Mohabbat Na Kariyo – Episode 24 || English Subtitles || 28th Feb 2020 – HAR PAL GEO

Sir, actually there was some
problem because of which… Everyone has problems and you left without telling anyone. Sir, there was an emergency so I had to go, or else I wouldn’t have left. Sir, please give me one more chance,
it wont happen again. This is not my decision,
but the higher authorities. Okay sir, please talk to them. If you give me permission,
I can request them personally. Please sir, I am sorry. No point, because of your non professional behavior
your job has been terminated. Sir? I am sorry. Thank you. Hello. zara, where are you?
I have been calling you for so long. All ok? No, nothing is ok, I am at the hospital. Is mama fine? Zara, she is not fine, I came to see her at the hospital,
I found out Shamim is alone. and Nida and Kashif? They have gone home. Okay. Please come fast, I am waiting for you. Fine, I will come. Okay. Thank you. Hello. No, I am good. How is all in office? That’s great. Listen, did someone call for Asad,
from Pakistan? If you get a call or a message, don’t take it. Yeah, just avoid it. I can’t come today,
I will come tomorrow. Look, I am trying to explain to
you that her condition should have been better by now so that we could recommend
physiotherapy but… But what doctor? But even with high potency dosage, she is not getting stable, till she gets betters, we cannot take her for physiotherapy. So please try that she can be stress free, its important. Fine, thank you. How are you? Whose phone is this? Mama’s phone. Sharmeen told me that Rabia called. Her contact number is in this. Here it is, you talk to her. Zara, this number is off, I feel Nida spoke to Asad and
maybe they are in the phone. Is it Asad/ No from the office? Hello. No, not madam, I am her daughter in law. No, she is in emergency, hospitalized, she is not well. You tell me if there is something. Fine, I will come in a while
and do something. Bye. Tea? No, thank you, I don’t feel like it. Okay. What happened? Why are you worried? I was thinking that everything has gone so off. You can expect nothing from Nida, you don’t know where Asad is. Mama is in this condition, I don’t know who will handle the important
work at office. Asad is coming, he will handle everything. Its not confirm that he is coming, in the mean time if something goes wrong in the office and mama finds out, she will be in further stress. You are right, you tell me,
what can we do in this situation. In the meantime why don’t you
handle the work at office? Fine, you do one thing, call the manager that I am coming. You go to your job…
My job is no more. Okay. Anyway, its ok, I had told you earlier not to do a job. Anyway, I will drop you home, Nida will be coming, she will come and misbehave
which won’t be good. No, I am here right now. God forbid if we have to talk to the doctor,
someone has to be here. Fine. The feeling of having my head
in your lap is great mom. Dad, why are you thinking so much? I have spoken to the lawyer,
he will come and check the file. Son, if we even make a small mistake, this girl is so cunning that
she will file a case on us. So if I look at it for my comfort
what is wrong in that? You leave it, I will get this file made in your name. All my life I have played these
games and made wealth. You rest, I will do it. This seat tells so many stories, now its empty. Ego of wealth,
power, or position. In the end it leaves you
insulted and ruined. Hello. Kashif? Yes, speak, .all ok? Yes, I am trying to contact Asad, but I am unable to reach him.
Did Nida talk to him? Nida called but Asad didn’t pick up Fine, if Nida talks to him,
do let me know. Fine. You people going to the hospital? Yes, we were,
but Nida got unwell she slept, will go when she wakes. Okay, bye. Bye. Madam, don’t get upset, its not good for your health. Don’t get upset. Shamim, don’t say anything, I will see. You go. Mama, the doctor has instructed
that you stay relaxed, look if you stay relaxed you will recover soon, both physically and mentally. Please calm down. You will get fine soon for us, right? Shamim, the staff will come they will give
the juice and medication. You stay with mama, don’t go anywhere, stay here. Yes madam, fine. I will be back. Zara. I want to talk to you for a minute. You know I shouldn’t be talking, and what I say has no worth, but I want to tell you something, I really respect you. Even after their behavior, your response is worth praising. Look no decent person compromises
on their self-respect, but you are doing it out of reason. I have not seen a girl like you all my life, my wife is naïve, life, relations and responsibiliites, she knows nothing about, but you do. You have fought in the toughest of situation, been strong. I have one request from you, till the time aunt doesn’t get well, you don’t leave her. Even if she doesn’t talk to you, insult you, but she knows inside
that you can handle her, don’t leave her, stay with her. Yeah. I won’t go anywhere but till the time Asad returns. Fine, thank you. Its important to have her engaged here, or Nida will be caught here and the paper issue will be stuck, I don’t want that. I want to teach you
a lesson you won’t forget. You are still standing here? If you had any respect you
would care for mama, care for her favors, you should have stayed loyal. Nida, what happened? Why are you getting upset with her? You come on. Don’t consider her naïve, she is really cunning, reports to Zara. Nida, at least think of mama. What did the doctor say?
Have you forgotten? You go. Go. How are you now? Home. Home. You want to go home? Yeah. Fine if the doctor comes,
will talk to her and will let you go. Seeing the condition of the office,
madam put this office as collateral, got the loan and this tender. Now if we do not honor the
commitments and time frames, it will all be over. What should we do Mr. Arif, without mama, the work of the company… Mr. Asad can handle it. This means we have to
wait till Asad comes. Mrs. Zara, we don’t have
time to delay now. Then, what will we do? Tell me. Now your mother is stable, we will discharge her since evening, but remember she should get
the medication on time and she should get the physiotherapy. Doctor, do we have to come to the
hospital for physiotherapy? No need, you can call someone at home. Thank you doctor. You are welcome. Mr. Asad’s number is off. Should I call again? Yeah. madam, its continuously off. What happened now?
What did you do? I did nothing, I told her Mr. Asad’s number
is continuously off, she is not believing me. Mama, she is right, brother’s number is off,
but don’t worry, he will come. Mama, you know the doctors
have discharged you and now we will go home and
Asad will come too. Right Nida? Tell mama you spoke to Asad. Yes, I spoke earlier,
he will be back by tonight. Lets go home? Yes mama, I am really happy. You ok? mama is at office, and Asad… he will be back in a day or two. I am happy, you tell me. Papa and Afsheen? Are they fine? Take good care mama. I too care for myself, you don’t worry, bye. Hello. Hello. Were you crying? No just, was talking to mama. Is all ok at home? Yes, fine. Okay, I have checked the
passenger list for all flights, there is no name of Asad. Meaning? Meaning, maybe Asad is in Pakistan. Nida, what is wrong? What are you saying?
You will fight again. What do I do? Have you not seen
my mother’s condition? The woman who used to
walk in this home proudly, she is on a wheel chair cause of this girl. I will not leave her…
You will not do anything like this. Please Nida, try and understand, I respect your emotions. I am upset seeing mama’s condition. Come on, come on lets go, lets throw that girl
out of the house this moment. What will that do? Tell me. You will be at peace? Will you be at peace? Sending Zara out of this home,
you will give her an easy punishment. Let her stay in this home, she will face aunt’s hatred day and night, she will be embarrassed, after all, Shamim alone cannot handle her, we have to keep someone to care for her, then why not Zara. Zara? The woman who got her here, she will care for her? She will have to do it, let Zara live here till Asad comes back. When Asad comes home and
sees his mother’s condition, what he does to Zara will be a sight. He will drag her by her hair
and throw her out, so why do we do it? We will sit and enjoy the show. Relax. You don’t go there madam? Why? Madam Nida is there,
her mood is really bad, if you go there she will
misbehave with you. I cannot tolerate her holding
you responsible for all this. Shamim all this doesn’t matter to me. I know madam and I know that madam Nida
won’t be able to care for madam. Its hard to live with relations, when madam Nida leaves, me and you will care for
madam ourselves. Yes, we will do that. What did the doctor say? Madam Nida and sir Kashif
would know this. I cannot ask them, I will call the doctor and find out. Please Shamim, stay with mama. Don’t leave her alone, care for her. Go. Yes. Yes, she is back. No, I am at mama’s. I told you people to wait,
I will update you, then we will see. Okay bye. Nida. Yes mama? Asad? Mama, I told you brother will
be here at night, he must be in the plane. You rest till then, we will wake
you when he comes. Okay? Sleep. I am sure he saw his mother’s
condition with his eyes, still he left, this means
he won’t come back. I would say he cursed her and left. Why would he come here leaving
the peaceful life of abroad. Is he mad? If this is the scene,
then that means that fate is happy with us. Your father has gone mad. Now tell me, how will fate favor us? Idiot. What? I will tell you, Asad left. Yeah. Then we have her useless mother,
that leaves Nida, who is in our control. Who will look after her business? Our son. After the home, that home and
business will be in his name and we will be richer. We can have one hurdle in our way. What is that? Zara. Dad, don’t worry about her, Nida is keeping an eye on her, one attack of her will remove
Zara from our way. Very good. Wow, you are being poetic.
What did he say? Shamim. Shamim, are you sleeping? I have sent her out for work. Why do you act like an owner? I told her to make soup for mama,
that’s more important. I have made the soup, give it to mama. You? Yes. You added poison to this, right? What? You are after mama so
that all of this can be yours. What do you say Nida?
Please be quiet for God’s sake. I understand your
cunningness well Zara. I am sad you can think so cheap. This is what I think? Okay. This is not true? You didn’t add poison to this? Fine, you drink it. What are you thinking? Drink. After today, don’t you dare talk
to me like this. Understand? How are you talking to me? I have had it with you Nida, it would be best you mind
your own business. I mind my own business,
so you can get into my business. Right? You have got mama in this situation… Your brother got your
mother in this condition. and you? You were fighting with
your mother for your right. Okay, so this is bothering you. Now I get it, why are you jealous. You don’t know what burning
in a fire is like, God forbid you get caught,
you will die. What else do you know apart from saying
these weird things and cursing me? You… You don’t see
your mother’s helplessness. Daughters care for their mothers, seeing a daughter like you I feel sad. Zara… Don’t you dare raise
your hand or voice again. I will respond too. Get it? I will fix you. You wait. Mama, how did you get into this condition?
Asad, you are back. Yes, I am back, but what happened to you? You left… Mama, I am back, I will stay here with you, nothing will happen to you, you will be fine soon. Zara, is Zara not back? I have to go to her, I have to convince her. Asad, leave her. Asad. Its important to convince her mama.
I will be back. Don’t leave me. Mama, I am coming. Asad. I am coming. Asad. Asad. Asad. Don’t leave me. Asad. Don’t leave me… What happened madam? Asad. Asad. Mr. Asad? He is not here. He was here. Asad was here. No one is here madam, he didn’t come. You are lying he was here. You maybe saw a dream. Can I get you water? Leave me. Asad. Asad. Hello madam. How are you now? Yes ma’am, I was worried for you health, if you were here we wouldn’t have
faced this worry, I spoke to the client,
they are not listening. Then? There is only one way madam, you authorize Ms. Zara, so that she can
handle the matters of the company. Is there no other way? NO ma’am, there is no other way, you will have to take this decision today, so that we can save ourselves
from a big loss. Fine. Mama, my motive is to get the company
out of the bad situation, nothing else. If you can trust me, then sign this. Trust? I can trust no one. Not even my children. What else should I do? I am helpless, but don’t take advantage of
my helplessness like Rabia. Give it to me.

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