Mr Kim Yes We’re supposed to treat our foreign customers But today, foreign customers are going to treat us They bought us some great snacks of Korea Did you prepare this all? (Singing a Korean song called ‘All for You’) This is a song called All for You That’s right He’s fluent in Korean and here’s Fei Fei can’t really speak Korean Where are you from? I can’t speak Korean Michigan Is she from the States? I’m from the States But you really do look like Korean Do you have an Asian heritage? We bought this at Mapo Market It’s a corn dog What’s this? I thought it was interesting so I just wanted to try this You never had it before? I’ve never seen it before Let’s share this with Emil then I know they brought these for us but it’s important for him to know how it tastes like It’s a corn dog Is there a sausage in ther? Isn’t this chocolate? The outer part of the corn dog is very sweet It’s same as this corn dog here But this is much more unique The outside part is different I like this one better Why did you buy these for us? You didn’t do this, do you? Did somebody tell you to do this? What did he say? We have to tell it to Fei too He said who are you Me? Is your girlfriend Korean? I don’t have a girlfriend All guys are the same They all say that they don’t have a girlfriend They say that they’re not married Why don’t you tell them that you got married? Which Korean food do you like the most? Maybe my favorite Korean food is Your time is up Are you traveling or living in Korea now? She will leave on Friday but she wants to come again Do you come back and forth? Are you here for travel? You don’t speak Korean at all? I thought you’re fluent in Korean Did you hear that? I can’t She’s pretending that she couldn’t speak Korean Sukeun That was your turn but Fei took it That’s not an easy food to try She understands what we say Where do you live? She understands us Ring ring Ring ring That’s the worst part of Korea right there Do you like Tuna kimchi soup? Tuna? It’s very famous dish in Korea You have to mix kimchi Ugh Explain that for me Put the fish can inside the soup Would you translate that in Chinese too? I recommend this kind of sweet food to foreigners It’s a honey sweet potato It’s very sweet and this one is also nice It’s silkworms What do you call this? We call this silkworm They call this silkworm Cheer up I’ll show you how to eat You enjoy that Can I have this? Please try this Let’s share It’s very nice This is street food I think many foreigners would want to try these food Please chew this Try that one Wait for a sec It’s made out of dried persimmon It’s a drink with dried persimmon and nuts It’s nice It doesn’t contain nuts though I think she understands us You really like this I’ll show you how to eat this nicely You should eat it with silkworms She speaks Korean She’s not from the States Put the sikhye in here What are you going to do? You’ll be surprised This will move when it goes in there It will move in there Please tell her that it would go alive Wow That’s so crazy He’s shaking the bun in there That’s not a quiz Fish cakes? That’s the third Can I say the answer? You should get the present too That’ll be so nice Corn dog What was the correct answer? She’s here for a week A lot of foreigners visit Korea for travel What’s the second best reason to visit Korea? Is it because of Kpop? No Is it business? Can I say the answer? To teach English? To work To work Because It’s 8:10 Our TV show will start on January 24th Our show will be aired on every Wednesday It will be aired on 8:10 PM I can’t really tell you to watch our show honestly We’re trying our best I just wish you guys to do your favorite things No, please watch our show Cheer up We have a lot of luxury cars Professional drivers are waiting for you Our customer will be here soon We have to do it quickly


  1. i realized there were english captions after finishing the video but the weird thing was that i actually understood what they were saying 👀

  2. 😍 They're my favorite comedians from Knowing Brothers. I love this collab so much, very luck them and lucky you Feiiii!!💖

  3. OHMYGOD YOU’RE A LUCKY DUCKY 😭😭 I wanna meet the the cast of knowing brothers in real life. Soo Geun is my favourite and Young Chul is so sweet. His Canadian joke is actually the best 👌🏻👌🏻🇨🇦

  4. that moment when you don't know that there is english captions available, until you finished the whole video and then read the comments. T.T I still enjoyed it although I didn't understand it <3

  5. So nice you got to meet them! They're so funny and friendly😊 Youngchul was so sweet to you, he looked like as if he's your dad😄 The silky worms tho lmao Fei!!😂😂😂

  6. Oml Fei I thought you were Asian and had Asian parents because you really look asian! (Pls not trying to be rude just a little shook)

  7. An Asian who cant speak Korean and a white person (is he) who can speak Korean
    What an amazing world we live in😂😂😂 (not being racist🙏)

  8. I love how Youngchul needed reassurance with his english. I remember he got offended when Jessie said his english was bad 😂 Honestly I'm always impressed by his english.


    *also sorry for caps. I just felt like expresing my feelings right now. Oh and now I know what episode 9 is going to be like lol. ^^

  10. OMG! They're my favorite comedian from Knowing Brothers! I wish I can meet them in person while vlogging with them

  11. this BLEW my mind just bcs I LOVE eveyone in this video! Yongchul & Seugeun are my fave comedians! I'm so jealous Fei!!

  12. Out of all the K celebrities you’ve met this is the only time that I’m jealous. Lol You met Kim Youngchul! He is my fav comedian because of his English jokes 🙂👌

  13. Whoa~
    I dont watch many Korean shows (or variety shows), but its been said in Knowing Brothers that Youngchul has a diferent vibe in any other show! And its so true!! Its pretty cool to see since I actually like him on Knowing Bros XD

  14. Idk why this was recommended for me literally a year later but I was laughing my ass of skfjfjdksksksk

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