Mumbai Local, Ladies Coach & Me | Sayli Raut | Marathi Standup Comedy | #bhadipa

Hi, I am Sayali. I’m sure you’ve heard of me. Because it’s such a common name! There were six other girls named ‘Sayli’
in my class. My parents destroyed any chance of uniqueness
for me. Do you know of that book –
“101 Baby Names”? My parents didn’t feel the need
to spend even 10 rupees for my future. Well anyway, I actually wanted to become an actor,
but here I am, doing stand up. Because mah life mah rules. And also because of my face. I never got casted for a role. You know how when we take a selfie,
it detects your face in a square? For me it says- 56, Male. So I thought, maybe I should do well at least academically. So I was preparing for the CA exam. Then I stopped. You see, the course of CA is essentially made
for you to quit it. But yes, for the past two years,
I’ve been consistently failing in banking exams. So, I’m also into adventure sports- I travel by the local train. Do you guys know the announcement, “Swachh Bharat, Swachh rail, Swachh ho parisar apna, Rashtrapita ke Swachh Bharat ka sakar Kare hum sapna”. First of all, the announcement is so long that you easily pass 3-4 stations till it’s over. And the man is making such a sincere appeal
about cleanliness, and yet the lady in front of you HAS to do exactly
the opposite and throw her orange peels at your feet. I have nothing against eating, of course. Man should eat, man should eat a lot. There are so many shows to watch –
which you really shouldn’t. So rather than watching such
shows, it’s better any day to just eat. But when eating, if there is anyone
who bothers you the most, it’s little kids. They watch you intently and drool. It’s such a wrong thing to do –
making someone awkward when they’re eating. And if you look to it’s mother to question it –
she’s also looking at you and drooling. These are still the better kids. You know those kids who start throwing tantrums? “Mummy, I want that too!” But then, we consider children,
so we offer food, don’t we? So I did that once, and what did his mother say? “No no, you can’t eat that, it’s ew.” For the remaining part of the journey, that child looked at me like I was a mad woman eating
something disgusting. Anyway, you know the concept of fourth seat, right? Oh good, that means no one here travels
by first class. So yeah, the fourth seat exists and adapting from Tilak we must claim that the fourth seat is our birthright and
I shall absolutely have it. And just simply go and sit. Just go and say, “Sarko”. (shift) But some difficult women, when you ask them to shift, they’ll only shrug their shoulders in pretence! Move?! Or some even more extra say, “How much can I move?
Should I go out of the train now?” Just say to them, “Yes. Go. I want to sit.” And of course, we all know that
women hate being called fat. But here, they’ll say it themselves! “All three of us are so fat,
how will you get space here!” Well, just say, “You may be fat in your homes, I want to sit.” Sit luxuriously. But the problem in these ladies’ train compartments
is that women listen to nobody. They will do whatever they want to do. So my mother – she doesn’t look at the cars
while crossing a road! She just starts walking! And makes a ‘Halt’ gesture with her hand. It’s so ridiculous, I ask her if she’s an Avenger. “Do you think everything on the other side of your hand
is going to get destroyed?!” So such are the ladies you encounter. Also, you know how they say women are soft,
with immense warmth in their minds? That is untrue! Women are extremely heartless! There are married people here, I’m sure these words are from experiences – not mine, theirs. So you know, women really listen to no one. Fights and quarrels in the Gents’ compartment and those that happen in the Ladies’ compartment, have a world of difference between them! In the Gents’compartment, what happens is,
if there’s a fight, men start saying things like, “Try touching me!” “You try! Do you think I’m scared?” And by the time this is done, their station arrives and they just go their separate ways. But what happens in the Ladies’compartment is – they’re directly going to aim for your hair! There’s no escape. You know, these are those women who have left their houses
after fighting their husbands and everything, they’re utterly frustrated with their lives. So just do not get in their way. And if you show the courage to do that, then be prepared to have your hair
separated from your head. And of course, there is no such thing as discipline! Even if one has to get off at Virar, she will be at the door right from Dadar. So you know what to do in these situations? Attack! Just elbow your way out, no sweat! Because karma! Their punishment for their bad karma should be
delivered to them then and there, by us. There is no other force acting in nature, okay? And if anyone has a problem with it, just say, “These things happen in a crowd?
Are you traveling for the first time?” I don’t stand at doors like that though. I move out when the station arrives. And still this girl once haughtily asked me, “Bandra?” I said, “No, Sayli.”

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  1. तुम्हाला local train मध्ये प्रवास करताना आलेला सर्वात 'विचित्र' अनुभव कोणता? आम्हाला comment मध्ये सांगा.

  2. एपिक आहे हा standup. सर्वात जास्त आवडला. तू Avenger aahe ka 😂😂

  3. Very true train experience. Sayli nice one👌🏻nd 4 th sit sathi kharach sarkat nhit as you did for SARKO😆 nd kharach kyup trasalelya astat tya jra koni bolala ki khandan kadhtat😝😝😝

  4. हो सायली खूप कॉमन नाव आहे, माझ्या शेळीच्या पिल्लाच पण नाव सायलीच आहे

  5. मुंबईत किंव्हा मुंबई लोकलमध्ये फक्त हिंदी बोलली जात नाही. व्हिडिओतून तसा संदेश जात असला तरी हे खोटं आहे

  6. Ek no Sayali 😂😂😂.. mi roj train ne travel karte , seriously bayka Kay bhandataat 🙄 , ekda 2 bayka bhandat hotya, ek utarali platform var tari sudha train sute paryanta tikdech ubhi rahun unni dhuni kadhat hoti 😂😂😂😂

  7. Khup mast sayli simply awesome
    U were simply yourself and that quality was seen
    Please ajun ase kai videos nakki kara
    karma, sarko and bandra wala epic hota

  8. 4:21 च्या वाक्यावर अजून भावना दुखावलेल्या प्रतिक्रिया कशा नाही आल्या! 😀

  9. The correct word is "Daba" and not "Dabba"…. .. There is a difference in meaning… "Daba" means box, compartment, etc… "Dabba" means "not good" …. People in Mumbai can't speak Marathi properly due to influence of Hindi …

  10. ये सायली …….
    नाव खरच गोड आहे रे….(माझ्या मुलीचं पण 🤜)👈😘😘😍,,👌👍👍

  11. निखळ विनोद कुठलाही विद्रुप शब्द प्रयोग न करता

  12. खरच खूपच छान स्टॅन्डअप कॉमेडी
    सायली तू ग्रेट आहेस ..
    तुझ्या कॉमेडीवर बऱ्याच दिवसांनी खळखळून हसलो👍👍
    तुला खूप साऱ्या शुभेच्छा..

  13. sahi hota…but marathi comics ekaach tone madhe joke delivery kartaat asa nahi vaatat ka?? mandar bhide ni paath karun ghetlaay ha set tuzhya kadun asa vaatta…but ek no content..

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