Mother heckler freaks out during comedy special – Steve Hofstetter

After I recorded my comedy special Ginger Kid, Danny Jolles called me back up on stage to do a Q&A and something incredibly bizarre happened at the end of that. Now unfortunately, that footage was completely lost until now. The first two questions start out normally and then the third question leads to one of the most ridiculous moments I’ve ever had on stage. I am so excited to finally share this clip with you. Remember this clip comes from Ginger Kid, which was recorded more than three and a half years ago, so some of the references are a little bit dated, and this was from before I got divorced. Anyway. I hope you enjoy it. Steve is very good, like, impromptu. He loves to, like — he’ll make fun of people and stuff. He does Q&A’s at his show where people just ask him anything and then he’ll just answer it. And it’s my favorite part of the show, but because it’s the special, he can’t do it. But I decided to go rogue before this whole thing and I was like, “Let’s just have Steve do this at the end of the fucking special. ‘Cause that’s what we should be doing.”
[Cheers] Steve, get back up here! [Applause] “Did I enjoy shooting my special?”
I did, a great deal. Ah This was a lot of fun. I had a weird day. I had a very weird day.
I woke up at like 7:00 AM. You know, ’cause you’ve got the jitters and you’re like, “Oh, I can’t really sleep.” And so I woke up and and I had a bit of a headache, so I’m like, “Oh, let me take some ibuprofen,” and so I did and I didn’t realize that my wife had just bought some new ibuprofen, which was the nighttime shit. And so at 7 in the morning, I took a nighttime ibuprofen, and then I was like, “I’m really tired, maybe it’s because I woke up so early,” and then I took, like, three fucking naps today. And then finally, I woke up and I’m like,
“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” and my wife was like, “Well — wait, when you took something for your head, you took the red pill, right?” I’m like, “I took the blue pill…
what kind of Matrix shit is this?” [Laughter] By the way, ever wanna have a weird day?
Just wake up and take a sleeping pill. [Laughter] “Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?” You’re gonna have to give me more circumstances than this. Like which did you say first?
Taylor Swift. You said that first. Which I would listen to?
Which I would have sex with? Which I would have sex with while they’re listening to their own music because I’m guessing they do that? Uh… First of all, I’m married, so uh… both of them. [Laughter] ‘Cause I can say that. My wife is not threatened by the idea of me hooking up with Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. I bet if I were to call her right now and be like, “Hey, I have a chance to fuck Taylor Swift and Katy Perry at the same time,” she’d just be like, “Alright, get home safe.” [Laughter] “Damn it, I thought you didn’t drink anymore, Steve.”
Taylor Swift ’cause at least she writes her own music. That’s not like a jab at Katy Perry,
I just prefer creative people. Not to say that “baby, you’re a firework” isn’t the greatest lyric of all time. [Laughter] “California girls are unforgettable.” “Daisy dukes, bikinis on top” — have you seen some of the girls out here? Well not for all of them. That song should be called ♪ Some California Girls ♪ [Laughter] ♪ A reasonable amount of California girls… ♪ ♪ …are hotter than some other places,
but still, not all of them ♪ ♪ Bikinis on top ♪ — that’s what it should say. [Laughter] Alright cool, so I guess I’ll take one more question unless it sucks, then I’ll take two more questions. “Do I believe in diversity?” Like, as — that it exists as a thing? [Laughter] My show is only done by white guys. [Laughter, cheering] Every comic, who is me, is a white guy.
But they’re all Jewish also, so that’s weird. Some people — some people have large families. Okay. Do you know that I was talking about people — Okay. No, this is good! I like this. Is your husband — hold on a second, no, hold on a second, ’cause you — Okay, how about this. Do you remember the whole bit? Because the whole bit was about people who have too many kids — oh?
Hold the fuck on. The whole thing was about people who have too many kids who don’t have the financial resources to feed those kids. Is that your situation? I’m going to get back this lady in a second, but before I do, here’s the joke that she completely missed the point of. We’ve built this ethos in this country to be fruitful and multiply, without addressing the repercussions of that. Like, we should– it’s not just about having as many kids as possible. But we glorify that. Like 19 and Counting, that show — you ever see that show? 19 and Counting? Where she’s got nineteen kids.
Nine-teen. Kids. How do you have so many kids,
that you can have a softball team… play your other softball team. [Laughter] And the last kid could umpire.
Like, how do you have a lead? It has gone so far. We’re supposed to build houses for these people? Extreme Home Makeover, the show that makes an entire community donate their money, donate their time and their resources, to build houses for people who couldn’t learn when to stop fucking. Yeah. Look, if you need a house because you gave your money to charity, or there was a natural disaster, or someone in your family got sick,
or you just can’t find a job, these are all wonderful reasons to be poor. But if you’re poor just because you have nine kids… how do I say this nice? Die. [Laughter] You had nine kids. You’re asking us for help? You have nine — you weren’t balling with eight kids, had a ninth one like, “this last kid eats a lot.”
Like, that’s not what happened. [Laughter] You cannot afford to feed your family, and you were irresponsible enough to build more family. You knew that sex could do that,
you’ve seen it happen eight damn times. You were surprised like, “It’s magic!” Like no, you knew. “How’d this pizza get here?”
You knew! [Laughter] That’s why there are so many dumb people in this world, because it takes an educated person to stop the process. Say, “You know something? Maybe we can’t afford to raise a child. Maybe we can’t afford the time it takes to raise a human being. Maybe we cannot afford the love it takes to raise a human being.” And the dumb person just goes, “This goes in there!” [Laughter] “And it makes a peoples!” [Laughter] That happens again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and there’s never any fucking parking. Like how —
[Laughter] do you even have sex when you’ve already had eight children? Logistically, like I have so many questions. Like how — when do you find time? Or the energy or the space?
Or the will to be attracted to a thing again? [Laughter] How do you ever get turned on when you’ve already had eight children? How is that possible? What happens? Your wife walks by with a “baby,
You been oh you been looking real good.” She’s like, “Well, that’s because we’re really poor and I… Lost a lot of weight, I haven’t eaten in a while.” “Whatever it is, come here.
I’m gonna fuck you ’til we’re homeless.” Like, how do you get that short-sighted? The KFC family meal doesn’t feed nine kids.
What does that say about your life? When KFC looks at you and goes, “We don’t know how to help. We don’t know what to do.” [Laughter] And now back to our regularly scheduled ignorance. Really cause? I said that twice. No, just fame. And gifts from people to feed their kids. This is — I’m so glad we did this. [Cheers] It’s not a crime, it’s not. But the context of the joke is really important. I never say anything onstage that I wouldn’t say offstage. And here’s the fun part– [Laughter] Tell me the sky is green, it just makes you look weird. [Laughter] Miss… You can get offended all you want, but were you offended when I was making fun of other stuff, or just what applied to you? [Applause] Because if you wanna get offended, don’t cherry-pick this shit. And I really hope you come to the after-party. You’re gonna sign the release, right? [Laughter] [Sigh] I don’t know if you remember me talking about how, when you disagree with someone, It doesn’t make them a bad person, it just means you disagree. So, I don’t hold anything against you for having a different belief than I do You think I’m an asshole for having a different belief than you do, which is okay, because I don’t mind that belief. [Laughter] Still not gonna get me to change.
And I still do think that nineteen kids is too many. [Applause] How do you figure… Once you get, like, not just a softball team,
But you could have like a You could have, like, a full-court game and another team going “I got next.” [Laughter] And four guys on the side being like,
“Can we play too?” Like that’s… [Laughter] … insane. That’s a lot of children. How’d you guys get in the front row? That was amazing. [Laughter] Well, I’ll tell you this.
I had a wonderful time tonight. [Applause] [Laughter] I don’t know how to end this gracefully. Well, I hope to see the vast majority of you
At the after-party. And for anyone who has a fundamental disagreement with anything that I say, best of luck to you, I wish you well… (Audience member) And don’t have nineteen children. No, you can have all the kids you want!
I hope they’re at home doing all your chores right now. I hope they’re waiting for you.
Keeping keeping the nineteen fucking beds warm. Sorry, twenty-one beds. The parents probably sleep in separate beds at this point. just incase [Laughter] Holy fuck, is this going in the special. Y’all have been great.
Thank you so much and have a good night. [Applause] Thanks for watching this clip and come on out to see me record my brand new special: Secret Optimist. It’s happening in Indianapolis at Morty’s Comedy Joint, October 20th and 21st. So come on out. Meanwhile, thanks for subscribing to this channel and for clicking that little bell so you get notifications whenever I have a new video. I hope you’ve been enjoying Hofcast, the new video podcasts have been doing every Friday afternoon. Or Friday evening. Or Friday night. Or Saturday morning. It depends where you live. But join me Friday 2 PM PST for a live videocast.
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  2. Pretty simple premise. Not sure how she didn't understand. All he was saying is don't have kids you can't afford to raise. And not just afford in terms of money, but also in time commitment. It takes both to raise a healthy child.

  3. This was fucking funny can't believe i've never heard of you ,lol ,It was fucking funny I was dying 19 kids and asking for welfare in my fam somebody has a kid he better get his shit together!

  4. Hey Steve, I notice you have a lot of videos where you have a lot of hecklers and people getting thrown out of your show. Is this common for most comics or do you have more hecklers than most comics.. I would assume you do simply because you include your audience in your act especially during the Q&A part. Anyway regardless I enjoy watching you handle them as gracefully as you do.

  5. I kinda agree with the woman. It seems most ppl today feel it's immoral to have a large family.
    This may be based on the fact that schools are teaching the world is overcrowded.
    A total lie.

  6. My brother in law isn't smart. I knew that his stupidity would get him a child someday, and it eventually did.
    My husband worked with his girlfriend at the time so she would complain about my brother in law to him. When she got pregnant she freaked out to my husband saying "I thought that it would be okay if he pulled out!" And for some reason my husband told this to me.
    My reaction was basically "that child is going to have a new sibling every year."
    Well guess what? She's four years old and she doesn't have any siblings. I was wrong. My brother in law who was stupid enough to get his girlfriend pregnant, and his girlfriend who doesn't really know when to speak up, actually learned their lesson after the first kid!
    They love their daughter to death and she's making my brother in law a better, slightly smarter person.
    Basically what I'm saying is, if a couple didn't know that "pulling out" doesn't work but learned from their mistake the first time.
    They weren't teenagers when she got pregnant. They've been through every mandatory health class. They just didn't pay attention until it was too late.

    My point in all of this was that it's sad that a person who didn't pay attention in health class and did a lot of unrelated stupid things is smarter than a person who keeps on getting pregnant and probably doesn't understand how that keeps on happening.

  7. Watching these Heckler vids makes me feel like the NPC meme is real. Some of the shit they spit is so non-sequitur. Its like they are just pulling scripts at random.

  8. I've been watching your heckler responses for the past 5 videos, it's why I don't sit in the front and I keep my damn mouth shut at a stand up show.

  9. Virtue signaling SJW trash is literally ruining everything. People like that woman are an absolutely worthless waste of space.

  10. You just have to explain to silly offense addicts how adult reality works sometimes. This is how rational adults think…
    (Look at the actual words here:)

    "I take offense to that."
    "I took offense to that."

    ^You're committing the 'choice' to take/accept a feeling of offense. You specifically took that offense…get it? Nobody "gave" you offense.
    The phrase isn't "you gave me offense when you said that." No, weirdo, you took it, and it's 100% on you now.
    Stop blaming other people and take responsibility for your own shitty thought-choices when you feel shitty after choosing them. Nobody can think for you, so you're not allowed to blame other people for your own choice of thought. Learning this fact of reality isn't easy at first, but an important part of growing up for everyone.
    Healthy adults don't do things like choose a reaction that feels bad and then yell at other people for their own choice, and have a temper tantrum. That's how children work.
    Get a fucking grip, weird, childlike, anger-lady.

    God damn, I hope she doesn't have kids…

  11. I agree with everything you’re saying! I have 10 biological siblings myself, and even with my father having a good career as a contractor we still struggled. And they continue to do so. I wouldn’t trade my family for the world but it does sadden me when people (especially young parents) dont think about the future

  12. The truly diversified listeners would have been offended by all of the jokes.
    That lady must not “believe” in diversity!

  13. Why don't people get that he is a comedian. He tells jokes! Nothing is to be taken seriously. He gets paid to make people laugh. But, there is ALWAYS somebody that takes it seriously and gets offended.

  14. Steve Hofstetter is the type of guy you know more abut him dealing with hecklers rather than his comedic talent. #Facts

  15. do u kno woman is create 4 man plesure woman serve man she am give man the sex bcuz woman is mans proportie woman is makes cook food 4 man

  16. I've watched almost all of your videos, i love everything you do. Absolutely hilarious. My favorite part is that you dont take anyones shit and put people in their place. Going to see one of your shows is absolutely on my bucket list. Your the man, dont stop what you do

  17. I have 2 kids because I can only afford so many kids in daycare and I can only afford a certain size house. It’s really simple!

  18. So to her having like 20 kids is ‘diversity’ and you can’t say shit about it or else you’re some scumbag? Well if she’s ‘diverse’ then I’m against it.

  19. The lady was a bitch but she was sort of right about you not being very funny. No offense, the only thing that was funny was you two arguing.

  20. This was not only entertaining to watch but also an incredible guide to dealing with the pains of someone who is a butt hurt, uneducated and a very closed minded person. Great Job!!!

  21. Diversity… Since when did baby-maker become an identity? You weren't born a mom of 19 kids. . Baby farming is something outside of her control? Maybe she was transfertile and identified as sterile? Do we need to add 'breeder' to the list of underrepresented minorities?

  22. " Be fruitful and multiply," Holy Bible. That made sense when the majority of people were farmers and having many children was an asset. The more children a couple had, the more farm hands. The more farm hands, the more prosperous the family became. Children later became a liability. Be responsible by not having more then 3 and use birth control afterwards, but then again that's just my opinion.

  23. I hate when people get serious at these shows. It's not a fucking town hall meeting. It's a comedy show. Some people need to relax and get a life.

  24. Middle class people on average have no more then 3 children because they want to give their children the best advantages.

  25. First of all I wouldn't expect the 19 children be looking for welfare or using welfare because the parents of the children and maybe the children just get paid for making the show that they're on so I mean I'm pretty sure they pay them a lot of money to at least provide for their massive family LMFAO excluding you know the fame and Glory that they get for their show. Oh and this was for the b** in the back that was saying that the 19 and Counting kids don't use welfare should have clarified that earlier LMFAO

  26. Imagine having 19 kids who each have children of their own tho
    You could be the grandparent to some-odd 40 people and have created your own clan

  27. Well, if you have 9 Kids. You can manage that by ritual sacrifice of the eldest one.
    His Meat will be fed to younger ones. And its organs will be sold on Black market for hard Cash And maybe some condoms, because you can sell only certain number of organs before even those guys in Black market will become suspicious.
    Or you can rent one of your Kids, to that nice neighbour Guy, Who dresses like Pinhead, what could possibly go wrong. I can see Kids going into his van all the time, And none of them ever left him. He has to be a nice Guy, right?

  28. "You can get offended all you want, but were you offended when I was making fun of other stuff or just what applied to you?" – Steve Fucking Hofstetter, that's who

  29. Steve is not your average genius. He is light years ahead of his time with his uncanny wit and ability to politely tell someone off!

  30. It is a comedy show, not a debate, if you don't like comedy don't go to a comedy show!!  Steve you handled this show, better I could have, great show!!!

  31. Just because you are offender, doesn't mean you are right.
    But sometimes it does make the good lol.
    Not this one tho. It is just too dumb.

  32. Woah dude, you cannot honestly tell me that our media glorifies big families, or that the USA is some sort of major pusher of a "have lots of kids" narrative. This Joke doesn't work because the opposite is true. Malthusian nihilism is the staple in all of our media diets.

  33. She doesn't speak English as a first language.

    Not being racist, just throwing it out there. She's probably from a culture that doesn't believe in birth control, glorifies oversize families, etc.

  34. Another woman who hears what she wants, not what was said, and in her convoluted mind, it becomes anti large family. Is this the gender whom we are supposed to (#metoo) believe no matter what? Can we all agree that men don't have a monopoly on crazy fuckers? I have 5 sisters, have been married for 21 years, and 2 of my 5 kids are girls, and women are bonkers.

  35. It is a crime when they don't HAVE the 💰 to feed their kids… It's called CHILD NEGLECT OR NEGLEGENCE. Then CPS WILL COME AND TAKE AWAY ALL OF THE KIDS!

  36. Islamist are the only community that has no decreased population rate.😁 Every other community has reduced over all birth rate . Shows the difference in education.

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