100 Replies to “Michael Jordan: Being A New Grandfather Is Fun | TODAY”

  1. Imagine if kobe is still alive.
    Lot of projects,Lot of charity,bonding with his family. Just Imagine😢

    RIP kobe-gianna😢

  2. Micheal Jordan: ' I give to the basis of giving, not to advertise or to promote '

    Heard that L3-6ron? hahaha XD Nc school btw, L O L Z! XD

  3. I got the feeling MJ had Lebron James in mind when he said that he doesnt want to brag about the things he's doing for the community.

    I'm hoping this shuts up lebron and that fake woke movement.

  4. Not a fan because he was a tarheel lol but he is a class act and a legend on and off the court .Much respect for you sir Michael

  5. He's been retired for years, played in an era where he wasn't making anywhere near what kids today make in the NBA, and yet now he's worth more than most of them combined, the ultimate success story that should inspire african americans.

  6. MJ… I'm 59…I'm happy… But it is sad.. because I want to live 300 years… 🤣🤣🤣Im from El Salvador… 😎

  7. One day, as that young child grows up, the realization is going to hit him: "Holy crap! My Grandpa is that Michael Jordan?"

  8. 4:38 it's understandable that Mike would stay away from basketball since he would trigger his competitive curse. Imagine old Jordan picking up a ball and schooling all these clowns in Charlotte and Chicago.

  9. And they say MJ isn’t socially conscious. Meanwhile every time LeBron passes gas the press goes crazy and calls it a blessing to humanity. Smh. MJ is the real and only GOAT period!


  11. I lived in the horner projects when u first came too the bulls. I watched ur rookie year from my window the sounds cooming from the mad house on madison. Until they built the new stadium. Yes sir mr jordan i was there congratulations. May you be blessed n ur family grand dad.

  12. The man won't play pick up games because it will "trigger him". This is why he's the GOAT. His competitive nature is so over the top it's basically a disease.

  13. jordan is a great man and just a solid human being. hate when people bad mouth these gentlemen…like jordan shaq barcley…these are good people and i was never a basketball fan but a big fan of these guys..

  14. It's nice to see he isn't as selfish of a man as he was a ball player and for those who don't know . Julia Irving ( Dr. J ) of the Philadelphia 76ers is who he copied his style from but he's still no Dr. J .

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