Punit Pania | Stand-up Comedy 2019

Hi guys Don’t worry I am not an Indian Idol contestant Jo aa ke bolega Maa mar gayi
Baap mar gaya Baap kal hi mara hai Sir Tu bhi mar ja… Thoda lag gaya hai pir main Par stand-up to karne ka hai na apne ko Aur stand-up bhi baith ke kiya
to kitna unemployed lagega! Problem kya hai log poochte rehte hain: Kya ho gaya? Kya ho gaya? Aur apne paas koi story bhi nahi hai Ghar pe hi gir gaya, chutiye ke jaisa! Khud ke ghar pe, muft main BC! Have you guys heard this by the way… Have you heard that India… is an emerging economy? Suna hai aapne? I have been hearing it… since school Now I know that foreplay… is important but how much? how much can one emerge? (Foreplay is working…) Ho hi raha hai emerge bus…

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  1. 2 minute ka kiya.. par kya kamal kiya..

    eagerly waiting for your updates..

    ps: obligatory to say get well soon.. so get well soon.. stand up scene needs you to stand up..

  2. Workplace ke bathroom me aake video dekha. Boss bhi shaq kar raha hoga πŸ˜‚
    Thanks Punit for putting a smile 😊

  3. Huge huge fan sir! Keep uploading your hilarious acts that help us forget the stress for those few minutes

  4. Witnessed your beautiful self destruction today morning.
    Thanks for the clip man.. Same syllabus since independence.. Abi to democracy bhi nhi rha.. Emerging economy πŸ˜‚
    Waiting for more content as you said.. Get well soon 😊

  5. dude when you perform on the stage it doesnt look scripted at all (although it is)normally boltay aur dil ko chuta hai performance πŸ”₯

  6. Dude.. been waiting for your uploads from an year before…. Ur awesome
    -from mbbs student 😜

  7. Hats off & Respect bhai. This shows how much you love the stage. Cant wait for the video bhai. ❀

  8. "I m not the Indian Idol contestant "
    That line 😁😁😁😁
    "Kal hi baap mar gaya sir, to tu bhi mar jaa Bho….ke"😁😁😁😁😁😁

  9. Really great lines and overall approach, looking forward for more such videos! Probably some longer or emerged ones :3

  10. On 'Emarging economy of india ' explain with foreplay is mind-blowing
    One request can you pls share link to a song used in this video..

  11. This man just destroyed the difference between emerge and erect🀣🀣🀣🀣

  12. Your stand up is really nice. For most stand up, timings n the way they say it eclipse the content. For you it doesn't. Here is just one unsolicited advice, please get laughs without cusswords. You have the content. ( Writing this after seeing the 8-9 min clip that followed after the emerging India joke).

  13. Log Puchte hain kaise hua.. kya hua.. ab mere paas kuch story bhi nai hai na.. aise hi chutiya ke jaisa ghar pe gir gaya.. Laughed really hard on this one!!! 🀣

  14. Would have been great if in end you have started jumping around and said ki starting main to sirf acting kar raha tha just because indian idol wala joke marna tha πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  15. Bro u r awesome
    Keep it up

  16. Brother you have a beautiful mind. Someday I will meet you n tell you that your thoughts really are awesome

  17. Hey Punit love your work. It is my first time seeing you though, so lets see how you fare in future. Best of luck from me though, your philosophy is deep and moving.Keep up the good work and best of luck!

  18. Punit Sir, I haven't seen a better standup comedian ever. No abuses, no shit, just brutal jokes! Each and every word is relatable. You are creating a whole new idea of stand up comedy. Hats off!

  19. Though I have subscribed Punit Pania, Kunal Kamra, Varun Grover….yet I keep searching their latest uploads …chutiya ke jesa

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