Pre-Game Brawl – Slap Shot (7/10) Movie CLIP (1977) HD

The Peterborough Patriots
versus the Charlestown Chiefs, brought to you by
Sheehan’s Rustproofing. The Chiefs have come out
on the ice for a warm-up period. They’re about to try
for their fifth consecutive win. They’re applauded by their booster club, who have travelled all the way
from Charlestown to be here tonight. There’s no one to stop it because
there are no officials on the ice. What has come over
the Charlestown Chiefs? And the rockets’ red glare The bombs bursting in air Gave proof through the night That our flag was still there I got my eye on you.
You pull one thing, you’re out. I run a clean game.
Any trouble, I’ll suspend you. I’m listening to the fucking song! O’er the land of the free

100 Replies to “Pre-Game Brawl – Slap Shot (7/10) Movie CLIP (1977) HD”

  1. Wow! This was made the same year as Star Wars?!

    It has aged very well, and the humor is honestly more funny and spot on than many movies today.

  2. The fashions really date this movie but its still probably the greatest sports comedy movie of all time! And if I remember right it was written by a woman.

  3. i loved the part in the movie where the brothers where making brass knuckles out of tin foil in the change room ahaa that was to funny'

  4. The time when movies were so good before them freaks invaded Hollywood and ruined everything. Their fake 80s and 70s films are cute but they're FAKE and edited from 2020 freaks.

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