PAUSE CHALLENGE! Prank Wars! || Pause Challenge For 24 Hours by 123 GO! Challenge

Ever wish time would stand still for just a minute? Careful what you wish for, because these two friends are hitting
the pause button at the most inconvenient times ever. Yep it’s time
for the Pause challenge! Oh, hey ladies! What on the agenda for today? Can we
just pause things for a minute? Ugh, finally, some time to myself. Uh, Jessa? Gimme that. Let’s give Jessa a taste of her own medicine, shall we? Whatever. Hey, wait up! It’s morning time so you know what that means. Breakfast! I’ll make a big bowl, I’m starving. Gosh, I hope I still have milk in the fridge. This looks okay, right? i’ll give it a whiff just in case. Pause right there! Oh no! Well, no use crying over spilled milk, right? But no one’s ever spilled this much of it before… Look at that mess! No matter how hard she tries, Jessa just can’t get out of “pause” mode! Alright, play! Aw man! Was that really necessary, Lily?! Have a friend that can’t tear themselves away from their phone? They have the ability to tune you out as they scroll through their Instagram feed. Hello? Lily? Are you even listening to me? I know
what’ll make her pay attention. Looks like Lily is paused! See you later, girl! Have fun with your phone. Oh, now you wanna listen, huh? Wait! Wait, how am I gonna get off this bus?! Bon voyage, sucker! Where am I? I’ve never been this far west before. I’ve never been I wish I’d have brought a jacket. What was that? Run, Lily! Finally, it’s Friday night! Hmm… Yum! We’ll have two slices of mushroom pizza, please! Here’s your pizza. Oh man, this looks incredible. Wait a sec. This pizza could use a little kick. Uh oh, the pause button! Lily, no! BAM! You know what would really spice up this meal? Yep, a whole lot of hot sauce. Are you just gonna let Jessa ruin her pizza like that? Well, that was annoying. If by annoying you mean funny, then ya! I guess I’ll eat it. I can barely watch. oh it’s not that bad OH GOD! CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. NOW!!! II don’t think there’s enough coke in entire restaurant to cool your mouth down, Jessa. Who’s that? Five minutes?!
I’ll just curl it really fast. Uh oh… This is for making me eat that spicy pizza… Hey, Lily! Hi… Please, don’t do it! I beg you! Not with the curling iron in my hair! Oh, ya… She’s really gonna do it! And she’s officially paused! My hair! Okay, okay. Oh, thank goodness. Joke’s on you girl, I didn’t even plug this thing in! Gimme that! Well, A for effort, right? Ah, nothing like cooling off on a hot day at the beach. Don’t you just love putting your hands in the sand? I know… I think it’s time to savor the moment a little, don’t you think? One of the funnest things about playing in the sand is burying your friends! But usually, you
have their consent first… Can you breathe under there, Jessa? Ew. There ya go! Hello! Oh, hey there! Wanna go get some ice cream? Wait, aren’t you forgetting something?! Oh, Jessa! You’re home! I hope you’re pleased with yourself. Oh gosh! You look like you’re missing a layer of skin! What are you doing? Oh my gosh! It’s 5:30 already?! Move over, Lily, I’ve gotta put on my face! You’re gonna wish you hadn’t done that! All that’s left is a classic red lip. Pause! Not now! I’ll be your makeup artist this evening, thank you very much! Something tells me Jessa isn’t going to be too fond of this glow-up. Okay, all done. Sorry boo, I’m running a little late! Why is he looking at me like that? Yeah, I think I’m gonna have to cancel, sorry! Ugh, how embarrassing! Man, I have nothing to wear tonight! I wonder what’s in here… Those are dirty, alright. Jessa had a dress that would be perfect for my event tonight. I’m sure she won’t mind if I borrow it. Oh, yep! It’s perfect! Pause! Whatcha doin’ there? Hey, what’s that smell? The iron! It’s burning through the fabric!! Play! Oh no, is it ruined? oh thank goodness! Um, hello! Scurry along now, Lily. Ugh, I’m so hungry. Any snacks lying around? Agh, nothing. Oh, man! I bet there’s something in the fridge! We have eggs! I’m sure I can make
something with these. C’mon, hurry up and cook! Little does she know, Jessa’s armed and ready to attack. And Pause! Oooh, watcha making there, Lily? Some eggs, I see! Too bad no one’s around to give them a stir, huh? Unless of course, I hit the play button! Oh no! My precious eggs! Yeah, those eggs are gonna overcook, aren’t they? No, my lunch!! Alright, fine. Looks like you’re gonna be hungry for a while longer, Lily. this is just the worst Here, take my candy bar. Oh yeah, now we’re talkin’. Wish you could use a pause button on your friends? While you’re waiting for it to be invented,
check out these bloopers! Oh, and share this video with your friends, obviously! Hey, don’t
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  1. 1:17 like really? WHAT A WASTE it actually makes me sad the way your wasting that milk but apart from that great video

  2. Wow when that girl "Vicky" was chocking the two other girls where like : Ugh where's the food, The other girl: yeah it's taking forever
    Me: Bruh there's a woman chocking behind you and you guys are sitting there like there are dogs fighting behind you and you guys don't care

  3. I mean lily that's is not nice to Paused someone with a hot sause your not nice I don't want to subscribe your video now all day not one day is all of them I like your friend there nice your ugly you don't know me because I'm your hater all your subscribe hahaha

  4. It was so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Please make more videos like these 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  5. One thing that is kind of stupid about them is when they are about to press pause they just still do what there doing and just say no,no,no! Instead they should stop what they are doing😑

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