My Neighbor, Charles | 이웃집 찰스Ep167/Comedian Kim Hyeseon and her husband Stefan Part2[ENG/2018.12.18]

(The cultural center of Korea) (Korea’s landmark, Dongdaemun) (DDP, Jung-gu, Seoul) (The 167th story) (This comedian disappeared from TV) I thought it was just acting… But it felt like that became my persona. I felt like my real self disappeared. I needed a change in my life. It must’ve been a rough time for you. (She ran away to Germany to find herself) (And there, she gained a special person, Stefan) (They seem like such a sweet couple) (But reality has been hitting them hard) There are wedding expenses, paying respect… There’s so much to do. He doesn’t understand that stuff. (Stefan tries his best to adjust to Korea) (Hyeseon helps Stefan look for a job!) (Will Stefan get a job in Korea?) This is My Neighbor, Charles where we meet foreigners living in Korea. – Hello. / – Hello. Continuing from last week, we have Hyeseon and Stefan back on our show. Now we’ll finally find out. – Yeah. / – I was so curious. – I was so curious. / – The week felt so long. I was curious. The last episode was a big hit. Hyeseon and Stefan were such an adorable couple. Stefan said he had so much fun. He thinks he should work on TV now. (Stefan wants to work on TV?) Stefan, don’t learn too much Korean. – Why not? / – His spot… He might end up taking my spot. We’ll always have that spot open for you, Stefan. You can change now. Come sit here, Fabian. I will be going to the job fair for foreigners in 2019. – Change roles. / – I’ll be ready. We were really curious. – He failed the interview… / – What happened? The interviewer wanted to speak to you, Hyeseon. Do we finally get to hear what he told you? Maybe he wanted Hyeseon’s autograph. That’s a possibility. – Anyway, let’s watch the clip. / – Let’s find out. (My Neighbor, Charles) (Foreigner job fair, Gangnam, Seoul) Good luck. Good luck, honey. (Smooch) Please be good to him. Let’s talk in Korean. (Very troubling from the start!) Korean… I’m studying it now. It’s harder to speak in a foreign language when you’re nervous. (Hyeseon has no idea what’s going on) They keep showing each other their phones. I hope it goes well. When we meet our government client, you need to understand and speak. Not perfectly, but… Because in our industry a lot of communication is happening. So I cannot give you the chance for the internship. You need to learn Korean. Yeah, I have to improve the language. – You need to learn first. / – You’re right. (He fails his second interview because of his Korean) – Say good-bye. / – Good-bye. Oh, he failed another interview… I bet that was very stressful for him. (Just then!) It was right here. (He wants to talk to Hyeseon?) Even if he isn’t fluent in Korean, he has to be able to communicate. Because all of our employees speak English. So we can’t offer him the internship now. If he improves his Korean, it’ll be easier for him to find a job. Good-bye. He wanted to give her advice. He was really helpful. Since Stefan has a good resume… Hello. (Another couple shows up) Who is this? He works in a similar field that Stefan worked in. So he gives us a lot of information and he helps us. – He interviewed at two places so far. / – Two? Start off greeting them in Korean. That’s a tip. “Hello, my name is Stefan. Nice to meet you.” (Preparing a Korean greeting) (Stefan is nervous before his next interview) He looks uncomfortable. Hello, can he have his interview now? Yes, he can have it now. Right here? (He starts his next interview with reliable supporters) Hello, my name is Stefan. Nice to meet you. That was good. I’m a comedian and he’s my husband. He’s worked in public engineering. And… He studied in Germany. It was hard to explain. He’s looking for a job in Korea, which is why he’s interviewing here. Our company doesn’t do environmental work. You don’t do public engineering? He has a lot of experience in construction too. (This job is different from Stefan’s expertise) There were a lot of different fields within that field. Thank you. (Stefan has lost hope for this job) Good job. Gosh, this is hard. They all told him he needs to be better at Korean. (Hyeseon also seems a bit down now) That is a construction company… But it’s a different type of construction? Yeah, it’s different. – They build stuff like tunnels… / – I see. It’s different from what Stefan did. I wanted to go home. (Stefan doesn’t give up and keeps looking for work) – That’s not good for his confidence. / – Right. (Hyeseon starts to feel frustrated and pressured) – He has all this great work experience. / – Yeah. I bet you got to find out here how remarkable your husband is. One time, I apologized to him that I’m a foreigner. – Really? / – Then he said that… He would be a foreigner in Korea. That made me so sad. I think this is hard for him. (All international couples must face this reality) Hyeseon is a hard worker. I think she has to work even harder in Korea than in Germany because of me. I can do things on my own in Germany, but I need Hyeseon’s help for everything in Korea. This has to be really hard on her. I feel terrible about it. It’s okay. I’m sorry. No, it’s fine. (They feel bad for each other) Finding a job is hard. It’s especially hard in Korea. It is. I bet you had no idea it would be this hard. With marriage, you just need to be considerate and make sacrifices. But with finding a job, it’s hard even if… – You both work at it together. / – Right. And after he went to the foreigner job fair, the first thing he said was, “It’s not time for me to find a job. It’s time for me to learn Korean as soon as possible.” That’s what he said. He worked in a unique field. Urban ecology. – Even the term is hard. / – It is. And I have no knowledge of construction, so it’s even harder. I don’t have many ways to help him. If he was looking for a job in TV, I could set him up with the right people. He interviewed with a bank and a language company at the job fair. Is there another field you’d want to pursue? I got used to doing one kind of job in Germany. I think it’s time for a change. I’m definitely ready to work in a different field. Fabian was a taekwondo major and now he’s working on TV, which is very different. – He’s a model too. / – I studied international trade. Oh, that was your major? Why would you even study that? – When you work on TV. / – I’m not sure either. Stefan could also pursue a totally different field. I bet Fabian seems amazing to Stefan. – Why? / – Because he’s a foreigner… That has a job and is very good at Korean. There’s nothing amazing about that. I’ve been living here for 10 years. You’ll be like this when you’ve lived here for 10 years. (Wedding photos with class 26 comedians) (Wedding photo studio, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do) (Why are Hyeseon’s comedian colleagues here?) (The bride and groom arrive late) I’m a woman. – This is Stefan! / – Stefan! It’s your first time seeing him, right? Happy birthday, by the way. My colleagues met him for the first time. – That’s their first time meeting? / – Yes. You look pretty. Stefan, it’s his birthday today. – Really? / – It’s his birthday today. – Happy birthday. / – Thank you, thank you. You have a nickname for her, right, Stefan? What do you call her? Not honey. (Hyeseon gives Stefan a hint) – Cutie. / – Cutie? I bet she enforced that on you. “Have you eaten?” And you’d answer, “cutie.” She made you say cutie constantly, I bet. – No! / – If someone asks you where she is… Cutie. If you hear Hyeseon, you automatically say cutie now. (Everyone calls each other different things) My colleagues and I are close. – Those are for us? / – Yeah. – How about getting them out of the rain? / – Yeah. We’re going to be wearing that. Right. They’re in bags. Korea and Germany. – This is actually pretty meaningful. / – Yeah. – Nice one. / – Pretty clever, right? Korea and Germany. – That looks good. / – And we’re class 26. So thoughtful. I designed that myself. When one of us comedians get married, we make matching shirts. – Really? / – That’s like your tradition? Yes, for our comedian class. I thought you made those for soccer. Korea beat Germany by 2:0. Hey! (More of Hyeseon’s comedian colleagues are here) – Hello! Nice to meet you! / – Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. They’re all comedians. (Stefan is starting to loosen up) Very nice. It looks good. Stefan wants to be friends. The shirts look really cute. Tell him to hurry. Yeah, I’m almost there. Stefan is waiting for you. Hold on. Talk to him. (He starts speaking in German) – Tell him to hurry. / – Hurry. I’ll be right there. Get here soon. Tell him to hurry. Hurry. Does this look good on me? How’s my hair? You look good no matter what. Is Stefan waiting for someone? There’s someone Stefan likes. (Noisy) (Is Stefan’s guy here?) (Comedian Lim Wooil of “Gag Concert”) It’s comedian Lim Wooil. (It’s not this guy) It’s not him. I bet he’s waiting for a woman. He’s been waiting for you! – Oh, it’s Taehun. / – Seo Taehun. He likes Taehun the best? Why though? Is he a fan? He’s a fan of Taehun. (Stefan’s favorite Korean star) I like Seo Taehun too… I like him too. Who do you think you are? Gang Dongwon? This is what… My heart told me to do. What is that? Sleazy concept. When I went to the taping, Seo Taehun seemed like the boss of “Gag Concert.” He was doing the most work on the show. Right, on “Gag Concert…” Isn’t he the youngest comedian? Taehun hosts the show with a mic. That’s true. Those parts are unaired, but he hosts the show between skits. It looks like he works very hard. Seo Taehun, I have a gift. A gift? – Just for me? / – Yes. Here you go. Look at him! He brought a gift just for Taehun. – What did he get him? / – A gift just for me! Taehun… (Feeling hurt) – They’re upset… / – I bet. – Let’s leave. / – Bye. The rest of them want to leave. (The comedians act jealous) Just Photoshop us into the wedding photos. Thank you. (Stefan only seems to care about Taehun) He wants to know if you like it. I love it. I love it. I’ll make sure to even wear this during winter. Look at him with his hands together. (Hyeseon is translating for him) I’ll even wear this during winter. I hope the size is right. (Super jealous) Where’s my t-shirt? I’m poor, so I don’t have much money. Sorry. Look me in the eyes and tell me. He says he’s poor. He’s suddenly poor? (Feeling bad) (The wedding photo shoot starts) Action! We didn’t plan on having umbrellas, but we changed things because of the rain. It still looks nice. This looks nice. (He changes into hanbok?) – How cute. / – It looks good on him. (Shy) I look really cool. (Stefan’s first time wearing a traditional wedding hat) He looks like Sejong the Great. I’m very happy to wear this today. (Now things look a bit more traditional) – Wow, so pretty. / – Group photo looks great. (Stefan and Hyeseon’s shoot was special) The photos look beautiful. They look great. In Korea, they call it SDM. A studio shoot, dressing up and makeup. How did that all feel as a man? He sighed first. It was really hard. We started at 4 a.m. I had to wake up, get my hair and makeup done, change into a bunch of outfits and the shoot lasted all day. I had to change many times. It was a lot of hard work. They don’t do wedding photo shoots in Germany. They just take photos on the day of the wedding. (Relatable) He complained a bit over having to wear so many different outfits. It was really stressful for him. He passed out the next day. I have a question. Why do you like Seo Taehun so much? He would always praise Taehun. It made me angry. I asked, “Is it me or Taehun?” This actually happened. Then what did Stefan say? Of course I said Hyeseon. – What a relief. / – Yeah. But this is important. He said me, but he had to think about it first. “Hmm… Let’s see…” Like that. That was kind of mean. I’m here… And Seo Taehun is down here. And Hyeseon would be here. And Sayuri is here. I’m above him? (This is hard for Stefan to believe) Just stay naive like that forever! Gosh, he’s so naive. (I still like Seo Taehun) (This is Berlin, Germany) (Stefan returned to Germany after the photo shoot) Where is this? This is Berlin? – It looks cold. / – And a bit gloomy. Yeah. (Slumped shoulders, gloomy steps) (He tries to smile) He looks lonely without his wife. (This is so sad) I think we went there together. (I miss you, Hyeseon) I want to ride that boat with Hyeseon in the summer. We’ll be all over this lake. – I like boats like that. / – I haven’t watched this. So you filmed him by himself. (The boat he wants to ride with Hyeseon) (Video chatting with Hyeseon) I’m coming to Korea where you are soon. – I’ll be waiting for you. / – Video chatting is nice. We video chat all the time. I’ll be there soon. I’ll call you back when I get home. See you later. I bet his hands are really cold. – Since it’s cold there. / – His hands are all red. (Who is this?) – Is that his mother? / – And father. I miss them! His dad is so handsome. – Who is that? / – Stefan’s older sister. Today is Stefan’s birthday. I’m Alexandra… – Stefan’s older sister. / – She looks like her mom. I’m Stefan’s father. I’m Gunther. I’m Stefan’s mother. I’m Veroika. (Stefan’s family is together for his birthday) – It was his birthday? / – It was? My mom baked an apple cake for my birthday. And this cake was bought from a bakery. But the homemade one tastes better. (The original sweet husband) That cake is so good. They made it? Stefan’s mother baked that cake for me… – On my birthday too. / – It looks delicious. They grow the apples themselves. Happy birthday, Stefan! She acts so cute. Thank you. I wish you were here on my birthday too. (The family is happy to see Hyeseon) His dad looks like Santa Claus. I’m going to a register office today to get the forms needed to get married. He filmed this himself? It looks pretty natural. He does want to work on TV. That’s where I can apply for the forms. – Have you been there? / – Not there. They always have weddings here, so there are always traces leftover on the ground. When we have our wedding in Germany later… We’re going to get married in this building. So you can have weddings at these public offices. It’s free to get married here too. That’s a great place for your wedding, Hyeseon. It’s such a pretty building. It says registration office. He’s explaining everything too. – It’s like a registration office in Korea. / – Yes. I’m all done here. I applied for the forms and it’ll take some time. – He came right back out. / – Yeah. Now I have to send those forms to Korea. Hyeseon has to send them back to me in Germany. I’m very satisfied now and I’m happy that I’ll go back to see Hyeseon soon. I love you, my dear. How does the process go to get married in Germany, Stefan? It’s a bit complicated to marry a foreigner. You need forms from each country. The forms have to be translated and notarized. And the entire process is really slow in Germany. It also costs a lot of money to get those forms. – So it costs a lot too? / – Really? In Korea… I went with Stefan to the district ward and got the forms. It only cost around $3. It was like $1 for each form. And when I got them right away, he was like, “Already? And they only cost $3?” It’s fast and cheap for us. But in Germany, you have to apply for the forms and it usually takes around a month. You get the forms a month or two later. You go to apply for the forms first. Then you pay for them. One of the forms cost 80 euros. (80 euros is around $102) Koreans don’t know this, but Korea has the best administrative workers in the world. They’re so competent. They’re fast and the process is so easy. But in Europe, it’s slow and expensive. Things go wrong. It’s really complicated. The process is a lot harder for those that want an international marriage. The language barrier and cultural differences make things hard enough as it is. That’s why I’m not married yet. It’s too complicated. Because the process is too complicated. Just get married already, Sayuri. (Marriages blues) (Hyeseon’s younger sister lives here) – This is Gwangyang, Jeollanam-do? / – Yes. – I thought it was LA. / – Me too. What’s with this entrance? Hey! I thought you were a stranger. – What are you up to? / – When did you get here? I was looking at something. Why did you bring that? I should write stuff down in here. I’m making a list of stuff we need. Then we’ll see how much everything costs. After that, I’ll try to help you with anything I can. – Since you’ve done this already. / – Yeah. Just follow me. What a reliable younger sister. She’s like a mother. Wow. Don’t you need a new washing machine? Why are washing machines so expensive? This one costs over $2,000? – They’re pretty pricy. / – Yeah. If you check around… Second-hands only cost around $100. (Sheesh) How is a fridge $6,000? That’s insane. – Don’t go that way. / – Yeah? They get pricier as you go down the line. Don’t go that way. This way… You need a fridge. Only 7 eggs fit in my fridge. Time for dinner, Stefan. (Hehehe) (Hyeseon starts to miss Stefan) I wish Stefan was here to check this stuff out too. You don’t have time for that. Shopping together will make us feel like newlyweds. (Depressed) (Smack) – You startled me. / – It’s fine. You have me. (Venting to her sister about her concerns) Marriage is reality. But you know… Our house doesn’t feel like a newlywed home. Your place? So many things to worry about. It’s like this when you get married. Your husband took care of some stuff when you were getting married. He’s reliable. Stefan is reliable too. But he isn’t Korean, so he doesn’t know the culture. There’s nothing he can really help with here, so that gives me more to do. Hyeseon, you have to have everything ready. That’s only temporary. He’ll adjust and get used to it later on. He’ll find ways he can help and take the lead. It’s going to be hard on you at first though. And of course, it’ll be hard for Stefan too. Yeah, it’ll be hard for him too. I hope they can live without worries. Right, I bet that’s how she feels. Even if they’re not super rich… I want them to live without worries. They’re really worried right now. They have a lot of concerns. It’s complicated. Once they have their wedding, I hope my sister can make a clean start. The culture is different and the process is complicated. You have to have deep conversations sometimes. I realized this after dating him. He doesn’t understand the words, but he understands the heart. That’s what he taught me. But honestly, he couldn’t understand some things about the Korean wedding culture. “Why do we have to do that?” We still had some disagreements, so that was a bit hard. Did you two fight? You have to be good at the language to fight. That’s true. The fact that you two aren’t fluent in both languages… – Could be helpful. / – That’s true. We’ve met a lot of couples that are actually happier because they can’t communicate as well. Sometimes you let things slide. But if you’re really good at the language and you start fighting… That’s why I hope he never learns Korean. Did you date foreigners in the past? (Shh) My gosh! I never thought about that. Do not translate that for him. Do not translate that. (It’s our little secret) I bet it’s frustrating for Stefan too. I’m sure you want to vent at times, so I bet that’s frustrating. Honestly, not really. I can always talk things over with Hyeseon. And… A lot of times, I have to guess what she’s trying to tell me. But I always understand her. And it’s the same for her. Gosh, he knows what to say on TV. If you’re ever frustrated, just call Seo Taehun… Stop talking about Seo Taehun! (Great news) – What’s the news? / – What is it? (Stefan is back from Germany) (He’s out by himself without Hyeseon?) He’s outside to do something. Yes, he’s going somewhere. Where though? (Glances) Where is he going? I guess he went somewhere while I was working. Apgujeong Station. Apgujeong Station. I hope he can find it. I was on my way to a German language school. I had an interview there. That’s great. (At the foreigner job fair) (Stefan interviewed with a big language school) (He got an interview for a German language school) So he only has to be good at German. So the job fair actually helped. – He got an email from them. / – What a relief. Expwess Bus… Deminal. Excuse me, but isn’t terminal an English word? But it was written in Korean. And then I go to line 3. To Apgujeong Station. – You can read Korean? / – Yes, he can. (He has to transfer at Express Bus Terminal) I hope he gets there just fine. (Will Stefan be able to find his way?) (He arrives at the transfer station) It’s this one. (He checks what he wrote down) Stefan doesn’t like taking the subway. I bet he’s nervous about missing his stop. – It’s hard. / – It really is. This really scared me at first. I used to always mix up Sincheon and Sinchon. (Stefan gets off at the transfer station) And it’s so crowded. (Will he be able to make the transfer?) This is complicated. It’s even complicated for us. (Stefan is going the wrong way) It’s hard to find your way if you’re not used to this. He’s going the wrong way… – Oh, no! / – No! Not that way! No, no. I want to tell him. It’s hard to make the transfer to line 3. You could go the wrong way. (Stefan makes sure to ask someone first) – You go up there. / – Upstairs? It’s the other side. Okay, thank you. (Will he find the right way now?) He has to go back up. (Looking around) (This way to Apgujeong Station) Will he go the right way? There are 3 lines you can transfer to at Express Bus Terminal. – Right. / – Right. This station and Dongdaemun Station… Is he going the same way? Geez… – He has no sense of direction. / – Stefan! Are you a fool? He has trouble with directions. He was just here. The same place… (Now he’s just walking without even asking?) Oh, no… I bet his mind is going blank. I totally understand that feeling. What if he’s late? (Embarrassed) It’s okay. He’s so embarrassed. He might be late. Excuse me. Is this the right train to Apgujeong? Apgujeong arrival? It’s not here. It’s the other side. This side? They can somehow understand each other. Thank you. (Will Stefan find his way this time?) (He gets a phone call from Hyeseon!) I went to the subway heading the wrong way. It’s fine. I just went the wrong way. He’s going back there again. No, no… That one’s going towards Daehwa. He’s right. I guess you don’t take the subway, Seokcheon. Pardon? It was so frustrating. He was almost an hour late. That would never happen in Germany. When you go to an interview in Germany, you show up early or at least be on time. Or else, it’ll just make you look bad. If you aren’t punctual, that’s going to reflect on you poorly. (He finally arrives at Apgujeong Station) I just arrived at Apgujeong Station… – And I came out of exit 4. / – He’s late… He’s probably stressed out. (The interview is at 500m away from exit 4) That’s far. 500m… He should’ve just taken a taxi. (Stefan asks someone for help again) I’m Chinese. A foreigner asking a foreigner for directions. Things aren’t looking good. She made a funny face. “I’m Chinese!” – Oh, really? I’m sorry. / – A German man… Asking for directions in Apgujeong, Seoul… To a Chinese person. – Out of all the people. / – What a nightmare. It was awful. It was a terrible day where I was late for my interview. I was hoping the language school would be understanding. Oh! He found it. Finally? How long did that take him? – An hour. / – It says German. There it is. (But he’s already 1 hour late) (Oh, no) I hope it works out. (How will Stefan’s interview go?) I bet the interviewer was angry. (Hyeseon arrives because she was worried!) It took me some time to find that place too. It was hard to find. (Hyeseon nervously waits for Stefan) – Did you wait for him? / – Yes. (Stefan comes out from his interview) How did it go? – The interview took an hour? / – Is that a contract? – Stefan! / – Yes. She’s like his savior. (They’re happy to see each other) This is your class? The number of students I’m teaching. (Looks like his interview went pretty well) What a relief. What do you think about working at a language school? It’s a good school and the boss seems nice. He seems like a successful and kind person. I think I need some time to think this over. (It’s not easy for him to reach a decision yet) He can’t make a sudden decision. I think I know how he feels. – He’s never done this kind of work. / – Right. This isn’t his major. It could be hard for him. (Stefan waits for someone by himself again) Good to see you again! – How have you been? / – They met again. Now they’re like best friends. You met Daniel again? He can call on him whenever times are tough. It’s good that they met. I heard you went to a job fair recently. How was it? I got interviewed at a language school. I’m wondering if I should start teaching there. If it’s a short-term job, I definitely recommend it. I applied for a German language school at first too. Right. That’s the easiest way for foreigners to find work. Right. I failed the interview. But that was because I knew how to speak Korean. If the students found out that I knew Korean, they might try speaking to me in Korean. So they turned me down for that. Because he’s good at Korean… If you’re too good at Korean, the students will try to speak to you in Korean instead of the language they’re learning. So it’s better that Stefan doesn’t know Korean. – He’s a native speaker. / – A native speaker. If that’s the case for you, this is a great opportunity. If it was me, I’d definitely work there. But this is what I’m unsure of. The students are all Korean and I’m German. How am I supposed to explain stuff to them? Don’t worry about that. Korean students understand everything. When I was in Germany, all I used was German. – That’s how you learn faster. / – No English at all. I bet the language school only wants you to speak in German. Even if the students don’t understand, it’s important that you keep speaking German. In Germany, we try to fill our resume with work experiences in the same field. Right, but it isn’t like that in Korea. So I can work in this field for a few years and go into a totally unrelated field later on. Yes, that won’t be much of a problem here. You can’t think like you did in Germany. He’s giving him a lot of good advice. Daniel told me that he really struggled when he first came to Korea. It was consolation that everyone struggles at first. He also spoke very positively about living in Korea, so I’m even more excited about living here. Did you decide to work at the language school? I’m actually still thinking about it. Daniel said that it’s a good job for me to start off with in Korea. So I’ll probably start working at that school soon. (Just for you) (The night grows deeper in Seoul) – Did you take the cruise at Hangang? / – Pretty. (A cruise ship filled with love) It’s romantic there. I want to ride that too. A lot of foreigners. Yes, that was my first time taking that cruise. Really? The people that live in Seoul don’t ride that. Even though it’s right nearby… It’s nice here. Thank you for bringing me. We should take a photo there too. How romantic. They should do all that stuff too. You should. When you ask someone to take your photo abroad… – They run away with your phone. / – That’s true. You have to be careful. (Making a nice memory on the cruise ship) (1, 2, 3) (We’re getting married soon) – How nice. / – It’s a photo shoot. (Capture our love) Isn’t Seoul beautiful, Stefan? (Just then!) On this boat today… There’s a couple that’s getting married soon. Let’s give them a big hand. (Hyeseon has no clue) What’s going on? Oh, an event! (What’s with the mic?) I was truly surprised then. (This is what happened) – Oh, he prepared this? / – Ahead of time. He prepared this with the director. (Will the proposal go as planned?) (All preparations are complete) Oh, he prepared all that. Very nice. Will Stefan be able to give his speech well? I bet he’s nervous. I’m “Kingsman” Stefan from Germany. (Hahaha) He sure likes “Kingsman.” – He’s so silly. / – Yeah. I am too. This is Hyeseon, my girlfriend. She’s a comedian. (A big crowd has gathered for the event) We met in Germany and we’ve been dating for over 2 years. I want to ask you today if you’ll marry me. Would you like to marry me? (Shy, moved) (The people congratulate them) (Stefan’s proposal was a big success!) (They got through the cultural differences) You did it perfectly at a perfect spot. (They promised to marry each other) (Fireworks to celebrate their marriage) You’re crying at your own proposal? Did he prepared the fireworks too? When I saw him say that in front of those people… It got me choked up. He prepared that all by himself. He even brought rings. I felt like I was really a woman. I knew she’d say yes if I proposed to her. I was so happy that she said yes as soon as I asked. I’ll never forget that day. (The day of the wedding) It’s the wedding. It’s finally the day. – Thank goodness it’s nice out. / – A nice day. The week after we got married… – It started raining? / – All the leaves fell. How do you feel? Tired. I had instant noodles before bed last night. You had instant noodles? A bride-to-be? The night before the wedding? Everyone is saying that Stefan doesn’t seem nervous at all even though he’s getting married. (He really doesn’t look nervous) He seems laid back. He’s wearing his jacket. (He still hasn’t changed into his tuxedo) He seems relaxed. (What happened here?) Are you regretting your decision, Stefan? – Trying to run away? / – Yeah, is that it? The company delivered my suit, my tuxedo… But it’s much too small. I don’t know why this happened. They measured… Maybe they mixed the numbers. (He got the wrong tuxedo) – Is the right tuxedo coming? / – Yes. – That was a close call. / – It really was. (Stefan is with Hyeseon’s sister) (Just then!) (Hyeseon’s colleagues greet Stefan) – Stefan. / – Stefan. Try this on for now. – For me? / – They’re the same size. What a relief. My colleagues were worried, so they let him borrow a jacket for his interview. (They joke around as they let him borrow the jacket) $5. I only have euros. He only has euros. He’s so laid back. (He looks a bit nicer with the suit jacket) Handsome guy! But! But it’s mine. (A lot of people came to cover their wedding) Look at all the press. (They take some nice photos thanks to the jacket) He actually wore that jacket for the photos? It’s fine. It’ll be a nice memory. I can’t look! (The colleagues prepare the wedding song) You should really thank your colleagues. (It’s in German?) – So they spelled everything out… / – In Korean. Stefan is German. So we’re going to be singing the hook in German. (Practicing for the wedding!) (More guests arrive!) (It’s like every KBS comedian showed up!) Look over there. 1, 2… (It’s 10 minutes before the wedding) I’m the first one that got married at church. (Thankfully, Stefan’s tuxedo arrives!) What a relief. – It’s here. / – It’s here. My goodness… Such a close call. (Stefan rushes to get dressed) (Stefan turns into a groom) He looks great, like “Kingsman.” He looks better than a “Kingsman.” (What is Hyeseon up to?) What are those? What are you doing now, Hyeseon? (Hyeseon runs in jump shoes) What’s going on here? (Nobody at the wedding hall is expecting this) We’ll be getting started with Stefan and Hyeseon’s wedding. I bet Stefan was happy. Today’s main event. The bride and groom! Come on in! (They all clap, but where are Stefan and Hyeseon?) Stefan! (They have to go in, but she can’t find Stefan) Yeah, they should be entering together… (Hyeseon goes in first by herself) Where’s Stefan? (We’ve never seen a bride like this) How fun. What kind of bride does that? So energetic. Restart the song. (Hyeseon is such a silly bride) They started singing while we were being photographed. (Now this is a comedian’s wedding!) Gosh… How fun. She’s a comedian to the core. Even in this moment… That’s why I wore a short dress. The husband… Stefan looks a bit terrified too. This is so funny. (A new kind of Cinderella?) You wore jump shoes to make your entrance like that? For my entrance… – You wanted to entertain the guests? / – Yes. It was very funny. The bride never enters like that in Germany. That wouldn’t happen anywhere else in the world. – It doesn’t happen. / – Not even in Korea. Not even in Japan. I’m probably the first one to do that in Korea. It wasn’t ordinary, but it was definitely unforgettable. (They become husband and wife as people cheer) (Moved) I want to congratulate you guys on your wedding. I have something I want to say to Stefan who will be with Hyeseon forever. Hyeseon, don’t start crying yet. This isn’t the sad part, so just wait for it. Stefan. Please be good to Hyeseon. Hyeseon… Prefers dumbbells over luxury brand bags. She likes squats more than nail art. Stefan, Hyeseon looks very strong, but she has a tender heart. She’s like a child sometimes but I hope you love her the way she is. Stefan, I truly hope that you’re good to Hyeseon. Congratulations on your wedding. Be happy! (Moved) How nice. (Hyeseon gives Sora a big hug after her speech) (Time for the wedding song) (The people cheer as Lee Sanghun comes in) He’s so silly. That’s why comedian weddings are so much fun. Hyeseon, dance! Dance, dance, dance! How will she dance? (Hyeseon gives it her all for the wedding song) You’re so silly, Hyeseon. – So much energy. / – Stefan, dance! Stefan’s going to dance? (He also dances with all his might) (He’s embarrassed, yet curious) – So cute. / – Stefan probably doesn’t understand… So we prepared the hook in German. Listen carefully. ♪ Oh, love ♪ He’ll understand this part. He didn’t understand the lyrics at all. Really? He didn’t understand a single word. (They met like they were fated and fell in love) (Stefan and Hyeseon finally tied the knot) What a great wedding. (We hope they’re happy like this forever) Congratulations! It was touching, yet funny too. I’ve never laughed so much at a wedding. I actually started crying from laughing. – The bride danced like this. / – She did this. (Embarrassed) We were able to watch a very unique wedding. It was very entertaining and moving. You met like it was destiny. Stefan gave up everything and came to Korea just to be with you, Hyeseon. They’re like a couple out of a drama. I had no idea that international weddings were so complicated. But it was doable, right? It’s hard for even Koreans to get married. – That’s true. / – It’s the same for everyone. We just come from different countries. I hope we’re always happy together. Even when I get better at Korean, let’s never fight like how we are now. My goodness… And I’ll help you out a lot, so that you’re never stressed out and you’re always happy. Me too. Just trust me. I’ll do anything for you. Thank you. Kiss! Kiss! Gosh… I bet this couple made many people jealous over these 2 episodes. I’m envious too. Thank you for being with us for 2 episodes. – Thank you. / – Thank you. My Neighbor, Charles… Thank you. Danke schon. – Thank you. / – Thank you. That’s the end of our show for today. – Auf wiedersehen! / – See you next time! Auf wiedersehen! Have you been here? Let’s go here.

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  1. Okay I never knew I was such a big fan of Seo taehun until he showed up….I fangirled really hard!!! I really love him on Gag Concert's The Participation Show

  2. I know I should not have said it like that but Stefan doesn't have a personality!!!!! For both man and woman having a personality is really important!!!!! You just can't quit your job for someone just bcuz you love that person!!!! His wife would've never married her if he was a Korea guy….maybe she married him to have more a "white" baby…..

  3. ok but how can someone be sooo extremely confused by the Korean subway system? It's so clear! Plus you have signs written out in English too. And he is from Berlin, they have a subway system too…
    Also, his way of speaking in German is weird and very slow. I am happy for their love and it's great that they are so caring to each other, but he seems a bit.. unintelligent? (for lack of a better word)

  4. To everyone that's wondering "why is this reuploaded?"
    In the original upload at 6:10, Stefan's full German address was visible without a blur.

  5. Really hard to find a job in korea if u cnt speak hangul well.. i feel same way before.. most of korean cnt speak english

  6. I watch my neighbor Charles program because it resonates with me and i fully understand what these foreigners go through. …its hard like really hard, so don't just pass judgment. I am asian and moved to Germany because of husband. So yes, people take things for granted because they are born there but to relearn everything and let go a good job, start from zero….hey hallo its like damn hard, plus a foreign language. Went through all that.

  7. 여기서 Daniel 씨를 보니 정말 반갑네요. Daniel 씨 너무 좋아요. What a nice gentleman he is.

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