OMINI KNOWEST (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 59)

So who can give us an example of a big animal? All: Aunty, I. You. Elephant. Good. You. Donkey. Good – Chukwuemeka. Goliath! *laughter* Goliath is not an animal. Emanuella? The fish. Which fish? The big fish that swallowed Uncle Jonah? Who taught you that? But Aunty, it’s in the Bible. Shut up. Listen, I studied Zoology. There’s no way a whale can swallow a human being, because it has a small throat. Anyway, you’re my teacher, you know better. But when I go to heaven, I will ask uncle Jonah. And what if your uncle Jonah is not in heaven? Then when you go to hell, you ask him. *ohhhs, laughter* Omini knowest. You can find more of these videos at Mark Angel Comedies. download these videos at www. Byebye! See you next friday.

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