People Try To Guess Boston Slang

– I assume that most Boston slang is mean towards somebody else. – That’s what I’m assuming. (lively music) – [Voiceover] A bubbler, what the hell do you think that means? – Like the pub, let’s go to the bubbler and let’s get bubbled, bubbly tonight. – It’s when you fart. – It’s gotta be a device with
which you can smoke weed. – A guy with a lisp, he’s
just like bubbling around. – I thought this was just
Rhode Island and Wisconsin, but it’s a drinking fountain. A bubbler is a drinking fountain. – Barrel, um, this is like
a big handle of alcohol. – Barrel means a lot of things, like you can have a barrel of anything. – Like a Boston sport fan’s huge beer gut. – Even if you’re just having
fun and they had a barrel. – They had a barrel last night. – Yeah, we had a barrel of fun. (lively music) – [Voiceover] Dot.
– [Voiceover] Dot. – [Voiceover] Dot.
– [Voiceover] Dot. – [Voiceover] Dot.
– Dot. – Dot.
– Dot. – Dot.
– Dot. – It’s a medical term. – It’s an old person. – It’s the Department of Transportation. – Ah, you see that dot over there? – That dot over there is wicked white. – That dot over there though. – I think a dot’s like just
like an absent-minded friend, it’s like, oh Karen, she’s such a dot. (lively music) – [Voiceover] Dunks.
– [Voiceover] Dunks. – Yeah, it’s a, I think
it’s a booty reference. – I immediately want to say sneakers. – Those are my shoes. – Yeah, shoes. – Damn, that girl’s got dunk-s. – In her trunk? – It’s the abbreviation for
Dunkin’ Donuts, which is like church out there.
– Yeah. – I mean, it’s just like a staple. (lively music) – [Voiceover] Wiffle. – Wiffle, that sounds like
something from Harry Potter. – Red Sox play baseball,
Yankees play wiffle. – I think it’s like a play on a waffle. They’re like (bleep) you, it’s
not a waffle, it’s a wiffle. – Hold on, grab that guy,
I’m gonna go grab my wiffle, we’ll really teach him a lesson. – Exactly, wiffle totally,
it’s gotta be a bat. (lively music) – [Voiceover] Who has seasonal haircuts? (lively music) – We should get wiffles. – We should get wiffles. – When you doin’ it tomorrow? – Uh, people from California
get wiffles for the first time.

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  1. I lived in Dorchester and never heard of it referred to as Dot until like a few weeks ago.
    Stab n Kill (Savin Hill) is the one I know lol

  2. I LIVE in Boston and even I didn’t know Dot or Wiffle and some of those I know but never actually hear people say

  3. I am from Boston but I don’t even know most of these words 😂… now if we were talking Cambridge… NOW WERE TALKING

  4. It’s weird EVERYONE in my school calls it a bubbler but a water fountain looks like this ⛲️ and you don’t drink out of it. Ever think you are wrong?

  5. I’m from Massachusetts some of these I’ve never heard though but for the barrel slang I say trash barrel not just just barrel haha!

  6. I’m from boston and I asked my substitute if I could go to the bubbler and she had no idea what I was saying

  7. PEEING AT THIS!!!! some of them depend on where you live too tho. like if u don’t know dorchester u wouldn’t know “dot” but lmaoooo dunks was too easy

  8. I’m from one of the neighboring cities, it’s like 10 minutes walking to Boston. None of these are true😂

  9. Being someone from MA this is accurate AF. I’m school we always ask if we can get a drink from the bubbler.

  10. Buzzfeed has no right to talk about the greatest city in New England and bring all their radical passive aggressive SJW vibes to it

  11. Madd originated here
    Lollipop no sucker
    Ayy guy.. bro .. like..
    Abd then ..
    Packie lq store livkahh
    Barrel trash
    3 decker apt
    Oh my god
    U serious..legit.. word
    thats fire bomb
    Carriage or cart r shopping
    Barrel or garbadge
    Parlour or living dining room
    One is bye lada
    Pass a church ..father son holy ghost hand

  12. Tonic Maine Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut: TONIC It was from a drugstore making Pepsi Coke etc.

  13. Ugh! Why didn't you record their reactions after revealing the meanings? So disappointing ☹️

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