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A few of you know this I actually came into comedy in kind of a a strange fashion I finished my Ph.D and then I went into comedy. Which I don’t recommend! It’s a little like spending six years of your life training for the olympics and then going you know what, I think I’d rather be a glassblower. But I have found a way to combine the comedy. with the PhD. I’m going to give you guys a brief seminar here tonight. Starting off with a favorite comedy topic molecular bonding. A brief review. There’s several different types of molecular bonds. Weak bonds such as the hydrogen bond pictured here between water and ammonia. Strong bonds such as the covalent bonds found in diamonds. I have a new discovery that I’m calling the supercovalent bond. Which is the strongest bond in the known universe that forms between my roommates body hair and a bar of soap. We can judge the strength of a bond by the amount of energy it takes to break that bond. Transition probability.This is tool I used in my thesis. Transition probability diagrams I worked on anadramous fishes. Here is the life history of a salmon. It has a twenty percent chance of becoming a hatchling. an 80% shot of ending up as river scum. Once you reach that hatchling stage only a 5% shot of becoming a juvenile. Not a very promising life history. But there’s actually something with an even more bleak outlook. The child star. It starts off looking pretty good you’re a child, you’re a star. Hoping to become an adult superstar but you only have a 10% shot of becoming a superstar. You have a 20% shot of becoming a porn star. 70% shot of becoming river scum. It doesn’t matter what path you take everyone ends up in rehab. From there you have a 40% shot of hosting a late night infomercial. 40% shot of becoming a security guard. And a 20% shot of becoming a politician. Which of course leads us right back river scum.

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  1. This video was uploaded on February 16th, but you advertised a January 29th show in San Diego… I wish you had uploaded this in time for that show, as I'm from San Diego and would've liked to see you live!

  2. Generally it takes an intelligent person to make another person laugh. People who down your comedy simply cannot grasp it.

  3. Sir, I did not understand the last joke, was it in reference to something that happened/in the news? or am I missing something?

  4. this is very funny. In all of my science classes through college I used to apply the rules and other aspects to other scenarios just like this. But hats off to you for actually doing it in front of people. lol.

  5. @omarofuae I would say it's more than just Schwarzenegger; you had Jesse Ventura, Ronald Reagan, etc., who were in showbiz prior to politics.

  6. @dudeitsivan sorry I missed ya. I tend to do a lot of shows in California. You can check out my tour schedule on my website: youtubecomedian.

  7. Molecular bonds are awesome but what about gravity or the sun being the center of the stellar system?They are both theories(or have no explanation:gravity) that haven't being proven as well as human relationships .Think you can work around this?

  8. ok yeah the guy's funny but why does the crowd have to burst into hysterics every 2 seconds? Everytime I'm about to laugh some woman/man goes BAHAHAHA

  9. You are hilarious your style of comedy is unique yet awesome
    please tour near BC CANADA i would LOVE to see one of your shows

  10. Ya, some parts were funny so keep it up. But it seemed like your audience was on pot or something, they were laughing at everything.

  11. @txlee1 There's always some sort of show going on in the Chameleon club in Lancaster, PA. So maybe there.

  12. Hmmm this looks like a lot more fun than waiting for the post-doc grants to be published in the next geologic age or so.

  13. Hey man, what do you have against people who blow glass….. oh god let's keep on topic here……………….

  14. In the US powerpoint presentations re the only form of torture still legal. This guy has fun with powerpoint. presentations.

  15. wow, I rarely laugh out loud at stand up. But I laughed my ass off when river scum showed up again!

  16. Glad to see you've gained popularity. I first viewed a few of your videos months ago and i decided to check for new upoads today and you have a lot more views than before.

  17. The Earth, no Milky Way Galaxy needs intellegent comedy like this. I'm so tired of the current Low IQ comedy (aka River Scum). ๐Ÿ™‚

    You're going to go far given a chance.

  18. Tim, do you have a dvd available ? If so, I will certainly buy it. Like so many have already said, clean, intelligent comedy is a rare find, but you deliver and do it well sir. Please keep doing this; I believe you have a gift. ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you ever make it out to Texas or Florida (Orlando area) ? Would love to see you LIVE man!

  19. @lonestarduffer Thank You! I have a DVD available on my website: YouTubeComedian. I haven't made it to Texas or Florida yet but it's on my to do list.

  20. Hey Tim! Love your videos…as a fellow intellectual, I can absolutely appreciate the science/Powerpoint aspect. But it's really your timing (as with all comedy) that makes it work. Any chance you'll be in Atlanta at some point? I'd definitely come see your show.

  21. @MoviManATL Overall I am happy with myself, although there are areas in which I feel I can improve and I will strive to do so. Also, I'd argue that the location of a discussion has no effect on its value. Whether face to face or in the comments section of a video uploading website, the most important conversation in the world will still be the most important conversation in the world. Still, I understand why you wouldn't want to have words about it and I hope you're happy with yourself too ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Very good material, well presented. I note you give the audience time to laugh and maybe their talking amongst themselves and laughing more. Let them laugh. It cuts down the need for too much material! Timing is everything. ll the greats had/have it. Bob Hope, Jack Benny George Burns to name a few.

  23. That's pretty cool. Very innovative and original. Hope to see you on Conan, Letterman, and Leno,Fergeson, or Kimmel. Good fortune.

  24. I'm only a high school junior, but I really like your videos. I can even enjoy your short films. You've been doing this for five years too! Thx for the add and I look forward to more of your work. This is great stuff, and I can't believe I hadn't heard of you sooner.

  25. Brilliant! At a certain point I received an email saying that you followed me. It must have been one of your algorithms, or too much beer, I don't know.. But I'm glad you did, because I've discovered you, and the best material I've heard in years. Thanks for posting your genius comedy!

  26. I have 2 sons who are chemical engineers, another son who is a pilot and a daughter who is a politician. She's the youngest. With 3 older brothers, she didn't stand a chance, eh?

  27. i remember when you had 200 subscribers.. lol
    Israel really crashed a "lander" on the moon? it looked like a colander with soup ladles for land gear.

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