Prime Minister, Schools & Girls | Stand-Up Comedy by Mohd Suhel

this video sucks and it hasnt even started yet stuttering like a pro so two stones were having sex it was so hot it created a fire f the audience this was a great joke(stones sex not what this nerdass said) well comedy is all about details man you should focus on details as a comic ask yourself questions when you get these golden thoughts questions like that stone sex was it consensual? was it unprotected? was it gay? GAY! GAY STONE SEX! questions like how would you know if a stone is gay? THIS IS THE WORST THING HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF COMEDY continue with the stone sex story man f this guy maybe those stones were not having sex maybe they were nudist stones having a normal day chilling THIS DUMBASS THINKS HES A GENIUS DOING THIS dont get distracted buddy just focus on stones DAMN people really love stones sometimes i think dont laugh guys i can think FINALLY MORON SAID SOMETHING NICE:) yes i just used 🙂 this in the subtitles anyway sometimes i think i should do a show just talking about stones and peacocks… or pigeons im not sure and then sometimes i think wait im already doing that or maybe i should just stop thinking people really loved the idea of not thinking STONE SEX! never gets old stone sex always get them rolling HES LYING f him lets move on with the story two stones were having sex are we doing sex jokes now? – me to my brain who tf talks to their brain – brain dont worry guys(me and my brain are guys in this situation) dont worry guys we will connect the stone sex to space somehow – weed but how? – kidney who tf is letting kidney talk – brain yes kidneys should stay in kitchen – weed are you sure it was stones? – everybody yes im sure it was stones – eyes OH THIS F*ER AGAIN yes he only deserves one * even in curse words can we get back to stone sex case? – underwear sure – tom cruise wait was that tom cruise – everybody except tom cruise no im actually harry potter disguised as tom cruise – harry potter or tom cruise haha we arent idiots we know harry potter is fictional – everybody yes im harry how do you think those stones were having sex – harry i made them to have sex for eternity – harry well if youre harry wtf happened to tom cruise – everybody i am tom cruise ive always been tom cruise – harry people cant handle this truth this shit is more complicated than the last subtitles last one was just dumb this is dumb on some other level its so dumb its not even dumb anymore wait but tom cruise started making movies even before jk rowling created harry potter jk rowling is a stone – harry stone from stone sex story? no different stone – harry shes special – harry special?how? shes going to save the avengers – harry shes a miscellaneous infinity stone – harry theres only 6 infinity stones what kind of stone is jk rowling? emma stone – harry whaaaaaaaat? – the universe just kidding – harry Audience:phew! that would be a crazy plot twist LIAR! so there are 6 stones: space, reality, power, mind,time and soul stone jk rowling is sex stone – harry stone sex or sex stone decide harry-hormoine(disguised as thanos) shes a sex stone – harry and she will save avengers by eating pigeons that has venom – harry and that will sent her into space – harry told ya! – orgasmic weed wait just to recap so two stones were having sex tom cruise is not tom cruise hormoine is thanos or thanos is hormoine jk rowling is a sex stone or stone sex and she will save avengers? how? look she will go to space – harry and then have sex with thanos in space – harry and then circle of life will start again – harry ok so avengers will born again and then thanos will kill them again and then again stone sex and this is the circle of life so avengers and harry potter are not fictional movies theyre the documentary on evolution of this universe anyone wants to smoke? – seth rogen please save me – weed dont worry buddy we have connected everything so dont need you anymore – everybody except weed hey we havent figured out what those two stones were doing – brain and why theyre there? – kidney stfu and go make a sandwich – weed shouting from seth rogens kidneys those stones are wright brothers – harry and theyre not having sex theyre inventing fire – harry why are they here though? because if jk rowling shits that venomous pigeon instead of thermometer she will lose her power to go to space – harry and then she will eat wright brother stones and get powers to make the plane and go to space – harry the end cant tour because of homework LYING AGAIN pigeons and peacoks are a myth – harry potter or tom cruise or thanos or jk rowling or emma stone or hormoine definitely not seth rogen

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  1. English subtitles in the description. LIT subtitles in the video.
    Instructions to watch the video:
    Step 1: Watch the video
    Step 2: Watch the video with subtitles on

  2. Video bhot acchi thi yaar but tumne aise bich bich me bolke pura flow hi kharab kar diya..
    Wapis aise video edit mat karna… Pls comedy is dam superb

  3. Comedy to badhiya hai re bhosdike…..
    Par madharfuckker chutiya sala bich bich me lund bol Raha….sra moodd me lund ghuser diya

  4. abe chutiye kya backchowdi h sun y mt sochiyo ki public ko jo mna jro vo vhi krti h to y jo chuityapanti krta h na beech m ghnta frk ni pdta

  5. बीच मे जो चुतियापा कर रहा है ये irretating कर रहा है।।।

  6. Love the way yu deliver ur speech…. U move the audience from one direction to another…. Appreciateed….. The jokes was full of 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣the only hindi joke I laugh… Even if I am not good a it🤣🤣love yu bro…. Love your jokes.. From Nagaland

  7. Edit krke apni lines kyu ghused rha hai bhai ….video accha hai kharab kar diya tune bich me bol bol ke….🤦🤦

  8. Bhai video k bech me itna Q bolta h acha video tha but bech bech me ake or bkchodi kr k tune video ko cutiyapsa bna deya

  9. Bhai bahot sahi comic time hai teta.. Without any chilled out expression u do too much to make us laugh… Keep it up dude.

  10. the way you have put comments in between video does sucks … you might be feeling that is too innovative but your are truly an chu****aa

  11. इसीलिए कहते हैं अच्छे भले काम में उंगली नहीं बनानी चाहिए

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