what’s going on guys my name is whoo man and you’re currently watching my youtube channel today I’m going back on the streets posing as an uber driver my passengers expect me to come and pick them up in a bowl beat up to you in a Prius but when I get there I’ll be surprising them with a Lamborghini Aventador and let me tell you this baby is fast [Music] hi Marta this is your uber driver where are you located I’m here oh I see you’re literally right next to my car you’re right here I’m literally right in front of you blue car there you are hi Marta hey it’s whoo man you go driver on a Prius yeah how to priya’s this morning I just bought a Lamborghini so you get a free ride in Lambo every upgrade to a Lamborghini from the Prius are you serious I’m dead serious you have two choices for this ride choice number one drive safe but slow choice number two drive maybe not so safe but really fun and really fast pick I mean option two let’s go freaking fast pretty sure I’m Sasha all right let’s do it if we get pulled over I’m telling the police officer you made me do it I’m gonna get you out of it okay Tommy you’re a pretty girl so I’m sure yeah give me a countdown [Music] three two one go all right Marta we are here at your destination how was your ride was a good driver I mean it was the best uber drive ever and the best uber driver ever if you get a chance smash that five-star rating for me benefit and it’s it’s okay if you don’t if it’s okay I’ll be happy with a five-star rating all right you have a wonderful day with your chute kill it all right thank you but whoo that was good alright guys my next passengers name is flash I don’t know what kind of a name that is but I kind of like it it’s cool so let’s go find mr. flash it says is right around the corner you are this this guy’s naked it says this is him what’s up or are you flush get away whoa who is that whoa that’s my girl going she’s dripping bro bro I like to comment about my ex LaFollette picture you’d like oh my god yes my eyes are your girl yes do literally I like to call me on Instagram of my club but it’s my first time getting picked up in a Lambo usually I get the down-low pre s with the you’re waiting for a prism it’s always a pre answer some but if you want to free is like good destructive that going on this is dog original this is tight I’m tired and see what this thing got three two one go [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] my head oh my gosh that’s crazy I’m trying to this thing sing broken so I want to hear it beautiful windows down you ready let’s go wait how’s that that’s beautiful that’s wheels Tamihere thank you my brother I’ll see you know drive safe man I will is crazy absolutely funny stay safe they give me advice already bro all day but something close I’ll get sick oh my god this guy’s crazy hey Victoria I’m sorry are you Victoria yeah did you order ooh BRR yeah I’m your uber driver up man yes a Prius well it wasn’t Prius but I just bought a new car so you get a free ride in the Lamborghini take it or leave it really I want to get it no choice I could leave you go in for a bris 500 kidding let’s get it go I’ve never been in one of these here we go Victoria are you ready okay I’m cut my heart’s kind of pumping all of it because I feel kind of nervous okay it’s okay we’re good you’re in good hands you have any heart problems I’ll get in underneath medications drugs anything that’s gonna make you out of a heart attack in my car no good you’re qualified let’s go let’s go three two one go oh my gosh bats go back to go back hi Victoria we’re here let’s just look for a parking spot that’s safe for you so I can drop you off was it done that’s funny next passengers name is angel let’s go find mr. Angel all right so I’m here and there’s literally no one on the street no there’s a cop there’s a cop that’s looking at me funny can I park here for a second while I went for a Hoover passenger I’m picking up someone a v8 and made an angel for uber I’m just waiting to get to pick him up he’s not here yet long wave to pick up an uber passenger named angel I’m angel I know you’re a cop is not your car I locked my keys in the park but you are the uber your angel yeah yeah ugh no way I mean okay I just can’t believe I’m getting a cop head copper right but let’s go oh my god how you doing there you go yeah it’s a little tough it’s a little tough with a gun on my side yeah this make sure that gonna shoot one of us you just made and healthy no lane-change right I did it what illegal lane change he didn’t signal oh I forgot sorry it was it was a quick lane change and it was the one I have it again [Music] so have you been in a Lamborghini before now do you like cars like that Burgundy’s I like ones that are easier to get into oh yeah would you like me to drive slow in this car or drive fast for you it’s your oppa right so you think you drive fast I’ll give you a ticket if you drive fast enough to give us a good ride I won’t give you a ticket and I’ll give you five stars challenge accepted give me a countdown from three to one or you want five to one punch it punch it punch it all right one two or three [Music] good boy good boy yeah it’s your Ruby right baby there’s a lot of black and white I’ll tell you all right one more time go 4 3 2 1 how was that was it good right do I get a ticket you get five stars and a tip okay all right have a good night you look you drop your gun [Music] [Music] [Music]


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  2. For all the people that say it is fake so tf what it's entertainment just watch the fucking video or just shutup and leave the video damn

  3. i like that part when angel came in to your ride first stuff signal when turn second go fast ticket or treat wow

  4. I know your car is an aventador but what type like a svj or sv or roadster or I don't know

    Edit: I kind of think it's a LP-7004

  5. this cant be true…
    This can cost the cop his job…
    Why would a person allow you to do something that can compromise his job?

  6. Lol fake as fuck why the fuck would a cop want an uber driver if he gets to drive around for free all day on tax payers dollars makes no fucken sense

  7. Love how fake this is. When I first saw the hot ass girls I was sceptical but when I saw that dude getting beat by his girl I knew it was. It's funny how theres a camera outside the car already and how bad an actor some people actually are.

  8. it got butterfly doors no fairt i want 1 but im too young and to poor well not my parents the have thousends but not enough for a lambo

  9. There is no loyality in relations in all NON-MUSLIM communities of the world. NON-MUSLIMS leave even their childs for temporary money and for cars.. .. Please learn from ISLAAM how to be loyal with relations… THANKS…

  10. Hooman must’ve been scared shitless with the cop in the car 🤣 specially when the cop said “YOU MADE AN ILLEGAL LANE CHANGE”

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