Pickup Artists – From Andrea Allan’s Comedy EP GONZO

I’m fascinated with pick-up artists. I think it’s the funniest thing. I like that the word
artist is in the title. What is your art? Calling people fat to try
to get them to fuck you? Is that, did you go to college for that? I got hit on by one of those guys in the middle of the
day in a grocery store, and I was just holding
soy milk being like, what is happen, okay. Yeah, I have pretty eyes. You have a good point. That’s a valid point, stranger. And this guy looked like kinda homeless, like a little bit homeless, like homeless adjacent, at least. And I’m like, if you’re
gonna try to fuck me, and look homeless, at
least pick up a guitar. Come on, come on.
(audience laughing) I have been fooled, I fucked an air guitarist,
I’m an easy mark. This is on you, man.

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