On The Charlie Bowater-Jay Kristoff Twitter Drama

You all know, I rarely ever talk about drama on my channel. Not because I don’t have opinions but because sometimes, I’m like… [Sigh] Why are people so dumb? And it’s especially heartbreaking when it’s… Why are authors… Why are some authors so dumb? So, if you were on Twitter over the weekend, some shit went down, and it’s just [sigh]. When I was talking about 10 black creators, for the VaLit–for my VaLITine video, I mentioned Mina over at Mina Reads I talked about how she’s not only brilliant and talented, and so insightful, but she’s also goddamn gorgeous [laugh] And you know, a lot of you said that oh those were new creators and you were very happy for the recommendation and I’m always very happy to recommend. And so, Mina was on Twitter over the weekend and she made a very valid point She was talking about Charlie Bowater’s art, and the fact that even though it’s very good… And please note that Mina did state that it is very good; she stated that even though it’s very good most of the characters she draws are pretty much the same because YA, especially YA Fantasy, as a genre is not diverse. And this is a conversation we’ve been having often so, I don’t know why people acted so fucking surprised because YA Fantasy is fucking homogenous, like, [sigh] a lot of it–a lot of it are just the same old characters just maybe they changed the colour of their eyes, or they changed the colour of their hair, but it’s–it’s mostly almost always white! You know. And like I said, very valid–very valid statements. And please note, in that–where in that conversation did she state that–did she come for the artist? Because she didn’t. In fact, she praised the artist. What she was–Who she was coming for was the industry, which she… once again, was stating should consider the fact that it needs to be diverse, and like I said, it’s a conversation I think we should be having as a community. But then… [Laughs] Dumbasses… Please note that Mina did not even mention Charlie’s name. She did not tag Charlie. But dumbasses who feel this burning desire I guess, to cause other people misery, especially if the other people are people whose work they admire and like, decided to tag Charlie on the tweet. And then Charlie perpetuated the dumbassery, you know, by quoting Mina’s tweet. Please note, Mina has like 2,000 plus followers on Twitter, Charlie has over 46,000. So she quotes Mina’s tweet and of course, her fans all come like–for her–for Mina. And are like OMG, how dare you say this? Do you have an art degree? Can you fucking draw? No. But can you all fucking read? Does comprehension fucking elude you? Are you all so fucking dumb? Like, I swear, sometimes you think that the level of stupidity that humanity is capable of, you think that we’ve reached it especially on Book Twitter, you think that you’ve reached it, and then boom! They surprise you by being more–even more fucking dumb, because Charlie does the one thing that a lot of white people especially white women do…she invokes the power of the white woman tears. You know, and she’s all… I can’t see the tweet because she–after she blocked every single person that liked Mina’s tweet… what the fuck???? She then privates her account because you know, when people have done shitty stuff, and they get blowback they tend to just immediately private their account, like… it does not stop what you did from being stupid in fact it makes it even shittier because now you know that you did something wrong, but rather than pull on your big fucking girl panties, and fucking making a public apology… 46,000 subscribers, you sic’d on a girl who did not I repeat, who did not even mock your work! Who did not even criticize your art, but was criticizing a fucking industry but because you were too fucking much of a dumbass to actually fucking see that… [sigh] Rather than make a fucking apology, she just privates the shit, and I’m like [clapping] Yes please… PLEASE! Thank you, you dumbass! [Laughs] And then, she makes some tweets… I don’t know what the tweet is, but you can bet that the tweet is connected to Mina because we know, and then Jay Kristoff replies on that tweet and goes on about how um, she should not–she should ignore those people, all they’re doing is like blowing empty noise I’m going to leave as much of the tweets as I can see all up on the screen, so you’ll be seeing it as I’m having this conversation because I don’t even want to remember the exact words, like in my–I don’t want to have it in my brain because my brain is meant for other things, you know, like paying my fucking bills, and making me money, rather than, I don’t know wasting it on idiots who keep engaging in more dumbassery. So all I’m thinking is that, Jay Kristoff, you’re a fucking writer which I would assume means that you also fucking read and you also understand context, and you also, I don’t know, have more than a normal level of comprehension so, how the fuck do you take away from that conversation, and that is the response you decide to give Like I understand riding for your friend. I am a–I’m my friends’ ride or die. I would die for them! But I’m also the type of person that would be like “Girl, you’re showing your fucking ass in public! Like… take a couple of steps back because that ain’t it.” Like I would tell you because it’s my responsibility as your friend to ensure that you’re not caught pants down, in public, looking like a goddamn fool! And that is exactly what happened with Charlie. And rather than Jay Kristoff, I don’t know, privately DMing her and being like, “Girl… see, I don’t think this is how you should have reacted,” or even if it is you’re going to be a dumbass and be like, “Yo! What a fucking blah blah blah”, do it in the fucking DMs! Don’t do it on a public platform because I repeat, now it’s both your asses hanging out in public. Like, are you fucking dum–what the fuck?!! [Sigh] I’m Nigerian right. And, in my country, respecting your elders is a very big deal. But there’s also something my friends and I used to say back when we were in secondary school and that is the fact that age does not buy you common sense. Sometimes, an older person, an elder, can be just as much a fucking dumbass as a young person and I’m fairly certain that Charlie is not that old. Max, maybe she’s–what…I don’t know. I have no idea about the girl I don’t give a shit. But I’m certain she’s not that old. I’m certain she’s not in her fifties. I’m certain she’s not in her sixties. I’m also fairly certain that Jay Kristoff is most likely older than her. So you would think that the older person in this conversation would be giving life advice, but nope! He does not, because I repeat…fucking dumbasses! OMG! This is why they say show me your friends and I’ll tell you exactly who you are because if it is that friend A is a dumbass, then there’s a high probability that friend B is a bigger dumbass because, usually, why would you as a smart, intelligent person be hanging out with somebody who has zero reading comprehension, who has zero self-control, who has zero sense. Especially, [sigh] goddamn! Readers make your target audience, right? Bloggers and Booktubers sell your work You all know how much I praise Jay Kristoff’s writing on my channel. Like, I have–I have every single book he’s written except for the Stormdancer one. Is is Stormdancer? I don’t know, but, it’s Japanese-inspired and I heard not-so-many great things about it so I never did buy it, but I was planning on eventually getting it, but I have every single one of–I have a bracelet with a Mia Corvere quote! You all know how much his books mean to me. So, I’m just like… [laughs] Oh boy oh boy. What the fuck? Only for after this entire debacle to come out, people are saying “Oh he does this. He did this.” Apparently he also did this same kind of thing to an indigenous teen, back when said book, Storm whatever came out, and the person–was it Storm whatever or was it Never– I’m not sure. But I think it was Storm whatever. Um, when that came out, and the teenager basically talked about–expressed concerns about the level of appropriation that took place in that book, and apparently, he did this exact same behaviour and was a dumbass. and ran her off Twitter. So all I’m thinking is that Oh my God. So he’s had an history like this? Because, I became a Jay Kristoff fan pretty late so I was not part of the entire community when all that drama was going down and all I’m thinking is, “What the actual fuck?” Tell me writers, is it that–should we advise y’all to just I don’t know… lay off Twitter? Or do we have to I don’t know, sit you down and teach you fucking Twitter etiquette? That even though, it’s a social media platform where there’s a word count limit, you should at least take the time to break down whatever you’re reading into a fuller conversation in your head, before you immediately tweet–before you immediately click on reply and type out your dumbassery for the rest of the world to see. Like just type it out. Like, I don’t understand. Do we need to teach you fucking Twitter etiquette? First it’s JK Rowling being a dumbass on Twitter. Then it was all that drama with Sarah Dressen who was just being a dumbass. And who–see, that’s another situation of a creator, pulling her friends in, and her friends made a mess of themselves, like. But see, you can even understand the friends that that happened to because they legitimately were riding for their friend, and it was Sarah Dressen fault for purposefully cutting out significant parts of the interview and the conversation to make herself look like a good person, and friends were just knee-jerk, just supporting her. But, see in this, Charlie Bowater showed her ass. Mina, if anybody had taken the time to read it, you would have understood that, Oh My God, it’s–it’s not the way in which–the criticism is not for Charlie’s Art, which I repeat, MINA PRAISED! She said it was fucking good! No, the critique was for an industry that keeps writing the same old character with the same skintone, the same facial structure, the same everything. Don’t even get us started on the fucking ass artist who would read that a character is brown-skinned and has curls and would still, I don’t know, fucking draw them as white, because [laughs]. I can’t… I can’t deal. I can’t deal Like just… [sigh] This weekend was meant to have been an opportunity for me to relax and chill and I woke up on Saturday morning to dumbassery all over my Twitter feed because everybody was upset and I was just like what happened, and apparently, when I was asleep, people were being stupid. I know you’re off social media Mina, so you’re probably not going to see this until like, way later. I don’t know. But i know you’re off social media. Just, know that we all have your back. You did not deserve any of the–people are stupid, and I’m so sorry that we exist in a world where people are so fucking stupid. and because of that, their stupidity has this effect on us. I really, really am so fucking sorry but you did not deserve any of the backlash you got. People are just so fucking dumb and I just… Argh! Goddamn! I repeat. Why are people so fucking dumb? Why? So, I don’t know. Authors, what the hell is wrong with you? Like, not all of you though. And that is what is annoying because, a small portion of you just make things so much worse for a larger group and I’m just…the level of dumbness it takes, for you to attack the people that work to sell your books for fucking FREE

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  1. Damn, you snapped! But yes! Thank you! I'm so glad you spoke on this because everything about that is childish. As someone who took art classes, who knows how the freelance game works and has played it, her reaction was utter BULLSHIT and entitlement. Like FULL on entitlement man. It's like everyone is forgetting that the world is not about them, but as long as they're mentioned obviously they need to cry about it.

    That's a weak will and a fragile level confidence — both which are not the commentators problem when they did nothing to get that artist's attention.

  2. Honestly, Jay Kristoff's tweet was no surprise to me when I got to see it. I've already categorised him as an asshole, and placed him on my author blacklist, because his way of doing a "asian culture inspired steampunk" and his handling the ensuing criticism showed him to have no respect for other cultures. I luckily haven't read a single of his books, and I don't intend to read any ever. Not even those he "only" co-authors.

  3. Truth be told, no artist is above criticism. The idea that you can't criticise an artist because they're better at drawing than you is preposterous. You can still have an eye for things. I mean, most of us are not authors yet we use this friggin' ass platform to critique books. Same applies! The logical fallacies just….aargh.. Not to mention Mina's tweets were respectful and she was just voicing her opinion. Basically what Twitter is fucking for. -__-

  4. What angered me even more about this situation was when all the white twitter artists started to make 30 tweet threads about how it's not Charlie's fault but the Publisher's because artists don't have a choice, and have to draw what the client tells them, which if they bothered to read with comprehension – was exactly the point of Mina's tweet… Like, how fucking stupid can you be? I unfollowed and blocked many people that day. It was wild.

  5. The artist and Kristoff are 32 and 46 respectively: definitely old enough to take a minute and think before reacting… It's so frustrating when people just completely bypass any form of nuance and head straight to defensive :/ especially when the original point is what everyone really should be concentrating on (not these guy's egos) "comprehension fucking eludes you" 😂 😂 😂 😂

  6. "If it is that friend A is dumbass then there's a high probability that friend B is a bigger dumbass" I CANNOT BREATHE! 💀💀 But you made some very good points. Kristoff was childish to respond the way he did and Charlie exacerbated the situation by privatizing her account after letting her followers loose on Mina. It was a cluster fuck of people not taking the time to read valid criticism of the industry and replying more with a defensive attitude rather than trying to see the bigger picture. This is why I can't be on booktwitter all the time. It's insanely toxic and anxiety inducing.

  7. "Age does not buy you common sense" is now going on a t-shirt which I will wear until I die
    Much love (from a fellow nigerian 🙂

  8. I'm using my non-Booktube account for this one. I'm not about to get dragged.

    The charlie bowater stans said that Mina insulted the artists, and they treated the criticism of the art as if Mina murdered a kitten. They took more seriously a white women's woes than their own overt racism. they intentionally misread a black woman's words (assumed she was being hostile or aggressive so stereotyping) and refused to give her the benefit of the doubt while giving the person in the wrong a lot of benefit of the doubt.

    Here's my personal opinion: CB's art is basic AF and it won't age well in about 1-2 years. It's getting tiresome. And people kissing up to her won't improve her art. It will keep her complacent and she will only try to please people who like her. I also wonder what bubble CB lives in that no one has ever said they had a problem with her art. Everyone treats CB like she's a demi-god. I have personally seen artwork better than hers. Everyone likes it bc it's this Tumblr-like Pinterest aesthetic… again, very basic.

    I'm not afraid of CB stans and I don't worship the ground she walks on like they do. She has more money to make good designs than actual talent IMO. Sorry if that's harsh, but the reality is my singular opinion doesn't mean anything and I'm never going to kiss up to someone who doesn't give a shit about people of color.

  9. It was Nevernight that the teen called Jay Kristoff out for cultural appropriation. Tric's tribe she said had some elements of her culture in it (I can't remember what culture it was) and she also expressed concerned about how she felt like Tric's tribe was portrayed as savage. I like Nevernight but I honestly sort of felt the same way about the portrayal of Tric's ppl but no one on booktube ever expressed any concerns over it…so I thought I was just being sensitive, but after reading Aurora Rising I also think Zila is written really poorly as well. With that being said Jay Kristoff has never responded well to anything with diversity. I remember when "Carve the Mark" came out and people had a problem with how it was written he said something shady back then too… It's unfortunate cuz I also really liked Nevernight but I am really debating not reading his stuff anymore. Nevernight is the only series I like by him so I don't think it will be much of a lose tbh.

  10. I don’t have much to add to this, so I’ll just say that your lipstick looks wonderful on you and I love your earrings. It all looks so cute. 😊

  11. I’m not on twitter so I hadn’t heard about this until now, but seriously why are people so dumb?? Mina had a valid point, didn’t tag them, and even said their art was amazing and yET

    Also “age does not buy you common sense” should be put on everything; tshirts, mugs, coasters, etc.

  12. Hey boo. Whew, I felt the steam rising 🤯, and am with you on most of this. I don't think it's anything to do with twitter etiquette so much as common fucking decency and not believing one's self as being superior over others. But too true about the white woman tears – and this is coming from someone who is a firm advocate of crying – it's healthy and can be cathartic but not when used as a tool of manipulation.

    Mina is yet another unnamed person (relatively speaking) that has been keyboard attacked by people who really should know better, people with levels of privilege far above us mere mortals and this leads some to an incredible sense of entitlement to say and/or do whatever they want without recourse (see my first paragraph above). And they are right, because most of time, that is exactly what happens and if they ARE called out, they cry foul. And you are also right that age does not always bring wisdom, after all we have '45, AKA Agent Orange as the ultimate proof of that.

    TBH, this type of situation is a major reason why I will not have a twitter account. The ability of many people across the board to engage thumbs/fingers on a keyboard before brain on the words is so very telling about their inherent beliefs, and I don't need all that shit on my eyeballs and in my life, it's hard enough without it. I pop over now and again to see stuff being discussed and that's about it.

    And I have to say, that as much as I loved the Nevernight trilogy, I could smell the appropriation and othering of the darker-skinned characters right from the beginning and throughout. It wasn't enough to put me off reading (I'm at peace with that decision) but is a reason why I haven't yet completed my GR reviews (I want to be honest but am still unsure how to word it as I am someone who IS careful about what I say and how) and is why I didn't 5-star Godsgrave which I would have otherwise. Sometime around Godsgrave, I did read some reviews of Nevernight and saw mention of the appropriation of Maori culture, and after watching the youtube fan-made special it was plainly obvious to me. And maybe if I hadn't been so amazed at the inclusion of so many non-white people in the Illuminae Files (from memory – all villains?), I might have sussed it out at that point too.

    My last point is that the countries down under (Australia/New Zealand and all surrounding archipelagos of the pacific) do not get nearly enough attention and blowback outside of their own region from the colonisation and the subsequent structural and institutional racism against their indigenous peoples (and all the other non-whites) that still exists today. (Check out aboriginal author Claire G. Coleman' twitter feed and see all the shite she has to deal with) Those things still affect people on both sides today including the inherent/willfully ignorant biases in some people (and therefore their behaviors on public platforms like Twitter), much like they do everywhere else those problems have existed. TFS 🙂

  13. I hadn't heard of this at all until this video but omg I'm so upset that Kristoff said this. He could've spoke to them privately rather than this public declaration. Fantasy, along with 99.9% of other genre's, is sooooo white washed and us white ppl need to acknowledge our privileged and make efforts to get more POC into books!!! Back moooove Kristoff :/

  14. the lack of reading comprehension skills in the book community is truly ridiculous. mina was being completely respectful and voicing a valid criticism of the publishing industry, and people turned it into "well can YOU draw?" like. please rub two brain cells together for once in your life and stop.

  15. I don't know how I got here. I have no idea who these people are that you are talking about. But I feel the urge to say "bravo" LOL

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