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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. Episode 09 Chief Jr. Don’t think about it too much It’s time to go back Why? We just got a message The 4th Leader Wen and the 11th Leader Luo were on their way to pick up the Chief at Tianshan and got attacked It’s an emergency We should go back immediately to save them It’s about people’s life Just go Master From now on, don’t call me Master Call me Old Geezer, like before Master Chief Jr. Go, go Leave me alone Go, just go Go Just go Little punk, I’m telling you Once you get involved, you are not yourself anymore Come back soon Brother 4th, Mrs. 4th I suppose that is Zhou Zhongying, isn’t he? I was trying to say that You see? He had two iron balls They were in a hurry Maybe it’s an emergency How about this? Let’s go to the Tiedan Villa first OK, OK Owner Those three people Are they going to the Tiedan Villa? I’m thinking about this, too Here is the thing, Jianxiong You go back and have a look If they need our help let them stay Take good care of them But what about our Princess? You don’t know her? My baby girl is always making troubles So, Jianxiong You back to serve our guests Me? I will look for my baby girl myself OK, Master Let’s go Enjoy your meal Take care You are? I’m Wei Chunhua May I have your name? Lu Feiqing You are Mr. Lu from Wudang Sorry I didn’t recognize you I I heard a lot about you from Mr. Zhao Banshan He and I are close friends indeed Sure, sure Mr. Lu, have a seat You, too Mr. Lu Have you met our 4th Leader and his wife? Yes, how do you know that? Mr. Lu The red flower you are wearing has four leaves around it It’s a sign of our 4th Leader Is that so? You tell me the truth frankly It’s my honor No It’s our honor to have your respect Mr. Lu Most of men from the Society are here Would you do me the honor and let’s get together with them Brother Wei This time, I have something important to report It’s about my nephew’s life Brother Wei, please lead the way OK This way Heroes, Heroes I’m Song Shanpeng The butler May I have your name? Butler Song We are from the Red Flower Society This is our 4th Leader, Mr. Wen Tailai This is Mrs. 4th and the 11th Leader I’m Luo Bing I’m Yu Yutong, the 14th Brother It’s my honor to meet you Have a seat, please I heard that the Society is founded in Jiangnan and seldom go beyond the Great Wall This time you are here What can I do for you? Sorry for our lack of manners The Owner just went out So When will he come back? I’m afraid I don’t know Actually, we came all the way out here isn’t for something important We’ve heard about his great name and wanted to show our admiration Now that he is not here We should not disturb you anymore, excuse us Why don’t you leave after dinner? No, thanks Wait, wait, wait If the Owner comes back he will blame me for being slighted Come here Mr. Wen, this small gift is just a token of my regard. You’ve come all the way out here But we didn’t show our hospitality These travelling expenses Please do accept This is how you treat your guests Mr. Song, you are too contemptuous I wouldn’t dare No, no, no Go to report to the Madam Heroes Heroes, Heroes Mr. Lu Here is the organization of our Society This way, please OK, OK Brother 9th is home Brother 9th Brother 7th, Brother 12th Brother 9th, this is? This is Mr. Lu Feiqing Nice to meet you, Mr. Lu Likewise, likewise Mr. Lu They are the 7th Leader, Xu Tianhong the 12th Leader, Shi Shuangying You are the so-called “Wu Zhuge” and ” Gui Jianchou” I’ve heard of your name for a long time You flattered us Mr. Lu is here to send letter for Brother 4th Mr.Lu What happened to them? Mr. 4th is wanted by the imperial court He was slightly wounded But he is OK now He is hiding in Tiedan Villa The Villa of Zhou Zhongying? Yes There is an rumour saying Mr. Zhou dares to do what is righteous For Brother 4th and his wife It should a safe place In this world People who can hurt them are rare It seems that the people from the imperial court are tough guys How about this? Brother 9th You take Mr. Lu to visit Chief Jr. first Shi and I are going to the Tiedan Villa now to pick them up That’s probably for the best Mr. Lu Thank you so much for you generous help You are very welcome OK Let’s go OK See you See you Take care OK, let’s go Heroes, Heroes, wait Heroes Please forgive us if we have not looked after you well Thank you There is a gold Treat yourself for some alcohol Thank you Thank you Stop You are here as expected Have a seat inside, please I just ran into you Mr. Zhou thought You must be our friends He wanted to come back But there was something important to do So he asked me to come back Mr. Zhou likes making new friends He said no matter what happens he will come home tonight So he urged again and again that you should stay here for the night If there were some discomfort caused My apology When Mr. Zhou comes back He will apologize in person There is no need May I have your name? I’m Meng Jianxiong, the oldest disciple I’m Wen Tailai Luo Bing Yu Yutong Chief Jr. Chief Jr. Let me introduce you this one Mr. Lu Mr. Chen, it’s you What? You know each other Chief Jr. Mr. Lu brings us the news about Brother 4th What? You are the Chief Jr. of Red Flower Society Young and promising Gentlemen It was a long story Put it in simple Mr. Chen saved my life Mr. Lu, you are very welcome Allow me to introduce you these gentlemen They are the leaders of the Society I’m Wuchen Nice to meet you I’m Yang Chengxie, the 8th I’m Chang Hezhi, the 5th I’m Chang Bozhi, the 6th I’m Jiang Sigen, the 13th Mr. Lu We’ve long heard of you If there is something I can help I will try my best We are bothers Spare the courtesy That’s right Now that Mr. Lu is the benefactor of our Society So You are also a friend How about this? Why don’t we take our seats and ask Mr. Lu what’s going on with Leader 4th? OK This way, Mr. Lu Please, please Gentlemen, this way Jianxiong They must be the new friends of Mr. Zhou Exactly Heroes, this is the wife of Mr. Zhou Mrs. Zhou Mrs. Zhou, sorry for the inconvenience Not at all Please be seated In here don’t say that If Mr. Zhou knows He will think we are slighted I can’t agree more Now that you are here Make yourselves feel at home Feel free and easy Yes I was told some heroes from Red Flower Society was visiting But you just sat for a while I was very vexed Luckily You came back again If my husband knows he will be excited That’s for sure Mrs. Zhou You are very generous Mrs? Call me sister Sister You are so beautiful He must be my brother-in-law Exactly He is not as beautiful as you Mr. 4th, my apology Mrs. Zhou is straightforward I’m fine I’m fine Right, this is my son, Yingjie Say hello to your uncle and aunt Nice to meet you You are so cute Come here You are so cute Right It’s the first time Here is your gift Put it on Do you like it? Mother How could you? Sister You treat me like sister So why can’t I have a nephew? Say thank you Thank you, aunt You are welcome Brother 4th Brother 4th, Brother 4th Go, go to find a doctor Go Go So Mr. and Mrs. 4th are in Tiedan Villa One of my friend is there, too Who is it? She is the daughter of Mr. Zhou, She is Zhou Qi We’ve know each other since we were kids and we become sworn brothers What? Sworn brothers? In that case The friendship with Tiedan Villa is closer People like Mr. Zhou Even without this relation He will try his best to take care of the Brother 4th Absolutely Your Honour Your Honour I know where did they go Where? Tiedan Villa The Villa of Zhou Zhongying? Yes Lead the way This way These people are hateful I was nearly unable to report the message But it is the errand of the Emperor as well as yours Right? Even at the cost of life I have to report the message to you It is the errand of the Emperor as well as yours Even if for these people I OK I lead the way I lead the way In that case, we should go now to pick them up as soon as possible in case something else happens OK, let’s go Wait Brother 7th is on his way For now They should be safe In my opinion there is one thing we should do at first Leader 2nd has a point Chief Jr. You should take the throne of the Chief now Your Honour Mr. Zhang We are sent by Mr. Bai to suppress the rebel The imperial bodyguard are on the way There is no need We have enough men Yes, Sir. As your wish Words before blows If they just give Wen Tailai to me Tiedan Villa has some fame in the world There is no need to be enemy, if necessary Yes, Sir You have a point I came down the mountain to avenge my foster father As for being the Chief I don’t think I can do it We have many talent people here No matter who is better than me And he won’t disappoint my foster father I am too young to be the Chief Chief Jr. This is his death wish We are here Chenghua, Bogan Yes, Sir Block the back door Yes, Sir Who are you? How dare you to be here? Entertain an angel unawares Go get to your owner to welcome Mr. Zhang Go Mr. Wen There are some people from the imperial court Follow me and hide Hide? I’m not afraid of death A great man knows when to yield and when not If you fight recklessly It’s just like an egg striking a rock Brother 4th, he is right Thank you for your kindness But we can’t drag you into this fight Let’s go Mr. 4th, you can’t go If something happens to you I don’t know how to talk to Mr. Zhou Brother 14th, take the cover Let’s go Mr. Wen Sister Bing Even you don’t think about yourself Think about her Brother 4th, there will be time for that Forget it, do what you want to do Chief Jr. Brother 4th is severely injured Mr. Lu and us barely know each other He brings us the message without resting While we are fighting for the position It’s hilarious Who dared to disobey the death wish of Chief Yu? Chief Jr. You are unfilial if you disobey it and you also look down upon all of us In that case What the Red Flower Society is for? Thousands of brothers, they should be disbanded Brother 9th, nonsense This villa looks magnificent indeed My friend Can you take the lead and surprise us Wait, Your Honour Mr. Zhou is out It’s OK These friends of mine are savages They haven’t saw something nice The Villa is so magnificent We should look around Broaden our vision By the way I heard some friends of mine are here, too This Go Go Get up Heroes, please No one knows this place Once he left I’ll call you Thanks Please Come on This way, follow me Follow me, search Brother Meng, let me help OK, come Little brother, don’t tell anyone else They are here Rest assured, I won’t say anything OK Go play with your mother Brothers You all know In the past I was against Chief Jr. After several days with him I think Chief Yu was right Chief Jr., no more refusal At present We have to rescue Brother 4th A leaderless world without a leader How can? Chief Jr. If you keep refusing You are breaking our hearts Brothers I understand what you said But I’m not the right person Brothers Since Chief Jr. looks down upon us After we rescuing Brother 4th we will go back to Xichuan That’s our plan Chief Jr. Please set the general interest above everything else There is one thing I need to teach you Once you get into this world,you have to deny yourself more or less There are many things you can’t control by yourself Chief Jr. I think you should obey the death wish of Chief Yu Chief Jr. You should It’s not because I’m ignorant It’s because I think I’m too young So I was thinking that when Brother 4th come back We will talk about it But now, he is in trouble We’re running out of time Moreover You want me to take the lead I I will take the position Chief Great, great You said you are the butler Yes What’s your name? I’m Song Shanpeng Song How long have you worked here? Over 30 years Give me the exact number 32 years It’s a long time You worked hard You must are very close to the family Yes How close? Will you die for them? If you want to survive hand them to me If something happens to the family and you are just an outsider It’s not worthy Butler Song What should we call this minister? The “Fire Hand Judge”, Zhang Zhaozhong Mr. Zhang My apology Do you know me? Mr. Zhang has a fame in the wide world Although I’m on the outside of the Wall I heard a lot about you In that case Hand them to me I’m losing my patience I might have to disappoint you Because in here we don’t have the felons you want I don’t know which bastard framed us and wasted your time As for people in the imperial court Our owner also has some friends in the imperial court May I ask who is your superior? My superior? Compared with your owner My superior is powerful than anyone he knows If he wants you dead the whole villa will be destroyed Do you believe it? Follow me Come on Come on This way Check it earnestly Yes, Sir My Lord We’ve checked it out Nothing strange Please interrogate the dirty dog who frames us Whoever he is, he has suspicious motives What are you talking about? Dong, are you sure you saw them? Of course I saw three people come here If it’s not them You can play my head like a football What? You call yourself my grandpa? Yes, I did Screw you Screw you, you piece of shit Mr. Zhang People in Tiedan Villa are good citizens Mr. Zhou is the Great Gentleman in Hexi with a great family as well as business People around 500 miles from here know the fame of the family So we don’t dares to hide felons or engage in illegal activities? Song Why are you so confident all of a sudden? OK It seems my friends are well-treated by you They even don’t want to show up Let’s go Look around Now that we are in here We should pay a visit Stay Go Stay My Lord, backyard is clear My Lord, clear My Lord, nothing unusual My Lord, nothing Go Don’t push me, come here My Lord They are his wife and kid Give me the kid Come here, kid Mother, don’t be afraid, honey Let me go Tell me There were three people in your house Where are they? If you tell me I’ll buy you some candy Who do you think I am? People in Tiedan Villa give a shit about your dirty money Tough boy I’m telling you I’m offering you the chance to save your parents If I find them all of you will have to die If you dare to touch me I’ll call you a hero My father will kick your ass I Kid Come here Your father is a big hero, isn’t he? Of course He is a people person He likes inviting a lot of friends to here doesn’t he? Yes Today, there are three guests in your house Right? I don’t know You What’s the rush? If the worst comes to the worst we can squeeze Rest assured, I won’t touch your wound Kid He said the bracelet isn’t yours It’s not yours Yes, the bracelet is the woman’s He must stolen it I didn’t steal it, my aunt gave it to me Yingjie What aunt? She already left Where did she go? Why would I tell you? Dong Stop the chatter I’ve long heard that Zhou Zhongying doesn’t like his son very much He would hide the truth from his father Who told you that? My father loves me most Yingjie, you He will tell me everything Go back to your mother As a kid, you start to lie to people No wonder your father doesn’t like you I didn’t lie My father loves me Not at all He keeps everything from you He dose not I know everything Yingjie I know You don’t I know, I know I know Where are they? Inside the rockery in the backyard Yingjie You Ring the area Yes, Sir Ring the area Quickly Quickly Over here Heroes You may set back I will report to the imperial court We will give you a big reward Sister Bing They sold us out As my wife You have to promise me one thing Say it Later No matter what happened You have to listen to me You rebel from Red Flower Society There is no escape from the long arm of the law Just give in I’m here, who dares to be insolent Who is your master in Wudang? Brother 4th Brother 4th Go No Brother 4th Brother 4th Brother 4th, Mrs. 4th Go No Go Brother 4th Hurry Let’s go, Mrs. 4th Brother 4th Brother 4th Go Brother 14th I can’t leave him alone Mrs. 4th, we can’t die for no reason You have to believe me He is a state criminal He is safe for now You have to protect yourself if you want to save him If something happens to him I will kill them Heroes, wait a second The doctor is on the way Please wait for a moment You cruel and unscrupulous bastard You sold my husband out I won’t leave the matter at that Watch your language Wait Calm down, Mrs. Wen What happened? Why do you make impertinent remarks? Save it You old dog You’re playing the fool on purpose Mrs. 4th, we have to think about how to save him Let’s go now Once we save Brother 4th, we will burn the Tiedan Villa into the ground Shit Something big is happening Where is Mr. Wen? Eh, eh Tell me, what’s going on? Mr. Wen was taken by the feudal official Go Tell me, who let out the secret? No one would tell me? In that case All of you just get out of here today Jianxiong Master Tell me the truth Who let out the secret? They found the Mr. 4th by themselves Bullshit The basement is a secret How the hell can they find it? Tell me the truth Who are you afraid of? Tell me Wife, tell me Husband They took my son I was forced You For years We’ve been through a lot and endured hardship There are so many people here How daring were they to catch people to catch my son How daring were they? Husband You should kill me Kill me It was my fault Owner, Owner Father, it was me! What? They looked down upon me They told me you don’t love me and keep everything from me Of course I love you Good boy What did you tell them? Father Tell me I told him they were in the rockery I know I’m wrong To show off yourself To show off yourself You just told them about the rockery Father Why? Why? Father, please forgive me I know my fault You are not my son Husband I don’t have a son like you Father I’m wrong, please forgive me I know I was wrong Please forgive me Jianxiong According to the family rule, how to deal with the unfaithful people? Master Say it He is still a kid Husband, Husband Yingjie is young He is always a good boy Please forgive him But as a kid he already killed someone Husband Father, please forgive me I know I was wrong, father Please forgive me Husband I’m not your father Son Young master Son, Young master Son ♪ After meeting you ♪ at that day ♪ I couldn’t stop missing you ♪ You made me feel the sweet of love in this world ♪ I want to give you all my love ♪ Never to be separated in whole life ♪ Love changed ♪ It can’t go back ♪ No one to decide ♪ I choose to leave, as I’m not selfish enough ♪ You made me so lonely ♪ You made me hurt without strength ♪ Even I was hurt ♪ I let you go ♪ Please don’t come back when you left ♪ Loose your hands ♪ This feeling of love is most painful ♪ Who will be responsible for our problems ♪ Who will balance it ♪ I feel helpless and heartbroken ♪ I let you go ♪ Please don’t come back when you left ♪ Loose your hands ♪ This feeling of love is most painful ♪ Who will be responsible for our problems ♪ Who will balance it ♪ I feel helpless and heartbroken ♪ I let you go ♪ It’s hard to speak out the word of Break-up ♪ Loose your hands ♪ It’s me who give you the final warmth ♪ There is no excuses ♪ Something can’t be retained

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