Progression (Short Comedy Sketch)

mr. smith, congratulations! the delivery has occured that’s very good! umm..there is this one thing… it’s a kitten a. . a kitten?? as in a cat?? well.. not as in a dog! you know fish, milk, purr isn’t it cute that impossible! me and my… me and my wife, we can’t give a birth to a kitten!? well.. you can’t give birth to anything as far as my knowledge of anatomy goes look, this is outregeous i want to speak to the manager you should be thankful your wife gave birth to a kitten i’ve seen women gave birth to hedgehogs or.. what if she’d given birth to an elephant surely you aware of the various genetic mutations developing recently?? it’s no surprise, given our lifestyles… the pollution and all the junkfood our progression knows no limits no…no there must be some mistake some..some mixed up is is it like a cat nearby that miraculously given birth to a human?? or.. i mean i.. i’ll happily swap this is your newborn yes bbut i don’t want a kitten i want a human child!! You know something resembling me My father, he want a grand daughter what am i supposed to tell him? well it’s a girl why is this had to happen to me!!?? look, don’t beat yourself up it’s not entirely your fault i don’t understand how we no buts you need to decide whether you taking home this kitten home or not either way i have some paperwork for you to sign and then you’re going to need to vacate the premises so.. what it’s going to be??

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  1. Yey, jauns un superīgs video. Ceru, ka drīz būs vēl. Un jūs esat ieguvuši daudz vairāk subscriberu kā daudzi kanāli gadu laikā. Tā turpināt!

  2. I like all of your videos, you are very talented! Have to say I didn't love this one thou. Keep them coming!!

  3. Nothing makes me happier than finding out you've done another sketch. I still show all my friends 'the expert' and I loved this too! Thanks and keep it up 🙂

  4. Haha, skatos Tevi jau pusgadu un tikai tikko pamanīju, ka tu esi latvietis! Izcilas komēdijas. Eksperts, manuprāt, ir visulaiku labākā īs-komēdija.

  5. i bet if a doctor told people this they'd buy it. people buy anything from uniformed and licensed professional 'experts'.

  6. The best part is where it's socially acceptable that the man has no reproductive rights. Good sketch largely reflecting reality,

  7. Estimado Lauris. Me encantan tus videos pero solo El experto es el único que he podido bajar con subtitulos en español. ¿Qué puedo hacer pues quiero compartirlos con mis amigos y amistades?

  8. So… where the original short story used the line "God's ways are inscrutable" and seemed to be taking a shot at religion, you replace the line with "Our progression knows no bounds."
    Is this a shot at otherkin? Or generally at progressiveness, and people being expected to be accepting of everything?
    gears turning
    Together with the original this draws a parallel between progressive acceptance and the least sane component of religion: the fact that it can, in the minds of the faithful, explain any impossible-seeming thing.
    Got there!

  9. Funny video, but
    • I spent too much time puzzling over the blood on her collarbone. In the end I figured it's just some afterbirth joke.
    • I didn't think the final (written) tag was necessary. I thought it overstated what was already mostly obvious. Nothing like spelling out irony to remove the irony.
    • one question that the video completely failed to answer: what color ink was the kitten done in?

  10. But the man in the sketch never seemed like he believed his wife had given birth to a kitten he just seemed baffled at the situation and getting no where with the nurse so he sat down and started to get his thoughts together. And because it was a "comedy sketch" I just accepted that he never tried to actual find his wife or another doctor because I assumed you all didn't have the budget for more actors.

  11. I think this whole channel is for showcasing camera use & sound & formula of skits.. .. i assume it's not even supposed to be good; just quaint.

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  13. why is there blood on her chest? why is there blood on her chest? why is there…sod that why is half of his fucking ear missing is what I was thinking.

  14. I didn’t get the idea behind this video…
    Does it imply that genetic mutations don’t occur? Or maybe that genetic mutations can’t lead to a newborn looking nothing like it’s parents? Or that people will believe anything if you tell them that there’s a scientific study that explains that particular phenomenon?

    If it’s the first two things – it’s obviously a fact that mutations happen and some children may look nothing like their parents (to a certain degree of course)! There are people with horrible disfigurements due to genetic diseases that in reality you know. Hopefully this video is not talking about those cases…

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