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Hello! I’m Daphne. Today will be sharing some of my favourite I bet all of you guys are addicted on Korean Drama lately. My all time favourite is Hong Kong’s drama. IT IS BECAUSE…. I used to watch it since when I was a kid. I bet some of you are same with me. There are a lot of Japanese drama lately, Which is from MONDAY to FRIDAY 10pm. I always enjoy my time when kid asleep. I think Japanese drama is kinda old series drama, especially you guys are born 90’s Actually Japanese drama is still HOT in Japan. Or any of you are still watching it. Alright, back to the topic today Let’s me show you my TOP 5 favourite Japanese drama. 1 will be this *I could get married, but I just don’t.* It just showing woman in Japan nowadays. They won’t get married if they success on their job! They don’t even worrying about marriage, but they can really work hard by themselves. Girls getting stronger day by day! Just a reality. The cast of this drama is FUJIMOTO NAOTO. And also NAKATANI MIKI. NAKATANI MIKI used to be a woman who didn’t get marry, her first love was her high school mate. FUJIMOTO used to be her LOVE teacher, which is teaching about the LOVE technic and also how to get married. NAKATANI trying to having a relationship with a boy which is younger than her 20 years! Lastly , they break up because for no future and different passion, for a 40 year old woman & 23 year old boy. When a woman need marriage life, the 23 year old boy can’t be afford for the relationship. NAKATANI get back to her high school Ex-Boyfriend. Wondering how the relationship going? You must watch this drama as w ell. Second drama Currently my favourite drama. HAPPY MARRIAGE. Cast will be the HOT Japanese guy– FUJIOKA DEAN SEINO NANA This story was actually from a comic. I ‘m totally IN LOVE with this story!! Because….. FUJIOKA DEAN is my favourite !!!!! This is the second drama that FUJIOKA DEAN joined, previous one was …… SORRY I FORGOT…>.

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  1. 上次看 ‘请和废材的我谈恋爱‘ 看到鸡皮疙瘩。。因为太不实际了哈哈哈!!不过在马来西亚要去哪里streaming看日剧?

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