[Ominous music] [Birds chirping] [Emotional music] (Out of breath) She’s coming. [Intimidating music] Come! I am pure, I swear it! I am pure! [Suspensful music] Thank you, thank you! Thank you! [Ominous music] Thank you! [Ominous music] [Ominous music] Thank you! [Ominous music] No, please, no! No! No! Stop! Stop! Stop! [Sinister music] [Gunshot] On your knees! [Sinister music] Wait! There must be a mistake! Are you questioning the authority of this state? No, I would never, but there must be a mistake. Well there is no mistake. Our perfect technology will identify and
eradicate all treasonous thought throughout human history as part of
the global purification. Please… I promise you I would never do such a thing. Is your username not @liL_steven94?! Well, yes but that doesn- Then there is no mistake! There is oppressive speech from your Twitter profile on the 22nd of may 2016. No, that’s impossible… Look for yourself! Please, it was just a tweet! Read it aloud. What? Read it! What did the Mexican literature project say to
the other Mexican literature project? “Ayyy essay” [Chuckle] Disgusting! It was just a joke. Humour is offensive and oppressive,
a thing of the past. Okay, it wasn’t a very good joke but it was
not intended to be oppressive. Please, I beg of you, have mercy! [Laughter] Funny, isn’t it? Those who think they aren’t being oppressive,
are always the most oppressive. Please… I’ve heard enough. No… Finish him! No, no. No! No! No! [Cries] Stop! No! [Repeats “No!” multiple times] Stop! [Gunshot] [Birds chirping] [Birds chirping] [Emotional music] [Birds chirping] [Emotional music] [People cheering] Ah… Beautiful. [Ignorance – MVRKS]

100 Replies to “Purification”

  1. Bruh why does she always make that stupid face like with her lips and stuff – she’s like puckering her lips like oooowoooo

  2. Imagining the possibility of this becoming a future we live in is difficult, and horrific. Sane people need to constantly stand against ridiculous ideologies and problems like "social media "hate speech" deserves the result of this video.

  3. “Those who think they aren’t oppressive are always the most oppressive” she literally just described herself XD

  4. This is deep and scary.. I hope we realize early and hold on to our craziness before we reach this stage!

  5. If this is set in 2025 then that must means the Democrats have won 2020 and now to survive we must start a milia to fight for our rights and begin a new Revolution and Declaration of Independence.

  6. My deepest apologies, but since the henchmen laugh, therefore they must deep down in their hearts disagree with the girl right? In that case, if they truly want to rebel, why don't they both gang up on the girl, with the guy in white? Logically that's what should have happened unless the girl is supposed to be a demon or super strong, but if she's just a regular "strong girl" Two strong men and the help of an extra force would teach her justice.

  7. 6:01
    Whoever this girl is, don't lose her.
    Brilliant actor, that one. I want to punch something, hearing those lines.

  8. Damn, you guys are great. Loved the cinematography(? not sure if that's the right term) of this piece, felt like a genuine dystopic horror.

  9. why is that girl always the villain? maybe its because her acting is leaned towards that side more, i dunno.

  10. Oh, No..! It has been years since I have been out to Joadja, then I didn't realise it was so violent, man I was just lucky to get out of there alive..!!! Now I am so pleased that you put that place to good use, thank you N.K….!!!

  11. Couldn't they have argued discrimination since the only person they didn't execute was a white male while the other two was a female and an ethnic minority?

  12. this is why im moving to an island
    in the middle of nowhere eith a loaded shotgun with me at all times

  13. The UK police has started doing this. Literally arresting people for offensive tweets. It's fucking insane. Getting out as soon as I can.

  14. The irony of the left is that they are hamstringing their march to this future by fighting to remove the 2nd, and limiting their ability to fight for their coup. Or, are they furthering it by hindering the public’s ability to fight back?

  15. This video had a pretty good message imo. My one problem with the left is that we keep falling for the liberal tactic of attacking those who are the head of hatred when the real oppression comes from the ones in the background. The ones who were supposed to be dead by now mind you.

  16. Similar case happened in West Bengal, India. A woman was arrested because she posted a meme against the government.

  17. “Funny, the people who think that they aren’t oppressive are always the most oppressive”
    That is directly pointed at her

  18. "Those who think they're not being oppressive are always the most oppressive." Brilliant coming from that character!

  19. Ergh these dystopian "lefties are destroying free speech" videos are so fucking trite. I like the production values, that chick sucks though.

  20. That girl is such a great actor. Ughh I hate her do much. She's so FUCKIN evil. She must be a good person in real life

  21. She makes me cream my pants, I mean I am so offended. Just remember kids. No one took Hitler serious and he almost ruled the world.

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