MOMBIE – a dark comedy short film

[From TV] – One day we too, will travel into space. Laying the foundation for the survival of the species. And just how will we do it? Tune in next week to find out, on Traveling the Stars. Kevin All right, we’re headed to the party. Gonna be my good little man. I love you Pookie. Hey, we’re gonna be late. He’s fine. He’s fine. You’re gonna be our good little man? I already used that. You’re the man of the house, ok? Don’t stay up late. Tonight at eleven. Footage of a once every six thousand years planet alignment. We’ll also be examining this ‘Mystery Haze,’ that’s been hovering over the city. Ted, tell me it’s not the apocalypse! We’ll I wish I could. Ha ha ha ha. {Car crash} {TV static} {Knocking sound} {Strange sounds coming from garage} Mom? Dad? Hey, buddy, what’s – what’s up? What are you doing in there? Cleaning… I’m cleaning. Where’s Mom? She’s – she’s tired But she’s – she’s definitely alive Is she gonna tuck me? Ummm… That would be the normal thing to happen. Yeah, she’s gonna tuck you in. Yeah, absolutely! Okay, now go to bed. Oh, and uh… Stay out of the garage! {Door Slam} {Muffled Voices} {Gurgling and Groaning} Mom? Tuck him in. Tuck him in, tuck. Tuck! Mom? DAD!?! Right here, buddy! What’s wrong with mom? She’s just gonna tuck you in. She’s gonna tuck. Hey! You’re gonna tuck Tuck. Tuck him in. {Hrmpf!} Goodnight son. Mommy and Daddy love you very much. {Growl} Let us pray. Oh, Lord Thank you for your undying wisdom and mercy. Thank you for this wondrous bounty before us. Thank you for never giving us anything that we can’t handle. And keeping us together through thick and through thin. Bless this all in your name, Amen. DAD! NO! NO! Bad Mom! Kevin, go to your room! What are you doing? {Strange sounds coming from garage} Hey Buddy What you doing? You got your own talents from your mom. Dad What’s wrong with Mom? What do you mean? She doesn’t… look… good? You don’t think so? Okay, Okay, Okay, Okay {Growling and groaning} Hey Buddy I know you’ve noticed that things been a… little different around here lately. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? But I’ve got some.. WE’VE got some really good news for you. There’s a cure? We’re pregnant! What? Hey Bud, I’ve got to go out for supplies. You’re the man of the house! Say it for me! I’m the man of the house. {gunshots, sirens and screams} I’m the man of the house! Mom? Momma? {Burp} I love you mom. Kevin! Kevin, that’s – that’s still Mom in there. That’s still Mom in there Kevin Come on who’s Kevin? Who’s Kevin? {Growl} Poo Poooo Poo kie kie K kie That’s right! Poo Poo Yeah, come on! You can say it. Pookie That’s right. Poo – Kie Poo-kie Pookie Mom? {Growl!} Kevin! Listen to me. You’ve got to be our good little man For Mom For the family. You’ve got to be our Good Little Man Pookie I love you Pookie. GAAAHHH!! AAAAHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! -AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! [more Screaming} {Even more screaming} Hiyah!

12 Replies to “MOMBIE – a dark comedy short film”

  1. This is a weird shit! But anyhow, very well-done. highly skilled and professionally executed short feature 🙂

  2. Id love to see you guys recreated the transformation scene from an american werewolf in london with N T Bullock as David

  3. this is some scary short film ps the kid looks like a man and the mom is realy scary how did she change tho

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