OUSMANE DEMBÉLÉ / SAMUEL UMTITI | Smiley Comme Jamais 🤷‍♂😂 | Team Orange Football

You see the tablet, it’s a little bit… Tactical. It’s touch sensitive, you know what I mean? I’ll make you guess a few players from the French team. Where is he? Where is he? Can’t find it..
– Ah, Paul. Yes, well done. It’s kind of the same thing. Yeah. Who did you put here?
– You’ve seen it. It’s Argentina.
– Yeah. It’s not players from the French team then. Right! You were about to show me Uruguay. – Ngolo?
– No. Oh no no no no, what am I doing. Is it Ben?
– Yes, it’s Ben. Kylian’s one was easy. He has a squirrel face, then Argentina, acceleration. 2 stars
– And you’re an ant. Mosquito. The eyes! Because I have big eyes.
– Was it a mosquito or an ant? It’s the same thing. First one. Is Alphonse…
– Alphonse or Steve! Nothing easier. Did I put a… You did wrong here, it’s not possible. Who is it? Here you go, so easy. He’s a mean guy! Easy one. It’s Presko? With me, it’s fast. Who has a moustache like this? You won’t show me Guy! You won’t do this. What do you see on this image? A face, with a moustache. Since when does Hugo wears a moustache? Who? Nobody has a moustache It’s incredible, how slow you are. Adil has a beard. There is more than a moustache to Adil. You’re going to laugh. Who’s that? What the fuck are you saying? Belgium, Lukaku? It’s you! We said players from the French team and you mention Lukaku. When did Lukaku play for the French team! I see a Belgium flag, who knows. It happens to be mistaken.
– It’s incredible It wasn’t easy. We think it’s easy, but it’s not. Pavard, I found it right away. This one was an easy one. Once again, I helped you You didn’t.
– You tell me about Lukaku in the French team. Who knows? Great performance from us both. We showed great complicity. I helped him once again. What’s the problem? I helped him too. He’s crazy. He thinks he helped me the whole thing. Kylian knows. He is aware about it. You know it. Little squirrel. Walnut face.

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  1. It's very easy to recognise french players for them let them guess any player it will he more interesting 🙌

  2. Putain j'étais en mode" non pas le mouton ! " 😂😂et l'autre te sort encore pire : UN PUTAIN DE BROCOLIS 😭😭

  3. Since everyone here is French, can somebody explain to me what this phrase means?

    "Crochet, crochet, Ousmane Dembele!"

  4. C’est pour ça ousmane a raté son CAP 🙄 on parle des jouer de l’équipe de France il nous sort lukaku et courtois 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  5. 🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿

  6. 4:53

    Dembélé: Kylian il sait, il sait très bien, il est au courant
    Umtiti: T’es au courant Kyky
    Dembélé: T’es au courant
    Umtiti: Petit écureuil
    Dembélé: Ta tête de noisette là

    Ils m’ont eu 😭

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