what was happened there ? before I might say something , he did say so much , his conversation was full of sorrow and honesty. I forgot that I was came to do something I visited intentionally that if he may say anything wrong I will break his mouth but I was shocked he defeated me without fighting believe me , when I was leaving that place my condition is like that I am defeated solder my all guesses was wrong , his intention is not bad nor his gaze is bad now you should sleep, you have to go office early in the morning listen, they both are going to get divorce both means ? Shehwar and his wife oh! before marriage Shahwar did work in her company, he was her employee but even after marriage she considers him as her employee she was a fool woman how we may know the reality ? when we see in his eyes , it seems that he is so alone, he misses her very much and she is enjoying in America I said him that ” do marriage ” means second marriage ? is first marriage is a marriage ? then what did he say ? nothing , just took in a lighter mood , he said when I will get a girl like Mehwish then I will get married then I came to know that he says right what does he say right ? that I do not have a good job, a big car and a bank balance like Shehwar but I have Mehwish, I have you Mehwish did you make you CV ? no I though you might made this , what will I do with CV? you will do job or what else ? now you go to his office , give your CV and get your appointment letter are you talking about Mr Shehwar ? of-course I am talking about him, you may go, salary and place are good , and I have no problem sure ? 200 % where I shall leave Roomi ? with Anooshay its only the problem for today, from tomorrow we will arrange some maid why are you looking like this ? are you happy ? is it not seem ? it seems but if you may get angry again ? I will never get angry again, get my bag now don’t show attitude attitude for what ? you will get 1 lac rupees as salary are you jealous ? now go one minute take this , bye bye I am coming for job sir good morning Mr Danish good morning sir please Mr Danish don’t call me”sir” I have to say this , when Mehwish will call you “sir ” then I also have to say it what do you mean? today she will come to your office for job okay well when she may come? I am leaving for office, tell her to come one more thing sir yes ? if she will get pick and drop for some days then I will be in comfort why for some days ? Mr Danish whenever you do request me I feel that you are insulting me no, I can not even think that how did you think that she will work in my office and will get a problem of pick and drop? don’t worry, from today she is my responsibility thank you sir thank you so much my pleasure , bye bye sir she might be doing breakfast are we going somewhere ? yes you are going to Anooshay aunt’s home and I am going to office will you also go to office ? yes will I go daily to aunt Anoosha no you will go to school from tomorrow and after that you will live with our maid where is maid? she will come, go , don’t ask so much questions I will ask yes Danish ? have you done your breakfast ?
yes Danish ? have you done your breakfast ? yes listen I have talked with Mr Shahwar what? that you will do job in his office , and I also asked for your pick and drop , and he became agreed think again Danish now what we should think? are you happy ? I swear I am so happy, I was thinking about your pick and drop now that problem is also solved then when I shall go? go today , rather right now may I get ready hmm just send text me while leaving , listen did Roomi wake up? yes give him the phone , I may explain him that he will not bother you do you work , I will make him understand okay bye bye Buddy you did not tell me that you people are concern about your job at Mr Shahwar’s office what could I tell? till last day I did not know about Danish’s response then? don’t know how he became agreed ? he called from office and said that “you may go” look at yourself , you have dolled up yourself so much , will you do work or spread the lights I am leaving Roomi with you, from tomorrow I will arrange a maid, then there will be no problem this is not a problem I will pick him okay Roomi , I am going , do not bother aunt , bye okay listen , is this necklace real? yes its original then how you bought this in brother Danish’s salary ? when I said that Danish bought it for me ? listen I feel drowsy drowsy ? no I think I have pain in my head , do you have pain killer ? yes you made this business , only because of you, we are making profit I just come to office , sit on the seat , drink a tea and I leave the office shut up you use to come only for two months in a year , you use to check accounts in 1.5 month and in other 15 days you deposit the cheques in your account what do you do there I gave my blood to your business actually in our assets there should be a ratio 1:6 , I do work for twelve months and you do for two months only but I am not like you, I do remember the favors of other one minute Miss MEhwish is here sir send her inside okay sir please come whenever you come, you calculate the money , and accounts when you will come at this time , also do the calculation of 5 years of my life with me then tell me ,is the profit of my life is more than the profit of this company more ? okay have to go now , I have to go for very important meeting why are you standing , please be sited looking gorgeous !! is everything became fine? when he came back, the watch was in his hand yes which date is today ? 16 yes 16 of September , will never forget I will write in my dairy that she came to my office first time on 16 this is your appointment letter thank you after so many years I myself signed someone’s appointment letter it has a cheque of my name advance salary of 5 months live in your own style I gave you a car with a driver don’t say anything you deserve it come, I will show you your office I am feeling dizzy and have headache I have taken tablet but still not fine then… sir if I may get leave then it would be better half day leave okay take leave thank you sir , thank you very much this is your room, how it is? beautiful but………. but what? neither my designation nor my work is written in this letter tell me what you will do? shall I tell? I was thinking the same before your arrival then I thought , all are doing their work let them do you may bring a change which change ? don’t do the work just stay with me make me realize that I did not eat lunch I did not drink coffee, when my wife will call me, give internal support to me do not give me cigarette, doctor prohibited it for me it was your wife’s call, what she was saying ? nothing hey!! you will not take cigarette shall we drink coffee yes Maria please make coffee are you doing your duty ? which duty ? that you stopped from smoking , give permission for coffee whatever you think , I will not let you smoking my cell phone is in my room , if Danish may call then .. then? in office no one has free time to receive the phone sit, I am scared why you are scared ? I will become habitual of you to take the cigarette out of my mouth and put in dustbin to see you, to be with you I am here with you you are doing your job, who knows when he will become angry and may stop you and may be you will resign I will never go, now he can’t stop me sorry are you blind ? if I am blind , can you see , signal is on, now start the car, why are you stuck ? don;t you have manners how to talk with a girl don;t you have manners how to talk with a boy do you think yourself a boy? have some shame why are you doing argument elder brother , mistake is yours am I looking an elder brother , look at your age ? go and do your work what do you do when she does call you ? I smoke cigarette its too bad … then what should I do? you know what kind of tone she has , if you will listen you will be annoyed , when I listen then I become restless when I was not using cigarette, I used to show my anger to servants , after that I used to blame myself then do not attend her phone I have to attend , she is my business partner I want to end this matter Mehwish, I want to live peacefully or die peacefully please sir anyways it will go on till December , December is not so far what is her problem ? business is running nicely then why not life I know about problem but I can’t tell it to anyone , I feel ashamed okay no problem what I will do after listening yes what you will do after listening which tablet is this? I have headache , am I making you bore not at all you go and sit in your room, when I become fine then we will meet no, when you will become fine then I will go what thing you are ? when you give order , it seems good, where you were since so many years?

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  1. Bv or izzat bachany k lye irradon ka mazboot hona bht lazmi insan apny samny wly ki btn ko ni pehchan sktahe has no right to live
    With honor

  2. Nida k show may adnan nay theek kaha tha k is dramay may bataya gaya k mooka koi nai chorta admi ho ya orat had hay wasay

  3. عورت کے کردار کی دھجیاں خوب اڑآئیں ہیں میر صاحب نے….
    عورت کو ناقص العقل اور مرد کو مرد ہوتے ہوے بھی مظلوم بنایا….
    جہاں مرد کو جتنا خدار دکھایا وہیں اس کو مظلومیت کی حد پر کھڑا کر دیا…. اور حقیقت تو یہ ہے کہ محبت میں مرد سب کچھ بردا شت کر سکتا ہے مگر دوسرا کوئ مرد برداشت نہیں کر سکتا….
    یہ کہانی حقیقت سے بہت دور ہے…

  4. ayzaa wese b mujy lgta mey b currepet orat lgti is liye role krte hi pata lg raa .isko paiso job ki kitni hawus hy

  5. Ye marad phle har bat man Kar khud e bigarty hai orat ko phle bad khud e Tang hoty hai har bat bi ni manni chahiye bivi ki

  6. Hero aur heroine dono chutiye hain
    Aur director to sabse bara chutiya
    Agar ladki husband se khush nahi hai
    To uska husband q use zabardasti kar raha
    Chhod dena chahye use ki jaye aur ja kar dalwaye us billionaire se

  7. Danish is such a foolish husband. He commits the error of a tragic hero; his judgemental error brings about his own downfall. 1st of all, he shouldn't have agreed the dinner invitation of shewaar. He saw shewaar's attraction towards his wife, yet he decides to go at his place. That was his 1st mistake. 2nd he accepts shewaar's gifts. A diamond necklace for your wife, i mean who would give such an expensive gift to one's wife? Already shows his interest in Mehwish. Danish should NOT have accepted the gifts itself. 3rd he went to return the gifts, but returned home as a fan of shewaar. Such a fool he is, easily manipulated. Just like Mehwish is manipulating him. He lacks sense of reasoning and his position as a husband isn't felt. Mehwish talks rudely with him and lies to him for the job. He doesn't doubt a single thing. Very bad of Mehwish also, to narrate home/personal affairs with a stranger. Shewaar didn't have to do much. Mehwish came to him very easily.

  8. Ishq zahe naseeb drama dekhne k baad ye drama dekhne ka dil hi nahi jar raha hai .I hate mehwish and her acting

  9. Kesa couple hay ye ageeb shohar itni muhabat karta hy k dekh k hazam nhi hota ulti ati hy dosri taraf begum sahiba ko bass paisay jewelry dresses dy do sat ma bass apni tareefain karwalo tobha

  10. Bakwas drama any husband or wife that is spending all day talking to another man or woman on the phone is a cheap person. Better to get rid of this person from your life.

  11. کچھ شرم کرنی چاہئے آپ کو یہ آپ کو معاشرے کو کیا دکھا رہے ہیں کہ ایک لڑکا جو ہے وہ لڑکی کے پیار میں پاگل ہو رہا ہے اور لڑکی جو ہے وہ باہر عاشقی معشوقی کر رہی ہے یہ کیا پیغام دینا چاہ رہے ہیں آپ معاشرے کو….. Shame on you

  12. Why is she acting so dum?? He is clearly telling her he is liking her yet she is comfortable with him this is not a good sign of a good and loyal wife.

  13. How much happiness Aisha shows while talking to Adnan regarding the joining of his offered job! She is showing a shameless aspect of Eastern wife falling in love with money which is a very disgusting part of her life….. Hats off to the director for showing the reality of today in our lives…

  14. Jo paisa aap deserve karte hai wo apki salary hoti… jo paisa aap deserve nahi karte wo apki Keemat hoti hai…….

  15. How any1 can cheat such loving and caring husband?
    I was literally crying 😭 while I was watching this serial and feeling bad for Danish.

  16. Why in ARY drama's villain is always same young man..there is no talent in Pakistan to choose any other..we r sick n tired seeing him all over/confusing audience….Like in Kuttia Phuphu..Who injured Ashar creating brake fail drama..

  17. Yeh society pa Kya impact Dal rha ha is drama k through jitni b working ladies ha unka lie yeh threat ha aise to koe lrkio ko Kam nae krna dega koe b is soch sa k jaisi b ho lrki achy ya buri behak jati ha

  18. Shahvaz is blatantly hitting on her, and she is okay with it? She is simply characterless :/ Nanni ban k har cheez ka reason puchhti hain jesay pata hi na ho.. agghh bohot hi ajeeb character hai ye ayeza ka …

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    for proper buying and selling of each and every preloved (( second hand )) household item, including KAPRE (formal /informal) jewelry, furniture, kitchen items, baby clothing and accessories etc.

  20. Aayeza khan hamayon saeed se zeda khobsoort to nhin he phir ye khoobsorati ki gardaan bar bar q fittay moo essi bv ka apnay shohar se zeda to Aayeza shehwar ko respect deti hy

  21. asalamualekum bahi sab ye Recap dekana zaruri hota hy to kislye plz ap 3mint kha jaty drame k is 3 mint ko kia kisi ko smj ani jo next wala view btaye break k bad smj ati pr is RECAP ki smj ni ati …kuch tora sa khyal kren..
    irfan from ITALY (ROME)

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