100 Replies to “PAPER YEAR Official Trailer (2018) Andie MacDowell, Teen Drama HD”

  1. oh another title with the word paper…after paper town, casa de papel, now this paper year, what the hell does it even mean ?! fuck off

  2. y’all talking about beck from victorious but what about my boy Matthew from the new adventures of old Christine 😩😂

  3. 1:46 “ I don’t want to fight” then don’t pick a fight my friend

    This seems like an interesting movie but I really hope they get a divorce to show that love is not the only thing you need to make a marriage work

    Also hope they make a point to show that getting married Is not the only reason most of these relationships end

  4. Wow what a fucked up ending, leaving you saying "wtf that's it!!!!!!?" Now my only favorite part of the movie is when they played the Jamaican music…Alton Ellis 'Let's get Ready Rocksteady'.

  5. There is no love only lust, if some better looking guy appear then you forgot ur love and you can fuck around this movie " represents 90% western countries". I think love dead in those countries. After i saw this movie why did i waste my time .

  6. Well….. your first year of marriage is either your best or your hardest. It's one end of the spectrum or the other, everyone is different.

  7. just watched it right now, it is very dumb lol and unrealistic. The movie takes place in California, one of the states with the highest income inequality in the U.S., yet these two people (one of them unemployed) are still able to get an apartment in what is seemingly a nice neighborhood in Los Angeles? Yeah, right. They look too young, and I get that's the point of the movie but it just comes off as silly and very obvious.

  8. i only like the movie cuz eve is fine. this movie makes no sense howcan evie like noah, he is old and creepy, this movie gives false hope to creepy man , the ending sucks

  9. Just watched the movie, made me remember all the things my ex-girlfriend did to me. I really regret watching this one. I was able to forgive her but it left a scar </3

  10. lead guy had little charisma. akward. co worker keeps yappin as if its gonna say something witty, but never does. makes sense since its playin a hollywierd writer. god, im gut

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