mobail chitar bangla comedy #bangla_comedy

Give me the rain of Love Srabon(Bangla month) has come Hello!! Who ?? Your number wins 33500000 taka So, is my number getting 3500000 taka ? But we have some conditions. You have to obey them. For your all money prizes you have to send me 6000 taka for commission Then you will be able to collect 33500000 taka from your account. Sir, Don’t miss this opportunity vainly Sir, Get your huge money by exchanging very few amount. Is it possible to insert my account 3500000 taka by sending 6000 taka Don’t worry we are not fake. You get your money absolutely. ha ha ha ha O my God !!!!! Where I deposit these huge amount of money ? Dada, You have to give me 6000 taka and it is very necessary to me. When will you return ? Tomorrow Give me back tomorrow Days are bad in present world. Take it in cautious Ok You are my life. Where I go My fate is open Is it true to return my fate I deposited 6000 taka. But no sms comes till now Try to call them hello Dada You said to me that when I deposit my money then a confirm sms comes to my mobile That is not come yet. Yeh sir, You get your money. Don’t worry Our project is connected to share market. So for some problem you have to send us 30000 taka extra. Then you get your money See, You get 33500000 for giving us only 30000. Again 30000 taka !!!!!!!!!!!! Oh nasir vai(Brother) I beg you by catching your legs. plz give me 30000 taka Plz give me 30000 taka. No way nasir vai Ok, I can give you money if you give me your all property Ok I give you all Ok you stand I back with money Ooooooo.. my love Take this money. And back it timely Ok ok It is not bad to send more money Ohh.. my fate is open ha ha ha Hello, why you are laughing? Go.. I have no need you ha ha aha It is said to me a sms come to my mobile that is not come yet The number you called is off Orre. My fate is gone O my god Cryying

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