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  1. I pretty sure some of these were just staged. Like at 5:08, I'm pretty sure they were laughing about the sign, then went, "Hey mom, act like your asleep and I'll send a pic to Rachael, she'll get a good laugh out of it." I'm not really buying it was taken by someone at the next table who didn't know a person who was honestly dozing off in the restaurant.

  2. Old people yes they don't care. children are innocents. but young people are just stupids. and normally stupid person can not be a wise person whatever you teach them, even if they have the biggest diplomas they will remain stupids.

  3. bBossDT: I don't care that you repeated. It happens. However, I didn't even "get" a couple of these. #12? UGH???? Also, there's probably a good explanation for at least 1/4 or more of these pics. For example, the guy with the cassette player and headphones in the cafeteria line. He's older and probably figures he has old cassettes he likes, the machine still works so why not? Besides, CLEARLY HIS CASSETTE PLAYER HAS LASTED A LOT LONGER THAN THE BATTERIES (now unremovable in most phones to FORCE us to buy the newest one) ON MOST PHONES AND MP3'S AND IPOD'S DO THESE DAYS – so at his age, why would he waste his money on one of those gadgets when what he WANTS to listen to is already on cassette tape, (why re-purchase something you already bought) and is already at his fingertips and his cassette player still works? I think that's a reasonable explanation. That doesn't mean he doesn't give a hoot. Or like the guy in the chair in the back of the truck. Perhaps they are moving the chair and didn't have tie downs. So if they were only going a short distance, he just sat on it to keep it from shifting. Wow. I don't care for some of/most of the examples in this video. Below, someone stated that professor was protesting the early start times of exams. Did you know this? The repeats, which are all most people care most about are not that big of a deal. These people, their reputations, your judgments of them…ARE A BIG DEAL! YOU'VE SLANDERED THESE PEOPLE. You have posted your and others channels material and these people's pictures and interpreted it in a way YOU thought would get views. That is what people should be commenting on. All most people on here are babbling about are "too many repeats." So lame. We should and I am criticizing your content and interpretation of these showing peoples FACES and making up what you think about how they are dressed or what they are doing and calling them "stupid," not the production of your video and how many times you repeated your content. Barely anyone except only a couple of us has considered the content. Most people act like they are the world's greatest YouTube site builders and producers and judge others' sites and I bet 90% of these folks don't even have their own channel. I just didn't care for some of the examples because they have reasonable explanations, but even if they don't…so what. What business is it of anyone's why a man has a cassette player anyway? Or if you have an iPod and I have an Android? So what!!!! Some people are poor. Some elderly people DO CARE and WISH they could learn and use today's technology but who's going to teach them? YOU? Their kids or grandkids who are usually to busy to call? Elderly people are not only frugal as most are living on less than $1,000 a month or less but also are intimidated by modern software that changes every other month so they do tend to stick with the simple things like cassette players. I pay $70 a month for some of my gadgets and don't utilize most features. I'm quite sure I don't. Why? Not because I'm stupid but because I just don't NEED them all. I have high-speed internet but only watch YouTube as I am disabled and don't use my Windows 10 computer for anything else. I'm not a gamer yet I have to pay gamer rates for gamer speed so I can have the speed I need during the business hours when there is a huge lag in internet speed where I live. Also, it's a shame we are ALL forced to pay for things we ALL don't use. I don't USE a Bluetooth but I HAVE to pay for it. Etc. So why would an elderly who only wants to listen to old cassettes pay tons of money for things he wouldn't really utilize?
    My point is, there is more to people and their lives than you or others may just ASSUME that if "PEOPLE ARE NOT LIKE YOU, THEN THEIR STUPID." NO, some people are not a CONFORMIST. THAT'S A GOOD THING. THANK GOD FOR THAT. WE NEED TO HEAR PEOPLE'S STORIES BEFORE WE JUDGE THEM. YES, THIS MAY HAVE BEEN A "JOKE" BUT I DIDN'T THIS IT WAS FUNNY. And perhaps I didn't tell you anything you didn't already know. Maybe you just enjoy making fun of people. That is your choice. I will and have given you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you DIDN'T know any better. So in that same vein, I will give you some advice. I will ask you this. DID YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO PUT THEIR FACES ON YOUTUBE? IF NOT, YOU COULD BE SUED. IF I WERE YOU, I'D TEAR IT DOWN OR BLOT OUT THEIR FACES BEFORE YOUR CHANNEL IS TAKEN DOWN AND YOU FACE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. JUST A KIND SUGGESTION. I hope you have learned something today about people. Perhaps you are young and will now learn these things the easy way. If so, I wish you much sucess in your future endeavors in video production. 🙂 GOD BLESS.

  4. #39 Did you notice under the shopping cart were crutches, so that’s probably why she was riding in the shopping cart.

  5. If you've ever gone shopping after a 12 hour shift you'd be very jealous of #39!😩 I often thought about just using the motorized shopping carts.

  6. I once got a ride whilst hitchhiking in Colorado where the guy was hauling a sleigh in the bed of his truck and insisted I sit in it. I got a great view of the interstate and every overpass we went under. It was an odd experience, to be sure.

  7. The professor at 0:57 is in his pajama's because he is protesting the school requiring this final exam at 7:00 a.m. Check your images before you make people look incompetent.

  8. 0:28 so basically one of her colleague put that online to show their dedication
    1:49 that's sexist… when Marilyn Monroe did that, everybody was happy
    5:39 he DOES care, he just doesn't remember
    10:06 the body of the tattoo "artist " has just been found in his back shop

  9. #5, The professor finally showed up: This was actualy the teachers protesting against the school having exams at 7:30 am… So it's not people that don't care, but someone that ACTUALY cares….
    Stopped watching after that, and from comments, looks like I didn't miss much…

  10. The last one… The contestants always eat things on that show, and always make a big deal out of it.

  11. Number 7 was actually a school protest for finals being held really early in the morning. Teachers wore there pajamas to school to protest.

  12. Did you REALLY have to use the word f*ck so often. I puts some people off. I shut you off around the four minute mark. Have a little common courtesy.


  14. Number 12 clearly uses crutches. Maybe there was not a mobility cart available. Hope your life is easier than hers.

  15. My favorites have to be # 21 2:33,62 7:29,84 10:06😆 I don't care of the repeats photos. Life is too short to be complaining about petty stuff.

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