Nick & Aaron Carter Family Drama Explained!

You shouldn’t air your family problems publicly
but that’s not what Nick and Aaron Carter think. Recently, the younger brother of the Backstreet
Boys star took his time to reveal their family business, and it seems like it’s taken straight
from a script of the most twisted movie you can imagine! So stay with me to find out all the details
of the Carter family drama! Who doesn’t remember Backstreet Boys and
their hit songs? Surely, those who remember this successful
boyband will agree when I say that the most popular member among those at the time dreamy
heartthrobs, was without a doubt Nick Carter. A few years later, it was Nick’s younger
brother’s Aaron’s turn to make his millions. No one would think that almost a couple of
decades later, the Carter brothers would be revealing their most intimate secrets for
millions of people to see. That’s because Aaron in an interview talked
about his mother’s alcohol problems, saying that he’s the only one who wanted to help
her. Meanwhile, his brother, Nick, and his twin
sister, Angel, turned their backs on her. However, the drama began on September 2, when
Aaron posted a series of tweets in which he made serious accusations against his older
brother and even posted death threats. After that, Nick shared a tweet announcing
that he and his sister Angel, decided to file a restraining order against their brother,
because, according to him, Aaron threatened to kill his pregnant wife and also their unborn
child. Well, this thing is getting really ugly…
but, the truth is that the lawsuit was only the beginning. Aaron replied to Nick’s tweet saying that
he hadn’t communicated with his brother for 4 years. But, that was just the start of a series of
tweets in which he accused his brother of violent and abusive behavior towards a great
number of women. Among other things, Aaron said that he witnessed
how in 2004 Nick abused his then girlfriend, Paris Hilton. In addition, Aaron also sided with Melissa
Schuman, who had previously accused Nick of the same thing, in 2017, through the #MeToo
movement. But, Aaron’s accusations haven’t been limited
to his brother’s ex-girlfriends. In fact, he shared the video of the time when
Nick allegedly broke his nose when he pied him, while a then 13 year old Aaron was giving
his acceptance speech at the Kids Choice Awards. He also said that this wasn’t the only time
Nick had physically abused him. But, without a doubt, the shocking fact that
caused the most controversy was the one he revealed on September 19, since it involved
his late older sister, Leslie who died on January 31, 2012, of a drug overdose. She suffered from bipolar disorder, and her
medication made her feel really bad. And according to Aaron, when Leslie wasn’t
on her medications, she had been abusing him since he was barely 10 years old until he
turned 13. To end those shocking revelations, Carter
also added that it wasn’t only his sister that abused him, but also two of his dancers,
and he was just an 8-year-old boy. According to his tweet, he has spent 15 years
of his life going to therapy to deal with all those traumas. Actually some time ago Aaron was diagnosed
with schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, so he’s under medical treatment,
because he often experiences changes in his behavior, aggression being one of the most
frequent phases. The most worrying thing is that only a few
weeks ago Aaron was seen at a gun shop. As if that wasn’t enough, a few weeks ago
he appeared on the TV show, “The Doctors”, where he was confronted about his use of illegal
substances. When asked if he had tried one in particular,
he denied it, even though there was evidence. But, when he saw that he had no choice, he
said that he had to take it because of medical reasons. Because of this real-life soap opera, the
opinions of the fans are divided. On one side there are those who believe that
Aaron is a dangerous person with serious problems; and he should be isolated from people. On the other, there are also many who believe
that he’s only a victim of horrible physical and mental abuse caused by his family. What do you think? Is Aaron Carter the victim in this situation? Or should he get some serious medical help? Let me know what you think in the comments
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9 Replies to “Nick & Aaron Carter Family Drama Explained!”

  1. It's to bad that it has to come to this, at this point and in my opinion is that publicly airing out all the dirty laundry in public is a negative thing.

  2. I think Aaron Carter need help bad counseling or rehab he needs something I feel sorry for his brother 😢 Nick Carter they used to be so close back in the day now this weird 😑 drama is happening seriously 😠 😒 Aaron Charles Carter grow up this isn't the way your dad raised u he didn't leave this world for u to act like this toward your family he's looking down and disappointment get u some help Aaron Debra basye

  3. Here's my opinion yeah Aaron Carter might be mentally ill oror whatever but you never know what's really going on behind closed doors.. obviously nick has issues as well.. they would probably all benefit from some kind of counselling

  4. Call a family meeting ASAP. This will not end up good! Aaron is heading in the wrong direction and he needs his family more now than ever. 🙏🏻 May God b with them all!

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