16 Replies to “Pharrell Williams: I Love Space, But I’m Not Trying To Go”

  1. Pharrell Williams is an inspiration; what a thoughtful, kind, intelligent, articulate and beautiful soul. He gives me hope for the human race.

  2. With all the time travel talk, I really wish Stephen had mentioned that there are people who think PW is an alien because he doesn't seem to age. Lol.

  3. They a minority in the systems of powers that make up our country is the reason for the distinction but I agree it is ridiculous.

  4. 哇嗚,美国軍科技太猛太先進太可怕了,,,??,一定有外星人??。

  5. He is very aware of white privilege, but totally ignore male privilege. I thought he was a really nice person but he comes out as a d+ck at the end of the interview.

  6. Just FYI women are included in the minority section because only 3% of producers in the american music industry are women. Women aren't minorities in terms of global population, he's correct on that part haha.☺️

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