>>So are you going to carry me to the bedroom, or am I going to carry you?>>Mm-mmm, last time you dropped me. Lynn, I need to talk to you about something really important.>>Okay.>>Okay, here it is, I really like you and I’m not interested in seeing other people. I just want to be with you.>>Oh geez.>>Oh geez? It’s not the reaction I was hoping for.>>No, no, I want to be with you, it’s just, I haven’t told you everything about me.>>You’re not going to tell me you used to be a man, are you?>>No, that’s not it.>>Thank God. Now trust me, we can work out anything else.>>Nick, I’m married.>>What?>>Actually I’m separated, it’s a long story, but it ends with my husband cheating on me.>>How long have you been married?>>Three years.>>Well, why didn’t you tell me this before? Am I some sort of revenge fling?>>You’re not a fling. I would have told you sooner but I didn’t want to lose you.>>So the picture of the guy in your purse is your husband.>>You went through my purse?>>You’re married.>>Point taken. Nick, my marriage to Jamal is over, and I really like you, and I want us to be in a relationship.>>Well it’s kind of hard to be in a relationship with you and your husband.>>I really don’t want to lose you.>>I’m going to need some time to sort this out.>>Okay. Just, just let me know.>>Yeah, sure. ♪ music playing ♪>>Hey, Nick.>>Oh! Rita? How did you get in here, we changed the locks.>>Not on the windows. Oh, am I interrupting something? Is Lynn still here?>>No, things didn’t go so well earlier. So she went home, to her husband.>>She’s married? Don’t say another word.>>Hello?>>Emergency, townhouse, code blue.>>I’ll get the ice cream.>>I’ll bring the hooch.>>What is all this code blue nonsense?>>Well, whenever one of us girls have a serious problem, we call a code blue.>>Yup, we drop everything, pick up snacks, and talk, talk, talk, until it’s all talked out.>>That sounds like a lot of talking.>>What’s going on? Did y’all start without me? Back up, back up, I need all the information.>>Okay, okay, can we get down to business? Nick needs us.>>Okay, what’s up?>>Look, it’s like this.>>What’s with all the noise? Some of us have to get up in a few hours.>>Sorry, man.>>Yeah JT, go on back to bed. Rita just called us all here for an emergency family counsel.>>Without me? What, I’m not part of the family?>>Yeah, now you know how it feels to be the last one called for everything. Yeah, yeah, now you’re the red-headed bastard child.>>Can we please get back to the meeting?>>Okay, Nick, the floor is all yours.>>Well, um, tonight, when I asked Lynn for a commitment–>>She’s married, she’s married, Lynn, is married.>>What?>>Actually she’s separated.>>Oh, well then, technically, you aren’t doing anything wrong.>>Tell that to Saint Peter at the pearly gates, you’ll be in hell before breakfast.>>Janie’s right, separated is not divorced.>>Well it isn’t married either.>>I think it’s a big mistake.>>Nick, look, you guys can never have a real relationship as long as she’s married, you’ll always be the other man.>>You’re right. I know you’re right. It’s just, it sucks, I finally find the perfect woman and it’s just my luck someone else found her first.>>Sweetie, all any of us want is for you to be happy.>>Yeah, man, whatever you decide, we’ve all got your back.>>Thanks.>>So, what are you going to do?>>I don’t know. ♪ music playing ♪ If your skin>>Left, left, uppercut, yes! Winner and new heavyweight champion, me.>>Okay, that’s one win for you, 380 for me.>>Oh, don’t try to minimize my victory, hater.>>What? Who’s banging on my door?>>Oh, that’s bad, it’s Lynn’s husband.>>What’s he doing here?>>Oh, gee, I don’t know, maybe he wants to know if we TiVo’d CSI Miami.>>You did, didn’t you?>>Focus man, I need you to get rid of him.>>Alright, alright, okay calm. Alright, you hide, I’ll get rid of him. I have nothing to fear, I’m not sleeping with his wife. Sorry, sorry.>>You a dead man.>>No, no, I’m just naturally pale. I can’t hold a tan, it’s sad really.>>You the punk who’s sleeping with my wife?>>No, no, no, I don’t even know Lynn.>>Then how do you know her name?>>Whoops.>>Don’t make me run after you.>>Well I’m not going to run towards you. Wait, wah.>>I’m going to beat you until I’m tired, take a nap, then wake up and beat you some more.>>Oh, well, before you doze off, I should mention I’m not actually the person you’re looking for.>>Then who is?>>I can’t tell you that, but he’s not here.>>Oh, you’ll tell me.>>No, not the face, I’m in sales.>>Hey, let him go. You’re looking for me.>>Yeah, that does make more sense.>>Look, I don’t want to fight you.>>Good, then this shouldn’t take long at all.>>Man, if you think hitting me is going to fix everything, take your shot, but I think we both know it won’t change things between you and Lynn.>>Alright, alright, let’s talk.>>Oh, sure, now he wants to talk.>>D, could you give us a little privacy?>>You sure man? Because, I’ve got your back.>>I know, man, go ahead, I’ll be alright.>>Okay, man.>>Well, maybe you should start.>>Look man, I love my wife. I can’t imagine being without her. I mean, God knows I’ve made some mistakes in my marriage.>>You cheated on her.>>Yeah, that’s one of the mistakes I was talking about. But I love Lynn, and I really want our marriage to work. I mean maybe it’s too late to fix things, but I want to try. I mean, I need to try.>>Why tell me? Shouldn’t you be talking to Lynn?>>I’ve tried to talk to Lynn, but her relationship with you is making it impossible for her to think about us.>>So, what do you want from me?>>I’m asking you to do the honorable thing, step aside and give me a chance to save my marriage.>>I don’t owe you anything.>>Yeah, I know, but I hope you’ll consider it.>>Do we have a problem here?>>Because we’re here to solve it.>>Guys, chill out. Hey man, I got this.>>Alright. Thanks for hearing me out.>>Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Punk stand up to get beat down.>>Good thing too, because I’m here to hand out ass whooping’s and candy bars. And I’m all out of candy bars. ♪ music playing ♪

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