90 Replies to “My Neighbor, Charles | 이웃집 찰스 Ep166 / Comedian Kim Hyeseon and her husband Stefan![ENG / 2018.12.11]”

  1. Hyeseon and Stephan are such a cute couple~
    I aim to find someone who looks at me the same way Stephan looks at Hyeseon 😊

  2. So great that finally a German was there! They're such a cute couple🤣
    And I didn't need to read the subtitles this time xd😂^^

  3. They're so cute.. congratulations., i hope they live happily ever after.. 😘😘

    Now i can't wait to get married.. but im getting nervous at the same time.. 109days to the big day..haha😅

  4. He’s nice and I get why they tell her she’s lucky, but he is lucky that he found his wife too. There are a lot more guys like him in Germany, please don’t get me wrong, but he doesn’t look extremely handsome and to germans (at least to me) his wife is a very good looking woman. I think they are both lucky that they have each other. You truly feel the appreciation and love for each other, that’s what a good marriage is all about. Wishing them only the best 💕

  5. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Hochzeit, ihr beiden! ♥

    Congratulation. Such a nice couple. And I´m pretty sure they´re very happy. ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Never rely on the translation app:

    24:50: My wife brought me more food
    Translator: sie isst mehr, weil sie ist hart (she eats more because she is hard)
    Stefan: Achso (Oh i see)

  7. Her husband is so sweet and she is very blessed to meet and marry him.
    On the other hand, I think Koreans should learn to speak English more and not the other way round, to ask expats to learn Korean Language.

  8. Omg I did the exact same thing I believe at that same market, where you use the old coins at specific stalls to get small portions of food. How funny seeing it on tv. I even had the ganjang ddeokbeokki there!

  9. She took the words right from my mouth. He’s the one when he feels like home, somewhere you are filled with love and peace

  10. She took the words right from my mouth. The one is usually someone you describe as home. They feel like home where love and peace is

  11. Didn’t know she could speak German.
    At least basic German.
    Whether she did before she met him, or she decided to break the language barrier herself, that’s impressive.

  12. I can't believe i was crying when that little makeup scene was done and they asked what her husband means to her. They just seem so in love and it really shows.

  13. Ich lese Stefan und ich hatte schon so ein Gefühl.. dann sehe ich das Bild und dachte mir oh ja wahrhaftig ein deutscher 😂

  14. i like her character in gag concert, i thought that is her character in real life! she was brave enough in gag concert because shes unique! love her! fighting 💕💕💕💞

  15. I don't follow her, but I'm happy for her that she was able to find such a warm, affectionate, supportive partner. Something that we all try to find in a future marriage partner. The fact that he's comfortable in his own skin, not intimidated by her profession nor success is a very respectful quality to have. Such an admirable guy to feel for her for not having her parents in her life. I think it's in poor taste to comment on anyone's looks, because you can be ready attractive on the outside and be totally ugly sometimes abusive in the inside. God doesn't like ugly on the inside if you know what I mean. I find him charming and that can be just as attractive. Looks fade what counts is substance. We all have inner qualities that enhances our beauty within to the outside.

  16. 스텝판이 혜선씨에게 집이라고 하시는데 눈물이 주륵 흘렀어요. 항상 행복하시고 사랑으로 헤쳐나가시길 바래요.

  17. idk why i teared up multiple times watching this. they're lucky to find someone who looks at them with such loving eyes <3

  18. I think its very sweet of him to come to korea and give up his job but if he wants to live there he should learn the language to get a grasp of living there. He can't depend on his wife on the long run. Especially if he wants to work he should become more independent.

  19. In Berlin i was with Stefan in an Korean language course. He was so into his girlfriend. Told everyone he is learning Korean because if her. He never told someone that she is somewhat famous. That shows his loving personality. I wish him and his wife all the best! ♡

  20. That bald guy needs to get out of Korea more. He really seems oblivious to the cultures of other people and so close minded :/

  21. if they have a child, please tell them to join The Return Of Superman. they can communicate with naeun family too so naeun mum has a friend

  22. I in love with this couple.they totally make me jealouse… i am dreaming finding man like Stefan… seriously Hyeseon you so lucky to have him. He is prefect for you. Love see you guy in this show 🙂

  23. I used to watch Gag Concert every week and I remembered Kim Hyesun's skit. It was funny as hell. I'm so happy that she's happier now. And i'm glad they found each other ❤ congrats to Hyesun&Stefan ❤

  24. Seeing them be a bit shocked at his really simple displays of affection makes me wonder what a lot of korean boyfriends/husbands must be like to their gf. Often see this thing as well of "all the husbands in korea will hate you" when a man shows his gf affection n its like…so why be pissed at him when they should just step up their own game fs the bar really is on the floor hahah

  25. I was wondering why I can understand the show up until 6:15 when I realized I didn't on the captions 😂😂😂😂

  26. 여기서 Daniel 씨를 보니 정말 반갑네요. Daniel 씨 너무 좋아요. He is such a nice gentleman.

  27. Kim Hyeson is very beautiful to me can’t wait for them to start having kids much blessings to their union

  28. i just listened to the video while playing a game, but when stefan began to speak i instantly knew he was german. He hj´jsut sound like every german speaking a foreign language he just learned XDXD

  29. i really love this show the same with hello counselor it makes me really2 want to be a host i really want to learn hanguk and be a host at korea

  30. Awh they look so full of love and I'm so happy for them. They look really cute together and I truly wish them a happy life. It isn't about the looks, it's about the quality of a person. Stefan is a kind man and Hyeseon is charming woman. She is one of my favorites in Gag Concert. ♥️

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