Original Risitas,with english subtitles! Very Funny Laugh in TV Show!!!!

Risitas,could you please tell me how many days have you worked in your whole life? How old are you? i am 45. I don’t lie about my age like Lola Flores or anything. I am 45. And wll-preserved. …and could you please tell me how many days have you worked. i burned down all my paysheets…The ones they gave me when i worked But how many days total, approximately. Approximately? In 45 years maybe you worked for 1 years? 7 years Around 7, no more than that. Until today. In 45 years 7 years… Yes,7. …but with rest days. Of course. As soon as i got the job i asked for my days off. And they told me: “Fuck, you just started and you are asking for you days off?” Yes? And what is the haardest job you ever made? The hardest one? In the beach. Working in the beach. From morning to night. You gathered sand. Sand? No! I washed dishes like a madman. And what happend to me… Haven’t i ever told you? As a kichen helper. A kitchen helper. In whatever the cook ordered. Clean lettuce, prepare sauces,clean fish… And the thing that happened with the cook that got me fired. What appened to you? Haven’t i told you? I don’t remember. It happened in Chipiona. I was new there and the cook told me: “Are you the new helper?” -“Yes.” “Risitas, right? The told me to call you Risitas.” “How many days will you work here?” We are in may.Pepe told me until September. “What can you do in the kitchen?” -“Cleaning fish, washing dishes, preparing rice…” “You’re gonna work here as my helper.But being the first day…” “Look…we are gonna wash everything in here.And we’ll see tomorrow.” You know that when you get a new restaurant you have to wash everything to open in the next day. Look Jesús. We started cleaning the kitchen at 11:00 A.M. Imagine, a reastaurant closed in the winter for it to open in summer. Until 2 A.M. cleaning and washing fryers, grills, everything. And the cook give me 20 paelleras. Do you know how the paelleras were? Totally moldy! And he said: “Risitas ! This can’t be washed in the sink.” And also i said: “My vertegral spine hurts.” It hurted from being hunched over washing pots and it was 2 A.M. The cook said: “Well,your finally gopnna rest.” The kitchen is clean and the restaurant will open tomorrow. Take those 20 paelleras. “And, Jesús, they were modly.” “Take a rope, tie them up and go the the beach. Throw them into the seawater.” “And with the orange blossom from the sea the paelleras will get cleaned.” “But remember where you threw them!” Get cleaned wit what? With the orange blossom from the seawater. They could get clean, because they were totally modly! With the salt from,the water. With the orange blossom from.. No, the orange blossom is…(Well)….from the orang tres. Well, i understand mysel, Jesús. The cook sent me at night, at 2 A.M.! It’s advisable that someone else can understand you, because that’s why you get paid. Oh, well. The guy up there…the salt from the seawater. No, down here. The crowd. The crowd..Tthe salt from the beach. Not the thing from easter…The orange trees. “Risitas get the 20 paelleras.Tie them up and put them in the water.” And remember where you put them, because tomorrow you’ll have to pick them up And when i got there it was 2 A.M., so the tide was low. I left them as he told me, tied up. I tied them to a stick. I got the kitchen, it was 2:30 A.M. “Risitas,did you do it?” – “There they are, boss.” “Well, go to sleep. Tomorrow i’ll call you at 8 A.M. to pick to paelleras.” And i got to sleep, Jesús. So the restaurant can be opened and serve rice. And the cook wakes me up. “Risitas!” -“What?” -“Go get the paelleras, customers will arrive at 2 P.M. !” Look, i was in swimsuit and flipp-flopps. My hair was a mess, i only had time to put on my swimsuit and my flipp-flopps. When i got to the beach the tide had risen. The tide had risen and i only found 1 paellera. And i found it because it was stuck between in the rocks in lighthouse, in Chipiona. And when i enter the restaurant and the cook sees i only have 1 paellera. “Where are the 20 paelleras?” I said…. -“Take look outside and see where the water is.” Te water was as high as the resaturant! The tide rose! “What are we gonna do now with these two sacks of rice!?” “Quick! Call someone from Sevilla and tell them to bring paelleras.” Jesús, i was there with the swimsuit and the paellera…And the cook…You wouldn’t belive it “Go to Sevilla!” The last day, when the ” Virgin of Regla” procession took place, we where both crying. He made me pay for the paelleras. He made me pay. 500 pesetas each paellera. And i didn’t go back. I took a walk to take an amarillo…And until today. He sent me…he sent… He sent me at night when the water was low and in the morning it rose. Who knows where the paelleras are now…Maybe they are inside that “petrol ship… Inside a “Prestige” ? In that “Petrie…” one. And i didn”t work in the kitchen enymore. I loathed the kitchen I didn’t get paid. They gave me the tip jar… Was there a lot of money in the jar? What they pu inside.And the money i earned. They charged me for 20 paelleras, 500 pesetas.each Go figure how much i finally took the Sevilla I loathed the beach We both cried That’s enough, Jesús! It’s not a big deal , man. I don’t want rice anymore, Jesús. I don’t even want Chinese rice.

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  1. Even though I don’t speak Spanish when I read the subtitles the story was actually pretty funny, but his laughing made it 10 times better

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