Mr. Right Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell Comedy HD

Hi! Hey! I’m supposed to be in Milwookie killing your husband. So why are you here? Murder is wrong, Sharon. But you’re a hitman. Nobody’s perfect. Was I cheating on you? Maybe. I don’t know how this keeps on happening.
Do I just suck? no Do I just say… Suck Ball McGee? You’re just a work in progress, babe. How did you do that? This is a lot of condoms. Wow, you look great. Excuse me, waiter. I’m on a date, and I like this girl.
Can we do this tomorrow? Hey, did you have to finish your book on tape? No, sorry, I had to kill somebody in the parking lot. Yeah, into it. Why would anybody kill our guy publicly then? He seems like a sexy rain man or something. Thank you. You are FBI and you have been assigned a new target. He was one of the world’s most notorious professional killers. He quit? No, he developed a moral code. He said he killed a guy in the parking lot, I thought he was joking. They still try to hire him, but now, he kills them. He kills the people who hire him? Is this guy done or…? Just don’t come out, just… This hole reverse-hitman thing is like… It’s weird, I know. You’re like, the greatest, and then you kill people! This guy’s a supersonic psycho killer, right? Just shoot him in the face. I’ve seen crackheads in Brooklyn with better guns. Get at out here. Is it bad? You look handsome. Thanks. I think I’m in love with him, is that stupid? Yes. Hard yes. I just realized that I don’t know his name. Who, the Mr. Right? Yeah, Mr. Right. ” The End”

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