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It was not an easy childhood, I wasn’t spoiled,
not like today a lot of parents spoil their kids. My buddy he brags about it. He says
yeah, I let my kid cruise around town in a fifty thousand dollar Lexus. I said so what.
I let my kid cruise around town in a two hundred thousand dollar metro bus. He sends his kids
to karate and Tae Kwon Do, I drop my kids off in Korea town they’ll learn to fight.
Hey, hey not an easy childhood. But I survived. Hey I’m Larry Omaha a professional stand up
comedian. And I’m here to talk about how you can become a professional stand up comedian.
What is a comedian? A comedian is an individual man or a woman who every night goes into dark
clubs and make strangers laugh. Not an easy job. Takes a lot of years, a lot of determination,
a lot of hunger to develop your material to develop your persona to develop the guts to
get up on a stage in front of strangers every night. But I’m here to talk about that. Takes
a lot of work, it involves writing, it involves editing, rewriting, it involves meeting people
who can help your career. And going up and having a lot of hunger and a lot of desire
because it does take two, three, four, five years to get to a point where you are really
a worthwhile and valuable commodity. I’ll describe what a typical day is for a stand
up comedian. First of all, there is no typical day. Every morning I wake up wondering who
is going to be calling me for what kind of job, where in the world. But if I don’t get
the call then I’ll make some calls, I’ll call my booking agents. Find out what they have
going on that I could be used in. I spend a lot of time reading, newspapers, watching
the news, knowing what current events are. Because I’m the type of comedian who likes
to do comedy on current events. So I spend a lot of time writing, writing down ideas
for jokes. Working them, re-editing them, getting them prepared so that they are in
concise form so that that night I can take those joke ideas and perform them in front
of an audience to see if they work. To see if they are funny. In a nutshell that’s what
my typical day is like. If you want to call that typical.

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